Find Out Level 8 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 8 – Toilet

Ops! A boy is in hurry because of pee pressure. The reason for the anxiety of the boy is that a puppy is sleeping over the toilet seat. You don’t need to disturb the cat, for now, we will see if need then will make a disturbance to wake it up for the collection items. Till now, start finding hidden objects to complete the given list below.

  • A shampoo bottle is laid on the floor near the basin and your goal is to collect it.
  • Find a shelf to collect a small box available on the left side of the toilet.
  • Pick up a straw and insert it into the juice box available behind the boy to collect it.
  • Find a bone from the floor and keep it to the food box where the puppy will come by leaving the toilet seat for the boy.
  • Next to that, you must collect a phone from the boy’s hand.
  • Waste all the toilet paper, and collect the empty roll to add to your inventory.
  • There’s a small box on the left side of the toilet seat holding a precious item. You should collect it.
  • Turn on the tap to fill the tub with water and don’t turn it off until a duck comes up. Click the duck and add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a scissor from the floor to cut the boxes into two pieces to bring the letter out.
  • Bring the bottle containing water close to the toilet and spray the water to reveal a heart.
  • Open the window to let the bee get into the room. Once it appears, you must click on it to add it to your inventory.

Finally, you have completed the level 8th. Now, we should move to level 9 where you have to find 10 hidden items.

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