Find Out Level 12 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 12 – Boxing

Do you love playing fighting games? How could anyone miss a chance of giving a punch on the face of the opposing character? The next stage takes place in the boxing theme where you found two characters fighting against each other. The scene covers two boxers, a stage, and a crowd of people cheering for their favorite fighters. You must complete the level with three stars. As the level starts, both boxers started to fight and the crowd throws items toward the stage.

  • The first thing you collect is a banana.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a shoe.
  • Hit the refresh button to restart the battle between two fighters. But before starting, you must use the air pump to fill the air in the boxing gloves of the fighter with red pants.
  • Once again, your fighter will get defeated and the audience throws stuff on the stage.
  • This time, you have to collect a brick and pineapple.
  • After defeating many times, your fighter must struggle to beat the opposing character to get flowers and other stuff from the audience.
  • Therefore, you should cover the eyes of the opposing character and let your fighter beat it to give you a book flower.
  • In the next round, you have to defeat the opponent to find a champion belt and a teddy bear.

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