Girl Genius Walkthrough


Get ready to take on the role of a female spy who got dumped by many selfish men. The beautiful mix of Adventure and Puzzle game components engages you in fun-filled gameplay where you control a female character from a side-scroll perspective. Lion Studios is famous among others for introducing the best and trending puzzle games that bring joy to your life. The game drags you to filled gameplay where you deal with the following items:

  • Solve Tricky Puzzles
  • See-through Walls
  • Caught in the Act
  • Choose Answers
  • Fall in Love
  • Outsmart Enemies
  • Fool Your Enemies
  • And more.

Unless you don’t improve your detective skills, completing tricky puzzles isn’t easy. In short, your character must have unique abilities, including sniffing out the clues and solving tricky puzzles. You can’t control the character’s movement, as you are supposed to make choices and take actions timely to win every level. Dozens of challenging levels will take you to face off a new puzzle and your character may dump by different men belonging to different professions. You must be smarter when dealing with others; meanwhile, keeping an eye on your fiancé or boyfriends.

Hilarious Gameplay

Moreover, many characters will try to make you fool, but you have to react smartly to avoid them seducing you. With impressive and hilarious gameplay, the fun won’t stop when you searching for what will happen next to you. During the gameplay, try to solve challenging tasks using your wit and proceed to all levels to reach the end. You got an opportunity to have fun when completing challenges and avoiding yourself from getting caught by the bad guys. Upon getting stumped by someone, you can ask any of your friends to jump in to help.

Girl Genius Walkthrough

Today, we bring a beautiful walkthrough of Girl Genius to display you how to complete challenging puzzles. As you know, it offers hundreds of challenging levels; each one features sets a unique puzzle for you to bend your mind. In the game, controlling a girl isn’t a big deal, but avoiding men who are trying to seduce her is a bit difficult job. During the gameplay, you find many men who will win the heart of your character and may plan to marry, but you should investigate like a detective, chase the man till the end, and figure out the truth. You aren’t alone to save the Girl as we are here to help by introducing Girl Genius Walkthrough/Gameplay. Let’s start to complete the levels one by one.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 1 to 5

Level 1

Before starting the game, you must keep in mind that you can’t play the level you completed. It seems the game only features forward gear, there’s no reverse gear, even though you can see how many levels the game has to offer. Just involve yourself in watching how the girl reacts with others and how men try to seduce her. Don’t choose the wrong option, as it will cause the game to end. The opening scene of Girl Genius is amazing displaying you the girl is marrying a handsome guy. Both characters are walking on the red carpet to approach the stage.

Upon reaching amidst the way, you find the rope lost the grip connected with the chandelier and near to fall on you. Furthermore, you don’t have enough time to decide what to do next. Take action instantly to save yours and your future husband’s life. That’s the point where you come to know that you can draw a line to fend off problems coming toward you. You must draw a line between you and the chandelier to stop it from falling. Once done starting moving to your next destination stage.

Level 2

After preventing from dying in the first level, the game moves to the next one. Before moving to the 2nd level, you have an option to claim “200” coins that you can use to unlock additional stuff by merely watching in-game videos. For the completion of the first level, the game leaves you fifty coins. Hit the green button to the next level. Upon reaching the stage, your fiancé asks you that he have to go to the bathroom.

Something is strange because he is in hurry and leaves you right after informing you. You would chase him to see what is going on there. Upon reaching near the washroom, the game provides you special glasses that give you the ability to see through walls. Drag the glasses to scan the house and catch your fiancé red-handed. Soon, you come to know that your fiancé is cheating on you on your wedding day.

Level 3

In the third level, the girl tries to open the door without knowing that she can remove the wall using the erasing feature. You must drag your finger across the wall to remove it and bring both characters out from the toilet to reveal what they are actually doing in the toilet. For sure, you come to know about your abilities, such as:

  • Erase the Object
  • Draw an object
  • Play Mini-Games
  • Make Choices

Level 4

In level 4, the man approaches your character to request that it won’t happen again. For a while, the girl thinks to forgive to give him a second try, but when she is near to say suddenly a message reaches to the mobile of the boy. Upon reaching, Genius unravel that there’s another girl who is messaging her boy. After having a bit of conversation between both characters, the girl appears on the scene and confirms she is pregnant.

