Find Out Level 10 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 10 – Kitchen Crises

Welcome to the next scene where the fire is burning the table, mom is worried about the hungry kid; meanwhile, a cat and dog is fighting and spreading a mess across the kitchen. Following your footsteps in the previous stages, your goal leads you to find out ten hidden items at any cost.

  • Your first job is to feed the fish to the cat and let him go, then pick up a chicken piece to feed the dog, and let him do a shit. Click the shit and you found the first item.
  • Pick up the half-eaten fish and add it to your inventory.
  • Pull the rope available below the table to bring out the attached thing, and it’s a car. You found the third item.
  • Search out the pocket of mama below the baby to grab a sachet of coffee. Make a cup of coffee available on the table by mixing the sachet and click on the cup to collect.
  • Next to that, hit the baby to make him cry and pick up the watch (the precious item) he/she dropped.
  • Open the curtains to collect another precious item which is a butterfly.
  • On the table, there’s a baby bottle that you must collect and blow out the fire to collect bread.
  • Pick up a purple-colored bowl to add some power to the frying pan. Find a bottle of honey and add it to the frypan and another hidden item is ready to collect.

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