Find Out Level 21 Pirate Ship 2 Walkthrough


Once again, the game takes us back to the Pirate Ship, but with some modifications. This time, the pirate’s boss is missing, although the same person is sitting on the floor near a treasure box and a bucket full of water. There is a cupboard that is locked with an iron chain and tied with a locker. The game doesn’t feature any time pressure, so you can take as much time as possible to find out over 10 hidden objects. If it is difficult to you to find hidden objects, then don’t need to worry because we are back with Find Out Level 21 Pirate Ship 2 Walkthrough to help you, as we did in the first episode.

Find Out Level 21 Walkthrough – Pirate Ship 2

Although the scene is the same, hidden objects are completely different. Start finding hidden objects after watching the images available at the bottom of your screen.

  • Firstly, you have to bring down a rolled paper hanging on the wall to collect the compass.
  • To find a telescope, get all things aside from near the cupboard and tap on the targeted object.
  • Now, watch through the telescope to tap on a flag holding a monkey.
  • As you tap on the pirate, the monkey becomes angry and fire at you using a cannon. The cannonball breaks the mirror of the cupboard.
  • Search out the cupboard and tap on a bottle.
  • Did you notice? The pirate king is hanging with ropes.
  • Drag the pirate king eye patch to the man sitting on the floor and cover his eye before lifting a pistol.
  • In the next step, you are supposed to shake your device to drop the octopus on the floor. Now, drag the octopus to the man’s face to collect a map from his hand.
  • After that, put the octopus into the bucket to let it bring a fish for you.
  • Use the broken glass to cut the rope of the pirate king and collect a tooth from his mouth to complete the list of hidden objects the game assigned you.

Find Out Level 21 has been completed, click here to read our walkthrough of the Next Level.

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