Find Out Level 4 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 4 – Piggy’s Weekend

The game welcomes you to the Piggy’s Room, where your goal is to find at least 10 hidden objects using your detective skills. Search the room thoroughly and click the hidden objects to let them disappear from the scene. This time, the game fixes the top-down perspective to explore the room. The first five hidden items are the following: Mobile, Ball, Star, and Chips. