Find Out Level 9 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 9 – Traffic Accident

As level 9 starts, you find yourself standing on the road. It means you have to find out 10 hidden objects without any time pressure and deduction system. The game doesn’t feature any timer and won’t deduct your points upon finding you tapping randomly on the screen. Clicking the screen may help you find a few items, but what to do for those who need to interact with each other to give you the final result. In the 9th level, you must help the boy cross the road; meanwhile, finding the hidden objects is also compulsory. In the game, you have to find the following objects, including a Banana, Teddy Bear, Ball, Speaker, and more.

  • When the boy falls, pick up a screwdriver and turn off the red light. Next to that, you must add the traffic life to your list.
  • Open the vehicle’s door to collect a teddy bear from inside.
  • Drop the dustbin to click the banana.
  • Pick up the rock available nearby the dustbin and open the sewerage cover to collect a precious item (Squirrel).
  • Find a grass cutter to shave the bushes and bring the grasshopper out, so a bird comes to grab it. When the bird grabs the grasshopper, you must click it to capture it.
  • Click the wheel cover to collect it.
  • Use the umbrella to wake the cat, so you can collect the ball.

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