Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Walkthrough


Do you love playing Puzzle and Hidden Object games? If yes, then here’s the most trending Puzzle-mixed Hidden Object video game, titled Find Out Find Something and Hidden Objects, to play and challenge your puzzle-solving skills. It is released by Focus Apps who also developed Brain Find – Makes You Think outside the Box. The game introduces a series of challenging mysteries; each one introduces a cast of players and different riddles to solve. You must act like a detective and investigate everything related to the scene for the completion of objectives. You’re not supposed only to play hidden object scenes, as the game brings different mini-games like decorating the rooms, find differences between two images and more.

Moreover, Find Out – Find Something & Hidden Objects is designed for those players who considered themselves smart and master of hidden objects. The gameplay is in itself is an open challenge for all those players to show off their puzzle-solving skills and solve the riddles to reach the end. When playing the game, your goal is to find the hidden objects and solve puzzles, while seeking skills because the game contains tricky challenges that you have never seen before. The game features multiple modes that relax your mind as well as exercise it to make you even stronger.

Find Out – Find Something Hidden Objects Review

If you are considering playing hidden object games is easy than having a cup of tea, you are making mistake. Similarly, I considered the game will be ended within a few minutes, but you won’t believe how much time I spent to complete levels. Despite that, I enjoyed playing the game and found the soundtracks amazing. The introduction of different theme packs takes your gaming experience to the next level by featuring Travel, Ocean, and Animal themes. Although the gameplay would be the same whenever you start from the beginning, the game promises to introduce something interested to keep you engaged as many times as you back to it. Therefore, it features multiple game modes that bring more fun, emotions, and joy to your life.

Graphics and Soundtracks

Seriously, you will fall in love with the epic gameplay and graphics. The soundtracks are enough to keep you entertained. The game proves itself as the best platform for those guys who are seeking a way to boost their brainpower and discernment. Unlike other Hidden Object games, it doesn’t introduce only 3D images but brings moving objects and characters to life. When playing the game, you can interact with the environment to search for clues and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles.

14 Challenging Cases to Solve

Find Out brings seventeen challenging scenes to explore and solve the mysteries. The game displays you listed items at the bottom of your screen and is tasked with finding each other by interacting with objects. Once you find all the said items, the game will unlock the next scene to explore. The available levels are the following:

  • Otaku’s Room
  • Office
  • Otaku Girl’s Room
  • Piggy’s Weekend
  • Pirate Ship
  • Mermaids
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Toilet
  • Traffic Accident
  • Kitchen Crises
  • Prison Break
  • Boxing
  • Bomb Train
  • Crime Scene

Each level brings a unique storyline to unfold and a mystery to solve; therefore, you should improve your detective skills timely to get rid of all problems. As the game advances, the difficulty reaches the next level where finding hidden objects isn’t an easy task anymore. Although you complete the first level without any hassle, completing the rest of the levels isn’t easy. In the game, you have two possibilities; either to be a detective or a cop. If you find any difficulty solving Find Out levels, then follow the Walkthrough of Find out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Guide to discover different ways.

Create Your Levels using “Level Editor”

If you have played all existing levels then why not create your levels to play. The game introduces a beautifully designed level editor that gives you a chance to design and create your levels using endless possibilities and tons of features. You can also share your self-created levels with friends as to complete to show off their detective skills.

Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Walkthrough introduces a proper guide to help you complete all challenging levels available in the game “Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects.” Stop tapping randomly across the screen to find hidden items, because you aren’t supposed to highlight the items at once. Finding and making use of items to solve the puzzle is compulsory; therefore, you need a proper guide.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 1 – Otaku’s Room

The first level’s title is Otaku’s Room. As the name implies, Otaku is a kid who is taking a nap on his soft bed, while the game takes you there to solve a mystery. It features a row at the bottom of your screen displaying three items to find. To find all three items you need to follow the given steps mentioned below:

  • The first hidden item is an image and to find it you have to click the man on the bed. Collect the image and move to find out new items mentioned in the list below.
  • Afterward, click on a box available near the TV to collect a coin and bring it to the robot.
  • Putting the coin into the robot will open a secret box holding a teddy bear you are looking for.
  • Open the fridge to collect and bring the egg to the stove where you find a frying pan on the fire.
  • Keep the egg in the frypan for a few seconds and tap on it to collect and complete the puzzle.

You have completed the first level and the game rewards you with one of four stars depending on your performance and the time you consume.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 2 – Office

The next scene takes place in an office where a man is sitting on a chair getting bored. Furthermore, the room holds a sofa, a plant pot, a water dispenser, and a table. This time, the game increases the items in the list you have to find to complete the objective. Playing hidden object games is fun and the best way to improve your detective skills.

  • Near the plant pot, you can find a book on the floor. Tap the book to collect it.
  • Open the right drawer of the table to collect the 2nd item from it.
  • You have to collect three pieces of a puzzle scattered throughout the scene. The first piece you can find from the plant pot and for the 2nd piece, you must remove an image glued on the wall near the plant pot. The third piece is beautifully hidden in the table’s cupboard behind the drawer.
  • After collecting all pieces, you must bring them to the picture frame available on the table and complete the picture to solve the puzzle.
  • Visit the sofa to find out a key hidden behind the teddy bear on the left side sitting on the sofa.
  • Use the key to open the right door of the table to collect a love lunch box from there.
  • There’s an empty glass on the table, take the glass near the dispenser and fill it with water. When the glass gets filled with water you must tap on it to collect.
  • In the next step, turn off the radio to let the man take a sweet nap. As the man gets slept, you can collect a dreaming sign “Z.”
  • Between the sofa and the water dispenser, there’s a water-cane that you must collect to give water to the plant pot. Open the window to give the sunlight to the plant and wait until the flower blossom. Collect the flower after a few seconds
  • Search the bucket to bring a small out.
  • Lastly, you have to find a ticket from the man’s pocket.

The 2nd level of Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects has been completed.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 3 – Otaku Girl’s Room

To unlock the next level you need to collect the required amount of stars. The more stars you earn the faster you play the game. Explore the environment to interact with the scene and start solving puzzles to find the hidden items. After completing the office puzzle, the game takes you to Otaku Girl’s Room where you discover dozens of items, along with a list of hidden objects you are here to find out. A total of 10 hidden items are featured by the game for you to reveal from the scene. As you enter the room, you find a girl is taking a nap. Let’s start finding objects:

  • Near the girl’s pillow, you can find a cup of tea.
  • There’s a cat holding fish below it, you have to grab the fish at any cost. Tapping the cat won’t work; therefore, clicking the clock will scare the cat and you can easily collect a fish.
  • On the right side of the cat, you find a piece of cake.
  • A few steps before the cupboard, you can see a pair of pants and a shirt. Keep the clothes aside to collect a face emoji.
  • To find a lollipop you must search the pockets of the woman’s trouser and bring the lollipop the doll sitting in the wardrobe. Before collecting, you have to dress her up beautiful cloth hanging in the left part of the cupboard and find a key at the bottom of the cupboard. Use the key to open the last drawer of the wardrobe and collect a clip for the girl sitting above. Set the clip on the doll’s hair and add it to your inventory.
  • Visit the right door of the cupboard and remove all stickers from there to reach the end and pick up the last sticker.
  • Moving a few steps in the right side from the wardrobe will help you find a knife that you can collect to blast the balloon near the cupboard. The balloon drops a flower that you’ve to collect.
  • Turn on the lamp available near the dressing table to see a heart on the wall. Tap on the wall to add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a lipstick from the drawer of the dressing table and draw something on the mirror to reveal the girl’s image.
  • Near the wardrobe, you may discover a packet of chips. Open it to collect a piece for your inventory.

Following all steps mentioned above will help you complete the third level of the Find Out video game.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 4 – Piggy’s Weekend

The game welcomes you to the Piggy’s Room, where your goal is to find at least 10 hidden objects using your detective skills. Search the room thoroughly and click the hidden objects to let them disappear from the scene. This time, the game fixes the top-down perspective to explore the room. The first five hidden items are the following: Mobile, Ball, Star, and Chips. Follow the guide to find where the items are hidden:

  • Start finding items by collecting a pen kept near the water bottles on the floor.
  • Visit the rack and collect a hard disk from the 2nd section above the radio and teddy bear.
  • To collect a cap, you must find a way to wake up the pig. Slapping him won’t work; therefore, you should close the pig nose to let him wake up. Afterward, you can easily collect a cap.
  • Collect the ball from the window.
  • Pick up a charger from the bed and connect it with the mobile phone. Collect the phone once it is turned on.
  • Open the drawer of a small cupboard laid near the TV to bring out a cassette. Put the cassette you collected into the Tape Recorder to play the music. After listening to the music, the bird flies away from your window, then you can collect an image.
  • Lift the blanket to collect a sock.
  • On the left side of the bed, there’s a geometry box holding a letter you are searching for pick up.
  • Did you see a crack on the floor? Tap the crack to let the cockroach get into the packet to throw a piece out from it for you to collect.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you find a box holding a puzzle for you to solve. Understand all the shapes and their value to get the answer (130).
  • Enter the code to open the locker kept at the right-bottom corner of the screen to collect a previous item (a cup).
  • Feeling difficulty in finding a star; no worries, it is available behind the curtain.

