Find Out Walkthrough Level 2 – Office

Find Out Walkthrough Level 2

The next scene takes place in an office where a man is sitting on a chair getting bored. Furthermore, the room holds a sofa, a plant pot, a water dispenser, and a table. This time, the game increases the items in the list you have to find to complete the objective. Playing hidden object games is fun and the best way to improve your detective skills.

  • Near the plant pot, you can find a book on the floor. Tap the book to collect it.
  • Open the right drawer of the table to collect the 2nd item from it.
  • You have to collect three pieces of a puzzle scattered throughout the scene. The first piece you can find from the plant pot and for the 2nd piece, you must remove an image glued on the wall near the plant pot. The third piece is beautifully hidden in the table’s cupboard behind the drawer.
  • After collecting all pieces, you must bring them to the picture frame available on the table and complete the picture to solve the puzzle.
  • Visit the sofa to find out a key hidden behind the teddy bear on the left side sitting on the sofa.
  • Use the key to open the right door of the table to collect a love lunch box from there.
  • There’s an empty glass on the table, take the glass near the dispenser and fill it with water. When the glass gets filled with water you must tap on it to collect.
  • In the next step, turn off the radio to let the man take a sweet nap. As the man gets slept, you can collect a dreaming sign “Z.”
  • Between the sofa and the water dispenser, there’s a water-cane that you must collect to give water to the plant pot. Open the window to give the sunlight to the plant and wait until the flower blossom. Collect the flower after a few seconds
  • Search the bucket to bring a small out.
  • Lastly, you have to find a ticket from the man’s pocket.

The 2nd level of Find Out – Find Something and Hidden Objects has been completed.

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