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Do you have skills to use for the renovation of a hotel? I’m asking because the Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery takes place in a hotel which is in ruin. A brand-new adventure awaits you, full of mystery, suspense, and challenging missions that you have to complete. Leave your regular work and start restoring the house by clearing out all the mess. You navigate the land from an isometric viewpoint like Lily’s Garden and Homescapes.

Similarly, the game introduces a mix of Puzzle and Adventure genres, offering challenging gameplay. Instead of featuring the Tilt-matching genre found in Lily’s Garden, Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery introduces Hidden Object components to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Please don’t rely on your renovation skills as they won’t help you collect the stars you need to unlock furniture.

A Beautiful Cast of Characters

Moreover, a beautiful cast of characters is ready to entertain you a lot. Polish your “Hidden Object” skills and embark on a journey to start finding clues to exercise your brain and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. When playing the game, you need to interrogate all the mysteries surrounding you holding suspense and action.

Puzzle-solving Gameplay

Play puzzle levels to earn stars and use them to decorate the hotel. The game brings a well-written storyline to experience that takes you on a beautiful journey you have never experienced before. You need to act like a detective who possesses sharp eyesight and a smart brain in the game. You can’t bear missing a single item when searching for hidden objects; therefore, keep your eyes always open when looking for stuff.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Review

Indeed, you would enjoy whenever you work as a detective because you find yourself in an unknown location with the task of searching for hidden objects. Similarly, you are hired by someone to interrogate the scenes when finding hidden objects. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery introduces once a beautiful hotel now available in ruins. Because of the dirty environment, tourists and other customers avoid visiting the hotel.

Therefore, the game is tasked with cleaning, decorating, and restoring the hotel’s popularity as soon as possible. It would help if you kept in mind that the Hidden Hotel is different from other brain games like Match-3 Puzzles. Before jumping into the game, you have to activate your observation sense to find mysterious clues in the picture. The game will ask you to solve tricky puzzles, seek hidden objects, and reveal the mystery by finding secret rooms and accomplishing challenging quests to earn in-game rewards like stars and other things.

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery

Cleaning the hotel may be a fun-filled job, but earning stars by finding hidden objects isn’t easy as you’re considering. The majority of rooms of the hotel are locked and demands the completion of objectives to be unlocked. Therefore, you should work your way to find hidden objects and start cleaning the mess spread all over the environment.

You experience the gameplay from an isometric viewpoint when controlling the character and helping him make choices. Walkthroughs.net promises to help you reach the end of each Puzzle, Adventure, and Hidden Object game. Therefore, we bring you a walkthrough of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery to learn how to find hidden objects and deal with all challenging tasks going to appear on your screen.

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery Walkthrough – Day 1

At the start, the game introduces you to Oliver, who is happy because you, as the protagonist, decided to reopen your grandpa’s hotel. He appreciates your bravery and warns you that the hotel isn’t ordinary as you are considering, though.

Afterward, he requests to help him find a broom and clean the hall first. Therefore, your first goal is to clean the garbage from the lobby. Once done, the game will unlock a new scene to explore. Each scene holds a specific amount of levels that will unlock the rest of the areas one by one upon getting completed. The first area you unlocked is “Reception.”

Moreover, the game introduces a wallet on the top-left side of the screen, displaying the number of coins you earned by completing the task. Meanwhile, there’s a meter on the right side of the screen near the tooth gear showing how many stars you have to use. Amidst both said meters, the game features a green-colored bar showing the energy. To play each hidden object level will cost you ten energy to open. Therefore, you should always keep your green meter full. Once you run out of energy, you have to wait until it gets completed.

Reception – Hidden Object Scene

As you hit the play button, the game takes you to a room where your goal is to look for “6 Hidden Items on the list” and tap them when you reveal them. The available items are the following:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Handprint
  • Carafe
  • Paper Airplane
  • Shoe
  • Broom

Once you find all items, the game will reward you with points and coins to unlocking additional content. A to-do list will soon be shown on your screen, displaying all challenging tasks you have to complete at any cost. Without the completion of objectives, you can’t make progress in the game. It would help if you kept in mind that completing the task will cost you a star. Therefore, you should play hidden object levels to earn stars.

