Find Out Level 6 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 6 – Mermaids

This time, the game takes you in the underwater environment where you discover the sea creatures and experience how they spend their lives over here. The scene is beautiful, and the game tasks you with finding at least ten hidden objects to unlock the next stage. The items you come to find are small and the difficulty level reaches the next stage; therefore, you should hone your detective skills and make use of your sharp eyesight to solve all puzzles.

  • On the right side of the mirror, there’s a pearl that you can add to your inventory.
  • Discover a small plant on the left side of the screen and find the hidden items. Search for a knife by keeping all items aside you found.
  • Pick up an octopus and take it near the mirror to select its opposite side in the mirror.
  • There’s a box that is continuously opening and closing – click it to add to your inventory.
  • The place where from you collected a pearl holds another hidden object in the form of a flower. Click the flower to collect it.
  • At the left top corner of the screen, there’s a secret door that upon opening will reveal a knight holding a sword – the precious item.
  • A beautiful table is laid on the floor holding a cute pot of purple.
  • Above the plant you search for a yellow paper, there’s a sea bed where you discover a fish that is taking a rest. Collect the fish to add to your list.
  • At the top of the dressing table, you may discover a starfish.
  • Aside from the purple-colored leaf to discover a fish. Bring diamond from the sea bed and merge it with the fish to get a pearl.

Following the given steps will help you complete the 6th level.

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