Find Out Level 15 Cat and Mouse Walkthrough


We are back with other Walkthroughs of Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects video game that is offering stunning gameplay to experience. It releases with four different modes and each one holds a variety of levels. The first 14 Level Walkthroughs were already covered, now we are introducing some more to help you learn how to complete tricky puzzles. Each level puts you hidden object skills to test and task you with finding a variety of objects. Play hidden objects are difficult in those games that won’t introduce any list to items, but here the game shows you items you are supposed to find. To learn how to complete Find Out Level 15, following the steps given in Cat and Mouse Walkthrough.

Find Out Level 15 Walkthrough – Cat and Mouse

The fifteen levels of Find Out takes place in a room where a granny is taking a nap on her relaxing chair. Surrounding here, there are lots of stuff available and your ultimate goal is to find out items given at the bottom of the screen and then try to solve a puzzle. You can’t jump to the next level until you complete this one. Therefore, use your detective skills to master hidden object skills and solve all levels.

  • Firstly, you should take a thread ball close to the cat. Once the cat moves aside, collect a toy.
  • Open the refrigerator to bring a vegetable leaf and keep it on the bread, but first, you have to pick up a piece of meat from the table. Don’t forget to complete the burger after placing another bread piece.
  • Are you looking for granny glasses, it is into the fish tank. Collect a net from the left side and use it to bring glasses out of the fish tank.
  • Now, keep the refrigerator aside to find a mouse hole. Keep the cheese on a small trolley from the fridge and pull the handle. Another hole is available on the left side that you can use to see what the mouse is doing.

  • Offer the cheese to the mouse in exchange of candy.
  • Now, keep the key to the trolley and pull the handle.
  • Use the key to open the cage and collect a bird.
  • Once again, visit the mouse hole and follow the steps: open the drawer and bring a tape out to connect the damaged wire to light up the bulb of the room that you need to complete the list of hidden objects.
  • Collect a pillow kept on the mouse bed and drag a matchstick to the trolley and pull the handle.
  • In the last, you have to use the matchstick to burn the cigar and collect it to complete your list of hidden objects.

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