Level 5

Level 5 makes an entry of a hero who purposes you for a relationship, and your girl accepts that. To continue, you must change the cloth of Genius and move to the boy who recently approached you. After some time, the game keeps you offering new outfits against watching ads. You can easily grab all of the cool stuff only by watching video ads or hit the loose button if you aren’t interested in it.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 6 to 10

Level 6

In the sixth level, the boy hits a girl with his sports car. You must find a solution to solve the problem before it’s too late. Early levels are controlled by the game as it will suggest to you what to do next to teach you how to play the game. Rotating the needles of the clock will help you go back in the past and avoid hitting the girl next time.

Level 7

A beautiful girl appears on the scene and goes mad at your boy. You must help Genius to find a solution to get rid of that problem as soon as possible; otherwise, the girl will lose his boyfriend. Did you see a crow sitting on the wall? If yes, then drag the crow and leave it on the woman standing on your way before the entrance of a hotel.

Level 8

A detective is hanging with the chandelier to capture some clicks of Genius with her boy. You must make use of your erasing power to disappear the support and let the detective fall.

Level 9

At level 9, your female character thinks to take a shower and it is also recommended by her newly found boyfriend. Therefore, she visits the bathroom where the pipes are damaged and needs a mechanic. Along with having a detective, you may be a good mechanic too I guess. Let’s match the color and connect the pipes. Afterward, Genius approaches the boyfriend to have some romance.

Level 10

The 10th level takes place three days after the last event when you connected pipes to continue the water flow. Three days have been passed, the boyfriend of Genius didn’t call her or left a message; therefore, she worried and decided to visit him in the office to confirm everything is perfect. Once Genius reaches ahead of the office, he discovers a guard who may be instructed to not let her get in. Therefore, the player needs to drag the window down to get in silently.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 11 to 15

Level 11

There’s another door that Genius has to pass at any cost because after that she comes to know what is actually going on in the office. The scene displays you a guard and a puppy, while the female character thinking about how to get rid of the guard. The solution is very simple; you just need to drag the chicken bone to the guard and see how the dog will react. Once done, you can easily get into the office.

Level 12

Upon navigating the office, you found a secret door protected with a secret lock. You must rotate the image to complete it and open the door to enter the next scene.

Level 13

After getting into the room, you find half of the room area is dark. Genius turns on the flashlight to see what’s happening in the dark and soon detects her boy busy with someone else.

Note: Drag the glowing area across the dark area to find things you can’t see.

Level 14

After catching the male character red-handed, Genius decided to avenge and called a spy by merely making a phone call. The said person appears and takes some photos using a camera.

Level 15

Next to that, the girl leaves the room with the detective she called to investigate the case. After taking a few steps, both characters get stopped by a police officer and the player must find a solution to get rid of the problem. There are two different buttons available as Orange and Red. Hitting the orange button will open the sewerage cover to solve the problem.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 16 to 20

Level 16

In the sixteen levels, the player reaches her friend’s home where she found her house is locked. Your goal is to find out where the key is to open the door and get into the house. Move the mat aside to reveal the key and open the door.

Level 17

Knock on the room’s door to inform your friend you are standing outside. Once you reach inside the room you find yourself a little bit nervous. Use the detective to scan what’s wrong with her by merely dragging the limited area up and down. Afterward, you find that your friend has worn a man’s underwear.

Level 18

In the next scene, you have to drag something that could be a lab, wardrobe, windows, or a bed. Your friend is requesting to trust him, but you don’t need to be fooled. Drag the bed to see what it hides from you. Ops! It’s your boyfriend who was having fun with your friend before reaching here.

Level 19

On the way coming out of the house, the player decides to take revenge. After reaching the main door, the player must erase something what’s the thing you should find using your detective skills. You must erase the main wall ahead of you to reveal what both characters are doing. Similarly, remove the entire house to reveal both of them ahead of the public.

