Find Out Level 5 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 5 – Pirate Ship

Everyone loves to be a pirate before setting out on an epic Caribbean adventure. In the fifth level, consider your dream comes true and you’re going to meet the pirate who is sitting on a chair, while his teammate is on the floor. You have to find out ten hidden objects to escape the scene and move to the next stage.

  • A gold coin awaits you between the drum and the sword. Pick up the coin from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Near the rug, you can find a small ancient knife.
  • A man is sitting on the floor holding a small sack of coins. To steal the sac, you need to offer a bottle of the bear to the person and slide the sac to add to your inventory.
  • Grab a box full of pens from the table and search out the scene for other items.
  • Burn the map hanging on the wall using the candle stand to let the pirate remove his hat because you have to collect it.
  • Open the treasure box to collect a paper roll from there.
  • There’s a wooden cupboard and you need to open its doors to collect a ruby from inside.
  • You also find a dangerous sign from the last section of the same cupboard.
  • Pick up a bowl from the floor and keep it near the drum to fill it with water dropping from the roof.
  • Lift the rug to collect a knife from below it.
  • Open the skull available above the pirate sitting on the chair to collect an orb.
  • Find a small drum full of water, and drop it off once you found to collect a precious item.

The stage of Pirate Ship has been completed, let’s move to the newly unlocked stage.

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