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Do you love playing Puzzle and Hidden Object games? If yes, then here’s the most trending Puzzle-mixed Hidden Object video game, titled Find Out Find Something and Hidden Objects, to play and challenge your puzzle-solving skills. It is released by Focus Apps who also developed Brain Find – Makes You Think outside the Box. The game introduces a series of challenging mysteries; each one introduces a cast of players and different riddles to solve. You must act like a detective and investigate everything related to the scene for the completion of objectives. You’re not supposed only to play hidden object scenes, as the game brings different mini-games like decorating the rooms, find differences between two images and more.

Moreover, Find Out – Find Something & Hidden Objects is designed for those players who considered themselves smart and master of hidden objects. The gameplay is in itself is an open challenge for all those players to show off their puzzle-solving skills and solve the riddles to reach the end. When playing the game, your goal is to find the hidden objects and solve puzzles, while seeking skills because the game contains tricky challenges that you have never seen before. The game features multiple modes that relax your mind as well as exercise it to make you even stronger.

Find Out – Find Something Hidden Objects Review

If you are considering playing hidden object games is easy than having a cup of tea, you are making mistake. Similarly, I considered the game will be ended within a few minutes, but you won’t believe how much time I spent to complete levels. Despite that, I enjoyed playing the game and found the soundtracks amazing. The introduction of different theme packs takes your gaming experience to the next level by featuring Travel, Ocean, and Animal themes. Although the gameplay would be the same whenever you start from the beginning, the game promises to introduce something interested to keep you engaged as many times as you back to it. Therefore, it features multiple game modes that bring more fun, emotions, and joy to your life.

Graphics and Soundtracks

Seriously, you will fall in love with the epic gameplay and graphics. The soundtracks are enough to keep you entertained. The game proves itself as the best platform for those guys who are seeking a way to boost their brainpower and discernment. Unlike other Hidden Object games, it doesn’t introduce only 3D images but brings moving objects and characters to life. When playing the game, you can interact with the environment to search for clues and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles.

14 Challenging Cases to Solve

Find Out brings seventeen challenging scenes to explore and solve the mysteries. The game displays you listed items at the bottom of your screen and is tasked with finding each other by interacting with objects. Once you find all the said items, the game will unlock the next scene to explore. The available levels are the following:

  • Otaku’s Room
  • Office
  • Otaku Girl’s Room
  • Piggy’s Weekend
  • Pirate Ship
  • Mermaids
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Toilet
  • Traffic Accident
  • Kitchen Crises
  • Prison Break
  • Boxing
  • Bomb Train
  • Crime Scene

Each level brings a unique storyline to unfold and a mystery to solve; therefore, you should improve your detective skills timely to get rid of all problems. As the game advances, the difficulty reaches the next level where finding hidden objects isn’t an easy task anymore. Although you complete the first level without any hassle, completing the rest of the levels isn’t easy. In the game, you have two possibilities; either to be a detective or a cop. If you find any difficulty solving Find Out levels, then follow the Walkthrough of Find out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Guide to discover different ways.

Create Your Levels using “Level Editor”

If you have played all existing levels then why not create your levels to play. The game introduces a beautifully designed level editor that gives you a chance to design and create your levels using endless possibilities and tons of features. You can also share your self-created levels with friends as to complete to show off their detective skills.

Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Walkthrough introduces a proper guide to help you complete all challenging levels available in the game “Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects.” Stop tapping randomly across the screen to find hidden items, because you aren’t supposed to highlight the items at once. Finding and making use of items to solve the puzzle is compulsory; therefore, you need a proper guide.

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Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects brings three fun-filled game modes to experience different gameplay. The game’s premise is the puzzle genre, and it embarks you on an epic adventure to solve dozens of challenging cases. Find clues by merely navigating the environment and search for precious items to earn more stars. The more stars you earn, the more levels you unlock to play. Unlike other Hidden Object Games, the game features 3D graphics and tricky puzzles that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun.

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