Level 20

The next day, it seems you are a zombie because of worries and a lot of hard work. A Person appears and asks you for a date. Before leaving your chair, you must make over your face to restore its former glory by merely removing the dark spots from below your eyes.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 21 to 25

Level 21

The next scene makes your interaction with a dog and his owner who haven’t rope in his hand to control the dog. You must draw a rope connecting both the dog and the man to keep the female character in a safe area.

Level 22

Afterward, the owner of the dog leaves it and you don’t have enough time to escape; therefore, you should find another solution. Draw a wall between the dog and you to prevent him from attacking you.

Level 23

Soon, both character reaches a shop where the man asks you to give him a few minutes to grab something real quick because he is starving. After eating food, you must clean the mouth of your boyfriend to remove the food remains using your erasing power.

Level 24

In level 24, both characters are on a jeep and traveling together near the seashore. Suddenly, something went wrong and the jeep stopped. You must help the man to repair the engine so both can reach their destination quickly. In the level, you have to connect the wires of the same color.

Level 25

The next is romantic, in which the boy purpose the girl marriage after getting on knees. You must help the boy to wear the diamond on the right finger, because selecting the wrong finger will end the level, and you have to start from the start of the current level. Therefore, we are introducing a Girl Genius Walkthrough and Guide to help you make the right decisions. Choose the 2nd finger from the left side.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 26 to 30

Level 26

Something has wrong with the girl’s destiny because whenever she is in a happy mood something goes wrong. Similarly, a robber appears after the engagement of both characters and start demanding to give him all valuable. The girl asks the thief to leave them alone, but he fires using a gun, now you help the girl to decide what to do next. To save the girl’s life, you must drag the man ahead of a bullet fired by the thief, and let the girl run as fast as possible, though there is no control to help the girl run fast.

Level 27

After running fast, the girl hides behind a massive rock and decides to take revenge. She picks up sand using her hand and asks you to help her aim for the thief’s eyes. Tap the screen when the arrow is in the right direction to make the thief blind for a few moments and run from the scene.

Level 28

That night you reach a bar and are surprised to see that the bar is still open. You must find a way to access the bar to relax for a while. There’s no other than the name of the bar itself. Drag the bar name to bring it in the former condition like “777.” And get into the bar where other men await you to the purpose.

Level 29

After experiencing a bad day, the girl is sitting on a chair in a sad mood, then a man appears intending to make you laugh. He offers you to have some fun; meanwhile, dancing in the club. But first, you must drag something to complete the puzzle before moving ahead. The thing you have to drag is a glass. Once you drink the glass, the man said he has enjoyed chatting with you.

Level 30

The next level displays that both characters are in a toilet and the game offers you a task to complete by asking you to draw something. Firstly, you should find what is missing that you need to draw. Did you detect? No, let me reveal it’s a toilet door that you have to draw by merely dragging your finger across the area.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 31 to 35

Level 31

The wife of the man who is with the girl will appear on level 31 to slap him in the face. Girl Genius is worried, and she needs clothes. You must help her to find the cloth and escape from the scene before something gets wrong. The majority of players may get confused because there are no woman clothes other than the purple dress of the 2nd woman. You must drag that purple dress to Genius and let her dress up. Next to that, you must give a slap to the man and find a way to take revenge.

Level 32

The man starts blaming you that you seduce him. Now, it’s time to take revenge by merely setting the aim and throwing the pipe to drop the man on the ground and reveal the truth by scanning the man who is saying he isn’t married.

Level 33

Use your scanner to reveal the truth behind the scene. Soon, you will detect an engagement ring that proofs the man is already committed to someone else.

Level 34

The girl is walking alone after getting dumped by someone. As she takes a few steps, a robber appears holding a knife and ask you to give valuables. There’s a dustbin that you must drag to the robber to prevent him looting the girl.

Level 35

After running to the next stop, the robber reaches near to catch the girl. You must help the girl to find the solution and escape. There’s a street light that you can turn off by merely erasing the source to make the robber blind.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 36 to 40

Level 36

Till level 36, the robber won’t stop chasing you. Reveal your puzzle-solving skill and bring any solution to the scene to escape and get rid of the problem. There’s a ladder that you must bring down to let anyone come and help you by defeating the robber.

Level 37

The person who helps you will say to reach the safe place together. A few steps ahead there’s a hotel, but first, you must drag the wall aside to make a way to the hotel.

Level 38

In the next scene, you find the girl with the man in a room. Suddenly, the phone rings and the game leaves you asking that he needs to take a shower. That’s the point where you got that something is suspicious. Visit the bathroom and find the man’s mobile to see who that guy who messaged him was. Clear the steam from the mirror correctly to find the phone and read messages.

Level 39

After grabbing the phone, you must back to your former location and try to open the pattern lock by drawing a line from right to left, left to right, right to left, and then touch the last dot.

Level 40

After reading the messages, the girl gets angry and decides to take revenge. Help the girl to take revenge on the man who is standing ahead of her after taking a shower. You can easily find a fire burning on the girl’s head that you can drag to the man easily to burn him.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 41 to 45

Level 41

Next to that, the man calls his companion to come in to help. You must aim to shoot the mobile to the bulb to spread dark across the room to escape.

Level 42

The scene is pretty funny wherein both angry men are chasing the girl to catch. Suddenly, the girl stops a few steps before the sewerage cover. You have to help her dragging the cover and get into it to escape. Both guys won’t stop cashing till the end.

Level 43

Following the sewerage path, the girl finds herself near the dirty water. You must help her by drawing a line to land her safely to the ground.

Level 44

After landing, you have to find a solution to help the girl catch the bad guys. There’s a sack near you that you must drag to the pipe and stuck both guys in it and run away.

Level 45

In the next scene, both guys warn you to untie them; otherwise, the situation gets worse than ever before. The game provides you with a pipe to throw sewerage water on bad guys, but first, connect the 2nd end with water.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 46 to 50

Level 46

Having some rest, you wake up because your mobile starts ringing. Start searching the phone hidden below the stack of clothes. Remove the clothes one by one using the dragging feature and see how is calling you


Level 47

To take a shower you have to remove the clothes of the girl and let her go to take a shower.

Level 48

In the next scene, the girl asks you to bring the girl-colored frock to wear, but in the cupboard, there is only a yellow and a sky blue frock available. Connect both frocks to turn them into green and let the girl wear them to go out with her friend.

Level 49

It starts with a sports car that the girl used to reach the beach, but first, there’s a problem. The girl has lost the key and ask you to jump in to help. Use the scanner to search for the key and help the girl to reach the destination.

Level 50

Next to that, you reach the beach, where your friend makes fun of you because of your dressing sense. Remove the frock using an eraser to reveal the beach dress and explore other areas.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 51 to 55

Level 51

A handsome guy is standing on the seashore and both girls get mad at him. You must help the girl to knock out the race of impressing the boy by finding a solution. There’s a crab that you must throw at your friend to let her go on the other side of the beach.

Level 52

Due to the hot day, the man is very thirsty and needs something to drink. You must help the girl fill the water glass and impress him for dating you. Use your drawing ability, draw lines to fill the glass.

Level 53

In the next stage, the girl wants to use the bathroom but the lady’s section is locked. You must find a solution before it’s too late. What you think changing the sign would work or not? I think it will work, so let’s change the sign.

Level 54

When the girl comes out of the toilet, she finds the boy missing and starts to search for him. Soon, she finds the boy standing with another girl and reveals that he is gay. She decided to take revenge, and you must help him aim and shot the toilet paper.

Level 55

The boy decides to take revenge and starts running toward you. You must draw a line to drop a massive object on him off.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 56 to 60

Level 56

Aggressively, the boy starts to chase you and takes you to the edge of the mountain. You can’t take a step forward, because it means you die. At that time, you must remove the mini trouser to reveal that the boy loves to wear pink-colored underwear.

Level 57

As the level starts, your phone starts ringing and this time your friend is asking where Genius is, and what’s going on. Make the right selections like the following:

  • Still on the Beach
  • Nope, he is gay.
  • Yes, come pick me up.

Level 58

After that, a yurt comes to receive you. As you join your friend, a massive storm appears and damages the yurt. There’s a small lifesaving boat available, wherein you must fill the air and escape before it’s too late. Press and hold the pump to fill the air in the boat.