Clean up the reception area

Your next goal is to clean the reception area using one star that you lack. Hit the green-colored button available on the right-bottom corner of your screen to start playing the hidden object levels to make in-game stars. This time, the game asks you to find all items already mentioned above, except for the smoking pipe

Repair the Fireplace

After cleaning the reception area, repairing the fireplace is compulsory, and it will also cost you a star. You may don’t know that you can use various boosters and power-ups to highlight the objects you are feeling difficulty finding. It would help if you kept in mind that the “Star Challenge” is a bit difficult than others and reveals a key that will remove three items at least for free one time upon using. The third levels’ items are almost the same as you found in the first and 2nd levels. Like Lily’s Garden, the game gives you three options to choose from, and selecting your favorite one will add to the hotel. That’s the reason we suggest you not jump into the game without mastering your decoration skills.

Remove the Boxes

Upon moving near the door, the character hardly survived the garbage boxes. Using a star will help you remove the boxes from nearby the doors and clean the place to look amazing.

Welcome to the Souvenir Shop

After cleaning the boxes, you come to know that the Souvenir Shop isn’t locked, and you can access it any time to look around.

Clean up the area near the fireplace

After learning how to play the game, you are now master at cleaning dirty places. The thing you need to complete the task is a broom that you can easily find surrounding you. To clean the said place, you don’t have enough stars, so let’s start solving a hidden object puzzle following the Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Walkthrough. In the level, you have to find the following hidden objects:

  • Frog
  • Parrot
  • Octopus
  • Cup
  • Tennis Racquet
  • Mermaid

Follow the given steps to look for items:

  • Find a wardrobe ahead of the screen where you find a mermaid near the starfish.
  • On the rack, you find a cup.
  • A tennis racquet is available in a bucket.
  • The place wherefrom you collected a cup holds a frog. Tap the frog to remove the item from the list.
  • Don’t forget to hit the parrot available on the right side of your screen above the candies.
  • Nearby the cupboard, you find an octopus.

The completion of the level will leave you lots of bonus points and coins, along with a star.

Tip: Watching a video ad may help you get 10 Free Energy.

Put the Lamp near the fireplace

Now, the place near the fireplace is looking fascinating, but something is missing. You forgot to place a lamp near it; therefore, your next task on the to-do list is “Put a Lamp near the fireplace.” It will cost you a star, and to earn a star, you must revisit the Souvenir Shop to look for hidden items. Note: This time, the game replaces the Mermaid with Jellyfish that you can discover on the skateboard available on the screen’s left side.

You should visit the shop once again to earn a star. Upon entering, you find that the game replaces the jellyfish with a football and asks you to find a toy car and discount tag.

Note: You can earn 10 stars in every hidden object scene.

Moreover, the first day’s completion will reward you with a key to the next day, up to +1000 coins, and an energy refill.

Start a New Day

You would be happy to know that the game will give you a free spin daily that holds different rewards, including the following coins: 1K, 100, 3K, 200, 500, 100, 10K, and 300. In short, you have a chance to be lucky daily. Therefore, test your fortune using the spinning wheel and attempt to grab the max reward to win. After moving to the 2nd day, the game will ask you to spend a star on starting a new day; therefore, your new goal on the to-do list is to “Star a New Day.” After reaching the 2nd day, the scene hasn’t been changed, and you will still find yourself hidden objects in the Souvenir Shop.

Note: Once you run out of energy, it will restore with or at the end of the day.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Walkthrough – Day 2

After completing all the tasks mentioned above, a new day will start to replace the floor. Oliver will inform you that the maid can clean nothing up; therefore, you should change them on-time to restore the hotel’s glory.

Replace the Floor

Once day 2 started, you are supposed to explore the Souvenir Shop to look for hidden items. Exploring the shop doesn’t mean, every time, the items would be the same. Not, though the items are the same, their positions would be different. But as you approach the scene, there is a surprise for you. The game doesn’t feature too many items to find; it is tasked with finding the same items ten items using your detective skills. To find all cobwebs, you should follow the Hidden Hotel’s image below: Miami Mystery Gameplay/Walkthrough.

