Find Out Level 19 Office 2 Walkthrough


The completion of Find Out Level 18 leads you to another room where a man is working on a computer. Lots of stuff are kept randomly which makes the room a mess. Finding hidden objects had been difficult to find if the game doesn’t feature a list of items. Thankfully, a list is available at the bottom of your screen. Search out the room to find objects and if you fail to find anything, read our Find Out Level 19 Walkthrough Guide to learn how to complete the level.

Find Out Level 19 Walkthrough – Office 2

The developer names the level “Office 2” because the second level is known as Office. Using your hidden object skills, embark on a mission to find out all things that are given below.

  • Tap a book kept on a table and change its pages until you find a leaf.
  • A small robot is on the floor and you have to open its pocket to collect a shoe with the plant. To open the robot pocket, drag the moving pendulum of the clock to the robot.
  • Tilt your phone to the left to discover a football.
  • Above the pipe handle on the left wall, there is an image of a robot. Slide the image to find a Nintendo device.
  • Open a bag which is kept next to the computer table to collect a feather. Remove the boy’s shoe and drag the feather to its foot to let him leave the mouse for a while.
  • Collect the mouse and search for the next items.
  • Open the drawer of the table to collect a wrench that you need to untie the handle to leak water.
  • Once the water drops on a circuit, it sparks and a rat comes out. Drag an arrow from the boy’s hat to the clock to let send a sparrow out and collect both the bird and the mouse.
  • Rotate the clock needles to make a day and tap on the sun.

Find Out Level 19 Office 2 has been completed, click here to learn how to complete Level 20.

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