Find Out Chapter 6 Walkthrough


We are back with another walkthrough of the Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Object video game released for Android and iOS. The game features dozens of fun-filled levels and each one brings exciting puzzles to solve. Although solving levels found under the Hidden Object tab is relatively difficult than story-based puzzles; therefore, we have compiled a guide to help you solve all levels of Find Out Chapter 6 without any difficulties. Unlike the first 5 chapters, Chapter 6 comes with fifteen levels and each one is unique than others; however, a few items you may discover repetitive. To jump back on the Find Out Chapter 5 Walkthrough, click on the given link.

Find Out Walkthrough – Chapter 6

The guide contains high-quality images of each level. With the help, you this guide, finding every small object is pretty easy. All hidden objects are beautifully revealed using both red and black circles – figure out the hidden objects and tap on the same spot of your mobile to discover the targeted objects.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 1

The first level of Chapter 6 takes place in a space environment where you can see the alien species. The game doesn’t feature any video or animation; however, finding hidden objects may be a tough task for you without using any guide because the game adds objects within an object that seems a part of it. If you aren’t playing a hidden object game, then asking the targeted item is looking odd would be a difficult job.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 2

If you are searching for Find Out Chapter 6 Level 2 solution, then you should see the image given below to find answers to your question. The game tasks you with finding out fifteen hidden objects without any help, though you can use the hint system it costs you in-game currency, or might you have to watch a video ad.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 3

Find Out Chapter 6 Level 3 takes place in a beautiful garden, although it seems an image. Here you have to find fourteen different objects to earn three stars and to unlock the next level.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 4

It seems we are in the bedroom of someone who is in a mess. Everything has scattered badly and a woman is standing ahead of the dressing table doing something. Explore the environment and see the list of hidden objects given at the bottom of your screen. After watching all items, start finding objects from the scene to complete the level.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 5

The man seems very tired, but still, he is working. Lots of mess is available nearby the man and your goal are to find 11 hidden objects; the very first item is available on the backside of the man’s laptop. The rest of the items are highlighted in the image using the red circle.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 6

The game displays you an image of a boy who is playing video games on his Nintendo device wearing a crown I guess. There are 12 hidden objects are listed below your screen and you have to discover each one time, although there is no time pressure still you should find them earlier to get three stars.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 7

A cute girl is standing in a stall along with lots of candies and sweets. You must investigate the scene using your hidden object skills and find out fifteen different objects to unlock the next level.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 8

Level 8 takes you into the water where you discover lots of sea species. The game displays you an image of a girl standing forth a fish jar. Lots of fishes are moving behind her and your goal is to find out fourteen different hidden objects.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 9

This time, you are in a bedroom of a girl who is doing some exercise. You aren’t here to have fun, finding hidden objects is your ultimate goal. Start your search for those items that are listed below your screen.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 10

Find Out Chapter 6 takes you to a restaurant at level 10 where you find a girl sitting along with two teddy bears on a table. Your goal is to discover fourteen hidden objects and solve the puzzle to unlock Level 11.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 11

A Chinese Girl is on a roller shoe seems to go serve food to customers. Find Out Chapter 6 shows you an image of a restaurant and it tasks you with finding thirteen hidden object items. Fortunately, the game doesn’t feature only names of images in that situation finding objects may become too much difficult because after having images, the solution is not easy.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 12

A girl with blue eyes is eating delicious pizza in her room where you are invited to find hidden items with no time pressure. You can slide the list given below to discover more objects you have to find. As you find an object, the object in your list will turn yellow.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 13

Once again, you are going to face off strange creatures who are in any store. Here you have to find fourteen different objects, including Bottle Cap, Beam, and more.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 14

Now, you are in any street where lots of painting jobs have been done. It seems finding hidden objects would be difficult because searching for any objects within any item is a tough job. Therefore, you can see the image given below to discover where hidden objects are kept.

Find Out Chapter 6 – Level 15

Find Out Chapter 6 Level 15 takes you to a restaurant where a girl is eating a hamburger. Although there are not so many items available, you have to find fourteen objects that are already highlighted in the image given below.

Find Out Chapter 6 has been solved, click here to read our next guide.

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