Level 59

Reaching the safe area, all characters realize the day is too hot. Drag the cloud to cover the sun, and move to the next level.

Level 60

All characters are hungry and no one knows what to eat. The girl decides to catch fish to eat and needs your help to make an aim and throw the rod.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 61 to 65

Level 61

An island is near to come, but your paddle is broken. Find a way to repair it; otherwise, sharks will eat all of the characters. Use your drawing abilities to repair the paddle as shown in the image.

Level 62

Making a fire isn’t an easy task; especially when you have to make it using stone and wood. All characters are feeling cold and someone needs to make a fire on an urgent basis. Therefore, you should draw something like a matchbox on the wood to make a fire and complete the puzzle to unlock the next scene.

Level 63

After taking a peaceful nap, Genius wakes up and finds no one surrounding her except for the wild people who comes to bring her. You must drag the bushes to hide your character before the arrival of the wild man.

Level 64

In the next level, you see the Wildman taking both of your companions to a specific place. As you move ahead, you confront a tiger who is near to eat you. You must draw a stick and let the girl hold it to kill him.


Level 65

Afterward, you decide to rescue your companion at any cost but prevent them from catching you. Therefore, you must act like those wild guys but wearing the skin.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 66 to 70

Level 66

Soon, you will find a massive stone right above a guard you have to pass to continue your journey. You must draw a line to let the rock smash the guard and clear the way for you to walk.

Level 67

In the next scene, you are stuck in such an area where no place is left to escape, except for having an option of digging the land.

Level 68

The girl found a man crying in the Girl Genius Walkthrough Level 68, and she decides to help him after asking the reason. You must use your scanner to detect the problem, displaying you a problem on his feet.

Level 69

Both characters are walking freely, then suddenly the girl is stuck in a trap and is near to fall on spikes. You must react instantly and find a solution within no time.

Level 70

In the 70th level, both characters find themselves standing ahead of a massive rock protected with a smart lock. Your goal is to connect the images of the same niche and unlock the door to keep moving toward your destination.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 71 to 75

Level 71

Wild people are cooking delicious meals using the owner of the yurt as an ingredient and the life of your friend is in danger. You must help to save her first, and then move to her boyfriend to save him too. Draw a line to smash the wild man and save your girl.

Level 72

After rescuing the girl, you should escape along with the other two characters and stop whenever find yourself standing ahead of the cage. Remove the cage to free the lion and escape the guard.

Level 73

Soon Genius’s girl dies because the wild man throws an arrow toward her. Now, you must help the girl make a bridge and escape.

Level 74

After reaching the seashore, you discover a massive ship on the other corner of the sea. Next to that, you have to bring the fire to burn the tree. Having said that, you successfully attract the attention of the ship.

Level 75

Reaching the city may create more problems because Tarzan isn’t allowed. Therefore, you must manage pants for your companion as soon as possible. Draw something to cover the legs and underwear of your companion to save him.

Girl Genius Walkthrough – Level 76 to 80

Level 76

After getting rid of the police officer, you disappear from the scene for one year and found an ad for the wanted person with one million rewards. Next to that, you reach a mansion intending to sneak into it by merely dressing like the maid.

Level 77

After unlocking level 77, you need to rotate the clock needles to let the head of the maid consider that the duty has over.

Level 78

You reach a bathroom to see who is bathing over there. Use your special glasses to see. Afterward, you must detect a lady purse and escape.

Level 79

The game takes you to the room of the king who is taking a red on his soft bed by reading a magazine. You must drag the magazine kept on the floor and let the man read. Next to that, he orders to bring that girl here to have fun. The girl is mad and as she jumps over the king he dies.

Level 80

In the 80th level, two security guards started to chase you to catch you. You must get rid of these two guards by merely dragging the clean they are running on.


Whether you love playing Drawing games or Erasing games, Girl Genius has got you all. It brings dozens of challenging levels; each one revolves around the smartness and bravery of the girl, known as Genius. Lion Studios did a good job when it comes to graphics, soundtracks, and the system of making choices. The only thing that I didn’t like is that you can’t visit the previously passed levels or can’t upcoming levels, too. Except that, I enjoyed playing the game and each of its levels.

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