Find Out Level 13 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 13 – Bomb Train

The thirteen level takes place within a train where a boy is sitting on a seat, along with other equipment, including briefcases and more. You must follow the given instructions mentioned in the Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects Walkthrough Guide. The walkthrough helps you find each hidden item and let you know how to solve tricky puzzles.

  • Visit the table to collect a watch from there.
  • Click the phone and unlock it using the fingerprint to collect an apple that appears on the screen.
  • Click on the briefcase on the left side and unlock it using the pattern lock. You must draw a circle first, a square, and then a star to open it. In the briefcase, you find glasses to wear.
  • Pick up a fruit knife and remove the cover of the window to collect a hidden coin.
  • A key is available behind the head of the boy and you must find a way to grab it. Remove the shoes and bring the socks near the nose of the boy. After smelling, the boy starts sneezing; meanwhile, you have to pick up the key from the key stand.
  • Open the right briefcase using the key to collect a precious item (a statue).
  • Pick up the spyglass from the same briefcase and take it close to the ice cube to melt it. Once done, collect fruit and add it to your inventory.
  • Lift the cover of the first seat opposite the boy seat to collect an item.
  • Open the drawer of the table to collect the last item.

The 2nd last level has been completed. Let’s move to complete the final stage.

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