Find Out Walkthrough Level 1 – Otaku’s Room

Find Out Walkthrough Level 1 – Otaku’s Room

The first level’s title is Otaku’s Room. As the name implies, Otaku is a kid who is taking a nap on his soft bed, while the game takes you there to solve a mystery. It features a row at the bottom of your screen displaying three items to find. To find all three items you need to follow the given steps mentioned below:

  • The first hidden item is an image and to find it you have to click the man on the bed. Collect the image and move to find out new items mentioned in the list below.
  • Afterward, click on a box available near the TV to collect a coin and bring it to the robot.
  • Putting the coin into the robot will open a secret box holding a teddy bear you are looking for.
  • Open the fridge to collect and bring the egg to the stove where you find a frying pan on the fire.
  • Keep the egg in the frypan for a few seconds and tap on it to collect and complete the puzzle.

You have completed the first level and the game rewards you with one of four stars depending on your performance and the time you consume.

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