Find Out Chapter 2 Walkthrough – All Levels Solved


Find Out – Find Something and Find Hidden Objects is one of the best Puzzle video games that come with addictive Hidden Object gameplay, released by Focus Apps for Mobile Devices. The game is fully loaded with three fun-filled modes; each one is offering different gameplay, but the mechanics are almost the same. It doesn’t matter what mode you are playing, your ultimate goal is to search for hidden objects and solve a series of puzzles. The first Chapter holds thirty-five challenging levels and each one throws you to a unique environment to solve unique mysteries.

Similarly, Find Out Chapter 1 won’t only task you with finding objects, but also utilize them to find the rest of the items and solve puzzles. When you are playing simply hidden object levels are divided into 9 chapters. Today, we are releasing Find Out Chapter 2 Walkthrough, it comes with 12 challenging levels and each one has 9 to 12 hidden objects that you have to find. Enjoy a relaxing soundtrack when searching for hidden objects and keep unlocking new scenes. Hone your detective skills and embark on a journey to explore the beautiful world and find hidden objects. To learn how to complete levels, read our Find Out Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide.

Find Out Chapter 2 Walkthrough

The introduction of cute creatures may keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Although the game doesn’t feature any graphical scenes, nevertheless the game is challenging to play. You don’t need to explore the environment, keep your focus on exploring the items listed below on your screen and search for them. Tapping randomly on your screen won’t help; therefore, you should try with your sharp eyesight and deep concentration to win. Each level is set in a new room/environment and comes with a beautiful cast of cartoonish characters. Keep reading Find Out Chapter 2 Walkthrough to find all solutions.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 1

The first level of Find Out Chapter 2 takes place in a kitchen where a cute kitty is making the yummy cake I guess. Investigate the image deeply to figure out all hidden objects and tap on them one by one to complete a list given below. Here you have to find 9 hidden objects and all items are highlighted with a red circle in the image given below.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 2

The second level revolves around school kids and a bus. The game displays an image of the road where both a boy and a girl are waiting for their school bus. In Find Out Chapter 2, you have to find up to 11 Hidden Objects. All items are highlighted with red circles below in the image.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 3

The game takes you to any shop where you discover strange creatures selling fruits and many other things. Finding hidden objects can be difficult because the color texture is rough. To find anything, you should note the color and then start searching it on the same color in the room.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 4

Have you ever seen a girl with two different eye colors? If not, then you will discover it today in Find out Chapter 2 Level 4. The girl is eating delicious chips while your goal is to search for 14 hidden objects. The game takes place in a room which is in mess. Start searching hidden objects from the bottom and ends up at the top. To find a hook, you should investigate a cat at the left-top corner of the room.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 5

Similar to the third level, Find Out Level 5 comes with unique creatures. It seems all characters are inspired by sea creatures; therefore, their mouths are likely to fish. Here, you have to find 12 hidden objects and complete your list to unlock the next level.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 6

Are you ready to find Hidden Objects in a treehouse? The game introduces a beautiful tree house where cute animals are having fun. It could be the longest level of Find out Chapter 2 because you are supposed to find 17 hidden objects from across the treehouse.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 7

A girl wearing a mask is standing forth the beautiful trees and the game is tasked with finding 9 hidden objects. If you feel finding hidden objects a headache process, then leave everything on us as you have made an image with highlighted all objects using red line to make it easy for you to find all objects when playing Find Out Chapter 2 Level 7.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 8

Find Out Chapter 2 Level 8 takes place in a desert where you can see three characters, along with a dog is on an epic adventure to find something rare and valuable. All men are fully loaded with equipment and bags. You should reveal the list of objects and start finding items to unlock the rest of the levels.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 9

Level 9 seems like a toy box of any kid where everything is in mess. Finding anything from a messy room could be the most challenging task, but when you are master at finding objects, then nothing is easier than it. At Find Out Chapter 2 Level 9, you’ve to find 13 hidden objects.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 10

Lots of delicious pastries, cakes, cookies, and cute animals are available on the floor. The floor is filled in a way that there is no space left for a small needle. Now, the game asks you to find out 14 hidden objects that can be smaller than a nail. If you fail to find hidden objects, watch the image attached with Find out Chapter 2 Walkthrough.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 11

Find Out Chapter 2 Level 11 could be a level if the color of every object isn’t green. Now, it becomes a bit completed because everything surrounding the environment is fallen in green. The game tasks you with finding fifteen hidden objects using your puzzle-solving skills.

Find Out Chapter 2 – Level 12

The last level of Find Out Chapter 2 takes place in a jungle where people are enjoying their meal at night. The game introduces a list with fourteen different hidden objects to find, and you can discover all using our Find Out Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide – All Levels Solved.

Find Out Chapter 2 has been completed, if you have any questions, please do contact us via comment section.  

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