The third level has been completed. Cheers!

Find Out Walkthrough Level 5 – Pirate Ship

Everyone loves to be a pirate before setting out on an epic Caribbean adventure. In the fifth level, consider your dream comes true and you’re going to meet the pirate who is sitting on a chair, while his teammate is on the floor. You have to find out ten hidden objects to escape the scene and move to the next stage.

  • A gold coin awaits you between the drum and the sword. Pick up the coin from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Near the rug, you can find a small ancient knife.
  • A man is sitting on the floor holding a small sack of coins. To steal the sac, you need to offer a bottle of the bear to the person and slide the sac to add to your inventory.
  • Grab a box full of pens from the table and search out the scene for other items.
  • Burn the map hanging on the wall using the candle stand to let the pirate remove his hat because you have to collect it.
  • Open the treasure box to collect a paper roll from there.
  • There’s a wooden cupboard and you need to open its doors to collect a ruby from inside.
  • You also find a dangerous sign from the last section of the same cupboard.
  • Pick up a bowl from the floor and keep it near the drum to fill it with water dropping from the roof.
  • Lift the rug to collect a knife from below it.
  • Open the skull available above the pirate sitting on the chair to collect an orb.
  • Find a small drum full of water, and drop it off once you found to collect a precious item.

The stage of Pirate Ship has been completed, let’s move to the newly unlocked stage.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 6 – Mermaids

This time, the game takes you in the underwater environment where you discover the sea creatures and experience how they spend their lives over here. The scene is beautiful, and the game tasks you with finding at least ten hidden objects to unlock the next stage. The items you come to find are small and the difficulty level reaches the next stage; therefore, you should hone your detective skills and make use of your sharp eyesight to solve all puzzles.

  • On the right side of the mirror, there’s a pearl that you can add to your inventory.
  • Discover a small plant on the left side of the screen and find the hidden items. Search for a knife by keeping all items aside you found.
  • Pick up an octopus and take it near the mirror to select its opposite side in the mirror.
  • There’s a box that is continuously opening and closing – click it to add to your inventory.
  • The place wherefrom you collected a pearl holds another hidden object in the form of a flower. Click the flower to collect it.
  • At the left top corner of the screen, there’s a secret door that upon opening will reveal a knight holding a sword – the precious item.
  • A beautiful table is laid on the floor holding a cute pot of purple.
  • Above the plant you search for a yellow paper, there’s a sea bed where you discover a fish that is taking a rest. Collect the fish to add to your list.
  • At the top of the dressing table, you may discover a starfish.
  • Aside from the purple-colored leaf to discover a fish. Bring diamond from the sea bed and merge it with the fish to get a pearl.

Following the given steps will help you complete the 6th level.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 7 – Hostage Rescue

Do you ever dream to be a hero? I am dreaming to be a hero since my childhood. A beautiful girl is at the gunpoint of a robber who appears to steal the money. There’s no one other than you who could save the girl from being dead. Are you ready for action? I’m always ready.

  • Collect the first item, which is a grenade, by opening the lady’s purse.
  • There’s a locker below the table. Open the locker to collect the magazine of a gun.
  • Open the cupboard at the top left side of the screen and collect a sword, along with a paper on which a mathematical formula is written.
  • A gun is hidden behind the files that available on the table where you once found a locker below it.
  • Bring the gun to the security guard and allow him to fire. With the sound of fire, a gift box will drop on the floor from somewhere.
  • Collect a scope to give an alert to guard something suspicious is happening around him.
  • Slide the box aside to collect a precious item (Gold).
  • Pick up a knife and open the locker available on the right side of the cupboard to collect the 2nd precious item.
  • Search the back pocket of the security guard to collect a toy key. Give the key to the monkey and let it make some noise so the robber becomes scarred with the sound the toy creates. As the robber gets scared, the security guard fires to let him drop the gun.
  • Collect the gun the robber drops and click the spider to add to your inventory.

