Find Out Level 7 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 7 – Hostage Rescue

Do you ever dream to be a hero? I am dreaming to be a hero since my childhood. A beautiful girl is at the gunpoint of a robber who appears to steal the money. There’s no one other than you who could save the girl from being dead. Are you ready for action? I’m always ready.

  • Collect the first item, which is a grenade, by opening the lady’s purse.
  • There’s a locker below the table. Open the locker to collect the magazine of a gun.
  • Open the cupboard at the top left side of the screen and collect a sword, along with a paper on which a mathematical formula is written.
  • A gun is hidden behind the files that available on the table where you once found a locker below it.
  • Bring the gun to the security guard and allow him to fire. With the sound of fire, a gift box will drop on the floor from somewhere.
  • Collect a scope to give an alert to guard something suspicious is happening around him.
  • Slide the box aside to collect a precious item (Gold).
  • Pick up a knife and open the locker available on the right side of the cupboard to collect the 2nd precious item.
  • Search the back pocket of the security guard to collect a toy key. Give the key to the monkey and let it make some noise so the robber becomes scarred with the sound the toy creates. As the robber gets scared, the security guard fires to let him drop the gun.
  • Collect the gun the robber drops and click the spider to add to your inventory.

Finally, the 7th level has been completed. Let’s move to the new scene.

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