Find Out Level 14 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 14 – Crime Scene

Here we need a detective or a cop who knows how to solve a criminal case. Do you want to take the case as it could be more complicated than your expectation? We aren’t suggesting you leave and run away, though we are here to help you out finding all hidden objects by offering a proper Find Out Guide. In the game, you don’t have to find hidden objects only, but also reveal what happened with the boy laid on the floor.

  • As you jump into the scene, the first thing you detect is a burning oven. What you should do after finding a fire? For sure, start your search to find a fire extinguisher.
  • Open the drawers of the cupboard to find the fire extinguisher to blow out the fire. Collect the oven and add it to your inventory.
  • The next hidden object is a baseball bat available near the boy on his left side.
  • Pick up a knife from near the basin and bring it to the table to cut the cake piece to grab a ring.
  • Near the table, you may discover a small box and your goal is to put the ring into the box and click on it to capture.
  • Remove the cover of the box kept near the wall to collect gloves from there.
  • You can find a knife near the cupboard of the basin.
  • Throw the piece of cake near the rat house, and when it comes out tap on it to collect.
  • A dirty slipper is available near the rat out, you must take a spray to clean and collect it.
  • Move the character aside to find a necklace below it.

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