Note: The quicker you find the hidden objects, the faster you fill-up the star meter.

Playing the same scene again will bring six different hidden objects to find, including the following:

  • Spyglass
  • Hamburger
  • Toy Car
  • Cup
  • Cream
  • Penguin
  • Glass of Cola
  • Keyring Trinket

Some items are borrowed from the previous levels; change the position to increase the difficulty. You must keep an eye all over the scene and tap the item listed below the screen to end the level.

  • The hamburger is kept on the rack behind the surfer board.
  • The glass of cola is available on the table near the fish pot.
  • Don’t forget to collect a spyglass available within the bag.
  • The whale is also available in the bucket.
  • Lastly, you can find the keyring trinket on the above section of the rack.

The game will ask you to choose one of three different designs to make the floor of the hotel beautiful and clean.

Meet Emily in the Restaurant Bar

After renovating the reception area, the game takes the character to the restaurant bar to meet Emily. Let me introduce Emily, a job seeker who heard from others that you are renovating the hotel and needs someone’s help; therefore, he comes to join you.

Restore the Restaurant Bar

Earning stars is a problem because it takes you repeatedly in the same scene you already have covered, but with a new task to complete. This time, you are taken back to the reception area where you had found objects at the beginning, now supposed to collect 11 cobwebs. Finding the hidden object is a tough thing though, you can use your detective skills to look for items and reveal their positions.

You can see the image to find where the cobwebs are placed strategically that no one can easily find. Once you find all 11 cobwebs with the help of the image given above, you must head to the same level once again. This time the game asks you to find the following items, such as:

  • Broom
  • Carafe
  • Shoe
  • Mobile Phone
  • Globe
  • No Smoking Sign
  • Pharaoh
  • Leaf
  • Paper Boat
  • Credit Card

Next to that, you have to restore the restaurant bar first and then move to your next task: the replacement of the big carpet. It seems the work becomes easy to do after having the assistance of Emily. Speed up how you are working to restore the hotel and complete your job to unlock other hidden areas.

New Hidden Scene is unlocked

A new hidden scene is unlocked after all that, known as Restaurant bar, where the game leaves you to find hidden objects to unlock additional levels. It would help if you kept in mind that finding stars is your primary goal by exploring hidden scenes to find items. Although finding hidden items is less complicated than Match-3 Puzzle levels, it still has its unique difficulty levels. Whenever you come to play hidden object levels, the game will deduct ten energy from your meter to give you a try.

Here, you will reveal that many places are available that can be interactive and hide items inside. Therefore, you should investigate the zone deeply to find all items timely to make the highest points. Apart from that, you have to find the following items:

  • Sweet Roll
  • Bow
  • Gummy Bears
  • Donut
  • Sushi
  • Watermelon

To find all hidden objects, you need to see the image given below. Next to that, you have to find the hidden objects in the same scene once again because the tasks are started to appear on your to-do list, requiring two stars to be completed. Therefore, you should work hard when collecting stars to renovate the hotel as soon as possible. Once you completed all levels, the game will take you to the spot and show you three carpets’ different designs. Selecting one of them will be added to the scene automatically.

Restore the Walls

Welcome to the Restaurant Bar to find hidden objects once again. Your goal is to restore the walls that cost you one star. Please select your favorite color and apply it to the walls. After finding Emily, most of your time will spend in reading discussion having between both characters. Keep it aside, start working on your tasks. Your next goal is to repair the foundation, and for that, you have to complete the hidden object scenes to get stars.

Don’t leave making stars, because it’s a fuel that you need to renovate the hotel. So, in the next scene, you have to find the following items:

  • Gummy Bears
  • Ice Cubes
  • Napkins
  • Newspaper
  • Waffle
  • Cherries

Here’s in the Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Playthrough, we reveal the location of each item. If you get confused to read the bullet points, then move toward the image given below to discover the hidden objects.

  • If you are looking for napkins, then you should see the area near the oven on its left side.
  • A Red Chili Pepper is available below a set of bottles above the small refrigerator.
  • On the right side of the bottles, you may discover cherries.
  • Don’t forget to collect a newspaper from a wooden box kept on the floor.
  • Surely, ice cubes will be available inside the fridge.
  • You can see the waffle on the second box of the rack on your left-side.
  • A wine glass is available on the right side of the bottle set.
  • To beer glass, you must visit the fridge.