Finally, the 7th level has been completed. Let’s move to the new scene.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 8 – Toilet

Ops! A boy is in hurry because of pee pressure. The reason for the anxiety of the boy is that a puppy is sleeping over the toilet seat. You don’t need to disturb the cat, for now, we will see if need then will make a disturbance to wake it up for the collection items. Till now, start finding hidden objects to complete the given list below.

  • A shampoo bottle is laid on the floor near the basin and your goal is to collect it.
  • Find a shelf to collect a small box available on the left side of the toilet.
  • Pick up a straw and insert it into the juice box available behind the boy to collect it.
  • Find a bone from the floor and keep it to the food box where the puppy will come by leaving the toilet seat for the boy.
  • Next to that, you must collect a phone from the boy’s hand.
  • Waste all the toilet paper, and collect the empty roll to add to your inventory.
  • There’s a small box on the left side of the toilet seat holding a precious item. You should collect it.
  • Turn on the tap to fill the tub with water and don’t turn it off until a duck comes up. Click the duck and add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a scissor from the floor to cut the boxes into two pieces to bring the letter out.
  • Bring the bottle containing water close to the toilet and spray the water to reveal a heart.
  • Open the window to let the bee get into the room. Once it appears, you must click on it to add it to your inventory.

Finally, you have completed the level 8th. Now, we should move to level 9 where you have to find 10 hidden items.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 9 – Traffic Accident

As level 9 starts, you find yourself standing on the road. It means you have to find out 10 hidden objects without any time pressure and deduction system. The game doesn’t feature any timer and won’t deduct your points upon finding you tapping randomly on the screen. Clicking the screen may help you find a few items, but what to do for those who need to interact with each other to give you the final result. In the 9th level, you must help the boy cross the road; meanwhile, finding the hidden objects is also compulsory. In the game, you have to find the following objects, including a Banana, Teddy Bear, Ball, Speaker, and more.

  • When the boy falls, pick up a screwdriver and turn off the red light. Next to that, you must add the traffic life to your list.
  • Open the vehicle’s door to collect a teddy bear from inside.
  • Drop the dustbin to click the banana.
  • Pick up the rock available nearby the dustbin and open the sewerage cover to collect a precious item (Squirrel).
  • Find a grass cutter to shave the bushes and bring the grasshopper out, so a bird comes to grab it. When the bird grabs the grasshopper, you must click it to capture it.
  • Click the wheel cover to collect it.
  • Use the umbrella to wake the cat, so you can collect the ball.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 10 – Kitchen Crises

Welcome to the next scene where the fire is burning the table, mom is worried about the hungry kid; meanwhile, a cat and dog is fighting and spreading a mess across the kitchen. Following your footsteps in the previous stages, your goal leads you to find out ten hidden items at any cost.

  • Your first job is to feed the fish to the cat and let him go, then pick up a chicken piece to feed the dog, and let him do a shit. Click the shit and you found the first item.
  • Pick up the half-eaten fish and add it to your inventory.
  • Pull the rope available below the table to bring out the attached thing, and it’s a car. You found the third item.
  • Search out the pocket of mama below the baby to grab a sachet of coffee. Make a cup of coffee available on the table by mixing the sachet and click on the cup to collect.
  • Next to that, hit the baby to make him cry and pick up the watch (the precious item) he/she dropped.
  • Open the curtains to collect another precious item which is a butterfly.
  • On the table, there’s a baby bottle that you must collect and blow out the fire to collect bread.
  • Pick up a purple-colored bowl to add some power to the frying pan. Find a bottle of honey and add it to the frypan and another hidden item is ready to collect.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 11 – Prison Break

Well, after helping out a worried mom, I’m feeling so relaxed. Leave it, now we should help a prison to escape the jail. There’s nothing in the jail, except for a toilet seat, a bed, a food tray, and a pillow.

