Find Out Chapter 1 Walkthrough – All levels Solved


Find out: Find Something and Hidden Objects comes with different games to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. You aren’t only limited to solve mysteries by finding hidden objects and utilizing them to solve puzzles, as the game has introduced many other games too. As you open the game, it will display four categories at the bottom of the screen, the first category holds two chapters of puzzles, the category will unlock to give you a chance to make in-game coins, while the third category has three types as follows:

  • Hidden Items
  • Seek
  • Difference

As the name implies, the first category revolves around hidden object gameplay, offering you 9 chapters to explore and complete. Each chapter has over 10 challenging levels; each level tasks up to find over 10 hidden objects. You can’t jump to the next level unless you complete the first one. Similarly, to play the next level, the game asks you to turn on your data connection for a while; however, you can turn it off once the level gets started. In case you want to create your own custom levels, then the game welcomes you. Create your levels and share them with your friends. If you are new to the game and looking for solutions to brain-bending levels, then click here to jump to the main post (Find Out Walkthrough).

Find Out Walkthrough – Chapter 1

The first chapter in “Hidden Items” holds 12 challenging levels. Only the first two levels come with five or six hidden objects to find, the rest of the 10 levels have more than 10 items to find. Seriously, Find Out – Hidden Items isn’t easy as you are considering. But thanks to the hint system and walkthrough, the completion of Hidden Items Levels becomes possible. In these levels, you are only supposed to find hidden objects and a list of items will display you at the bottom of the screen.

After watching the list of items, you should embark on a journey to discover all objects. The game has a star rewarding system and it doesn’t feature any penalty system. Tapping the screen randomly won’t halt your gameplay, but it is not the right solution to find hidden items. You should rely on your detective skills and sharp eyesight. The game won’t trick you by displaying items other than he has hidden; both items within the scene and in your list will be the same, even their position will be alike. Therefore, relax and start finding hidden objects when enjoying relaxing music that may throw your stress of the whole day far away. If you run out of hints and don’t know how to find hidden objects, then read our Find Out – Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 1

The first chapter takes place in a room where a shirt is performing yoga. Besides, you have to find out five hidden objects, such as a fish, brush, red chili, and a small flag.

  • To find red chili, you should search out the curtain’s tie.
  • The cap is available in the plant pot behind the girl while a fish is available in a plant pot kept ahead of the girl.
  • Next to that, the last item is on the left side of the bucket near the girl’s right wrist.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 2

It seems a scene of any animated movie. Here you have to find seven different hidden objects like a bell, knife, carrot, straw, and more.

  • To find a bell, you should watch behind the speaker and the 2nd item is above the arrow board fixed with the speaker.
  • Search out a bus to find a knife and a carrot.
  • Two cats are sitting on chairs, and you can discover a straw from a painting board nearby them and an object on the pink cat’s hand.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 3

The third level revolves around two characters who are in the jungle for adventure. You should help them to find hidden objects. This time, the game isn’t going to show any mercy on you; therefore, get ready to experience the challenging gameplay. All items are featured in a way that no one can find them easily with naked eyes. So, we are here with the Find Out Chapter 1 Guide to help you.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 4

The 4 level of Find Out Chapter 1 takes place on a canal where two people are traveling on a board to cross the jungle. The game is tasked with finding thirteen hidden objects with no time pressure; so, you have endless time to accomplish your objective.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 5

The fifth level may take you to another world where instead of humans, you will discover fish-like creatures, who are repairing a ship. All introduced scenes are fabulous and released with challenging gameplay. To make the gameplay difficult, developers have added the items in the same color of objects so no one can find them easily.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 6

The difficulty level increases gradually and this time you find yourself in a room loaded with a cat and a character, as well as a lot of mess. A small kid is behind the table and lots of books are spread on the floor, gesturing something suspicious has happened in the room. See the image below to discover all hidden objects.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 7

Now, you are in a coffee shop where you have to find out more than fifteen hidden objects. This time, the hidden items are really and finding them are too difficult; therefore, you should keep your hint system fully recharged if you are playing without any helping guide.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 8

A cute girl in a stall is selling fresh vegetables and fruits. But you don’t have any concerns, simply focus on your objective and find out over 10 hidden objects to complete the level. Each completed level will leave you one to three stars, depending on your performance.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 9

A piggy is taking on a nap on his soft bed. This is the second time we are finding the hidden objects in the same scene. In our earlier guide, we had completed it. The game asks you to find fifteen hidden objects and all items will be listed below at the bottom of your screen. To find the solution of Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 9, see the image below:

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 10

A cute girl with her parents comes to a store to purchase groceries. The list contains fifteen objects that you have to find from the scene within no time limit. Finding all objects were difficult for me, but I found them all. Here’s an image below with highlighted objects.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 11

The second last level of the Find Out Chapter 1 features three pigs standing around the bike. Like previous levels, the game asks to discover fifteen hidden objects, while each one is hidden beautifully. The objects you are tasked to find the following: Moon, Flag, Pizza, Ship, and more.

Find Out Chapter 1 – Level 12

The last chapter of Find out Chapter 1 will take you to the spaceship. Although the game doesn’t feature 3D graphics, still the gameplay is quite satisfying and enough to keep you immersed for endless hours of fun. Having the last level of chapter 1, there is no doubt it would be the most difficult one. Even, I had to use the hint system three times to discover the rest of the hidden objects.

Finally, the Find Put Chapter 1 has been completed. We will be back with other chapters soon.

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