Completing the said puzzle will reward you with a star that you can use to repair the foundation. Your next objective is to decorate the lobby with plants and turn on the fountain.

Turn on the fountain

You will be rewarded with five energy once you turn on the fountain. Similarly, decorating the lobby with plants will help you grab a booster. You know you have two options whether to play all hidden scenes to earn ten stars or accomplish them one by one while decorating and repairing the hotel your way. Once again, the game intends to take you to the same environment but tasks you with finding cobwebs to earn a star. We have highlighted all the cobwebs for you in the image to find.

Decorate the Lobby with Plants

The next scene you have to take on is the Souvenir Shop, where your goal is to find up to 10 items by revealing your detective sense. The game introduces you to a stack of items and is tasked with finding specific objects from the mess. When you are playing the game, try to make combos as it will help you fill the star scale fast and reward you with in-game coins. You have to find the said objects like:

  • Whale
  • Penguin
  • Glass of Cola
  • Hamburger
  • Cup
  • Spyglass
  • Crocodile
  • Feather
  • Discount Tag
  • Submarine

For sure, till now you have been fully trained and knew how to find hidden objects. The gameplay is similar to other Hidden Object games, only demanding a little attention, sharp eyesight, and the perfect timing to earn better points.

  • On the right side of the screen, you can find a whale in the form of a sticker.
  • You can find the glass of cola on the left-side of an umbrella.
  • A price tag is available near the submarine, and you can discover a penguin nearby it.
  • A spyglass is available inside the bucket, and a turtle sketch is on the wall near the parrot.
  • If you are looking for a cup, we suggest you look at the cupboard below the seashore.
  • The hamburger is kept in the small cupboard behind the flamingo.

Decorate the Lobby

Besides finding hidden objects, you’ve to decorate different zones of the hotel left by your grandpa. The game will keep unlocking challenging tasks that are easy to complete; the problem comes with you having to collect stars. Therefore, most players come out to find shortcuts and Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Hacks & Guides to collect unlimited stars. Having too many stars in your inventory means you can unlock different zones and areas to see how the storyline proceeds. Apart from that, the game takes you to a restaurant bar and task you with finding hidden objects. For sure, after reaching the high levels, you may be familiar with the name of items, but where they are is difficult to tell. This is because the game continuously keeps changing items to make them challenging than ever before.

Start a New Day

Each day comes with a series of challenging tasks you are supposed to complete by solving hidden-object puzzles. Don’t rely on your match-3 skills in the game because the game implants the hidden object mechanics that keep you entertained for endless hours of fun. Therefore, be a detective and start exploring lavish locations and zones to amuse the storyline and the highly detailed graphics. Earn a star and start a new day.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Walkthrough – Day 3

The third day starts in a garden where you find the character explaining how he had experienced a nightmare where he saw he was drowning. Afterward, Emily comes to calm you down and brings you to the lobby along with her. Your next task is to open the staff room by merely spending one star.

Introduction of Silhouette Mode

Leave the way you find hidden objects by reading their names listed below the screen. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery unlocks a new mode, “Silhouette Mode,” that intends to display your images instead of names. So, now you’re considering finding hidden items pretty easy, but it is not in actuality.

  • You find the turtle on the surfer board available on the left side of the screen.
  • The glass of cola is kept near the fish jar.
  • To find the crocodile, you need to see the upper portion of the surfer board.
  • A hamburger is available behind the flamingo on the left side of the screen.
  • The game keeps the cup this time near the fish jar on the right side.
  • Near the umbrella, there’s a guitar to collect.
  • On the top of the cupboard, you may discover the sun.
  • A frog is sitting on the sofa and the jellyfish on the board where you may discover lots of stuff hanging on.
  • Feather is available behind the fish jar on the last section of the cupboard.