  • You must lift the bed to collect bread from below the bed.
  • Turn the pillow to collect an image from its backside.
  • Remove the tile available between the toilet seat and the bed to collect 10 Euro.
  • A few steps toward the bars following the same column you have to remove another tile to reveal another currency.
  • On the right side of the toilet seat, you can remove the tile to find the precious item, which is a Ballet Music Box.
  • Uncover the toilet seat to find a key and use it to open the locker hidden behind the image hanging on the wall. After opening the locker, you will find a book.
  • Put the cover on the toilet seat and turn on the button to flush everything in the toilet. When it gets empty, slide the seat aside to discover a shovel.
  • Turn off the bulb so the rat comes out considering it night time, to eat your food. When it comes out, click the rat to collect.
  • Now you have to find fire and there is nothing light matchbox and lighter to burn the fire. So, you need to think out of the box. Take the toilet back to its former place, flush the key after grabbing it from the back pocket of the prison to make him angry. Finally, you found the last item you are looking for to collect.

I didn’t understand either we helped the prisoner or locked him up here permanently. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 12 – Boxing

Do you love playing fighting games? How could anyone miss a chance of giving a punch on the face of the opposing character? The next stage takes place in the boxing theme where you found two characters fighting against each other. The scene covers two boxers, a stage, and a crowd of people cheering for their favorite fighters. You must complete the level with three stars. As the level starts, both boxers started to fight and the crowd throws items toward the stage.

  • The first thing you collect is a banana.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a shoe.
  • Hit the refresh button to restart the battle between two fighters. But before starting, you must use the air pump to fill the air in the boxing gloves of the fighter with red pants.
  • Once again, your fighter will get defeated and the audience throws stuff on the stage.
  • This time, you have to collect a brick and pineapple.
  • After defeating many times, your fighter must struggle to beat the opposing character to get flowers and other stuff from the audience.
  • Therefore, you should cover the eyes of the opposing character and let your fighter beat it to give you a book flower.
  • In the next round, you have to defeat the opponent to find a champion belt and a teddy bear.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 13 – Bomb Train

The thirteen level takes place within a train where a boy is sitting on a seat, along with other equipment, including briefcases and more. You must follow the given instructions mentioned in the Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Walkthrough Guide. The walkthrough helps you find each hidden item and let you know how to solve tricky puzzles.

  • Visit the table to collect a watch from there.
  • Click the phone and unlock it using the fingerprint to collect an apple that appears on the screen.
  • Click on the briefcase on the left side and unlock it using the pattern lock. You must draw a circle first, a square, and then a star to open it. In the briefcase, you find glasses to wear.
  • Pick up a fruit knife and remove the cover of the window to collect a hidden coin.
  • A key is available behind the head of the boy and you must find a way to grab it. Remove the shoes and bring the socks near the nose of the boy. After smelling, the boy starts sneezing; meanwhile, you have to pick up the key from the key stand.
  • Open the right briefcase using the key to collect a precious item (a statue).
  • Pick up the spyglass from the same briefcase and take it close to the ice cube to melt it. Once done, collect fruit and add it to your inventory.
  • Lift the cover of the first seat opposite the boy seat to collect an item.
  • Open the drawer of the table to collect the last item.

The 2nd last level has been completed. Let’s move to complete the final stage.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 14 – Crime Scene

Here we need a detective or a cop who knows how to solve a criminal case. Do you want to take the case as it could be more complicated than your expectation? We aren’t suggesting you leave and run away, though we are here to help you out finding all hidden objects by offering a proper Find Out Guide. In the game, you don’t have to find hidden objects only, but also reveal what happened with the boy laid on the floor.

  • As you jump into the scene, the first thing you detect is a burning oven. What you should do after finding a fire? For sure, start your search to find a fire extinguisher.
  • Open the drawers of the cupboard to find the fire extinguisher to blow out the fire. Collect the oven and add it to your inventory.
  • The next hidden object is a baseball bat available near the boy on his left side.
  • Pick up a knife from near the basin and bring it to the table to cut the cake piece to grab a ring.
  • Near the table, you may discover a small box and your goal is to put the ring into the box and click on it to capture.
  • Remove the cover of the box kept near the wall to collect gloves from there.
  • You can find a knife near the cupboard of the basin.
  • Throw the piece of cake near the rat house, and when it comes out tap on it to collect.
  • A dirty slipper is available near the rat out, you must take a spray to clean and collect it.
  • Move the character aside to find a necklace below it.


Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects brings three fun-filled game modes to experience different gameplay. The game’s premise is the puzzle genre, and it embarks you on an epic adventure to solve dozens of challenging cases. Find clues by merely navigating the environment and search for precious items to earn more stars. The more stars you earn, the more levels you unlock to play. Unlike other Hidden Object Games, the game features 3D graphics and tricky puzzles that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun.

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