Open the Staff Room

A new area is unlocked as you complete the puzzle taken place in the Silhouette Mode. The newly introduced room brings a new scene to explore and a series of items to find. It seems the staff room hasn’t been cleaned for many years. So, finding hidden objects would be an easy task to complete. Start finding objects following their names listed below the screen. The available names are the following:

  • Owl
  • Hair Dryer
  • Balloon
  • Vacuum
  • Rabbit
  • Bathrobe

To find all these items, you have to explore the environment carefully, because the game has kept all staff close to each other.

  • The rabbit is available inside the cupboard, and you can grab the hairdryer below the rabbit.
  • An owl is sitting on a cushion near the hairdryer while a bathrobe is hanging on the cupboard’s door.
  • Moreover, the key and a vacuum are available on the right side of the screen near the bucket.
  • Lastly, you can find the balloon attached to the trolley.

After earning stars, your goal is to fix the fountain to keep it running smoothly. Improve your skills and learn new ways to decorate the hotel. You may don’t know that you can select the premium stuff and furniture to make your hotel even more beautiful. Some items are available that cost you coins upon selecting. Your next two objectives are the following:

  • Wipe the Floor
  • Remove the Fabric from the Sofas

Next to that, the game introduces the restaurant bar and allows you to play the Silhouette Mode scene. You have to find all the items you are familiar with in previous levels and make combos to collect extra rewards. When playing, you can use different power-ups and boosters that remove three items from your list to make the gameplay pretty easy for you. To find all hidden objects, you should see the image given below to earn a star. Once completed, the game will divert you to the word mode once again and ask you to find the items you discovered in previous stages. So, keep finding the items to new places until you collect enough stars.

Apart from that, you may find a set of new items every time whenever you come to play. The new level comes with an increasing difficulty level that gives you tough gameplay to experience. Did you know the restaurant bar holds several items, including the following: Oven, Fridge, Fruits, Kitchen Equipment, and more? After collecting stars, you must complete the said two tasks and proceed with the story.

Open Johnny Black’s Suitcase

As the story proceeds, Oliver finds a suitcase and don’t know what it contains. Opening the case will surely bring some exciting items to your inventory. Besides that, your new goals are the following:

  • Place New Sofa
  • Put up new Lamps

To earn stars, you unlock the staff room once again. New items are added to find, and you must interact with objects to reveal the truth behind the scene and solve the mystery to earn coins and other points. Till now, you have gathered over 200 items, and more awaiting you over in the next levels. The maximum you can grab ten stars from each scene; furthermore, playing the next levels won’t leave you anything except for the points.

Rumors about the upcoming new zones aren’t good, and people are talking about a ghost. After that, your next goal is to complete the following objectives, including the following:

  • Fix the Table near the Sofas
  • Change the Curtains

You will receive 15 energy once you complete the first objective. Furthermore, the rest of the objectives holds something special for you. Till the day third, the game keeps you limited to the staff room – as it is only the way to earn in-game points and stars. It is pretty easy to solve the puzzle in the same scene you once went through and are familiar with all items.

Rule: The game’s rule is pretty simple – complete the hidden object scene to search for items. The more you collect items, the higher rank you achieve.

When playing the game, you have an opportunity to test your points and check your rank using the global leaderboards. The game features a dairy and a huge community where you can check how other players are decorating their hotels. Aside from interacting with others, you must repair the broken stuff found surround you. Please don’t leave anything in rough condition as it may affect your hotel’s reputation. After repairing both items, two new tasks are added to your to-do list, such as:

  • Put up a Sculpture
  • Fix the Stairs

Both require you to spend one star for the completion of each objective. Still, the game runs itself in easy mode; you will confront the increment in difficulty level as the number of days increases. You are free to explore any scene which isn’t completed yet to earn a star. The max you can grab up to 10 stars from each scene helps you complete up to ten tasks.


The mix of Hidden Object and Hotel Renovation elements give you a fabulous gaming experience that you haven’t experienced before. Asides from that, the game features a cute cast of characters to interact with and brings delicious bonuses to your screen with an option of claiming. Enjoy the incredible cinematic storyline when playing the game to restore the hotel’s glory left by your grandpa. In short, it’s a platform where you can test your eagle-eye seek and find skills to test. Engage yourself in the epic world full of hidden object scenes. Be a detective and start solving each level when bringing glory to your hotel.

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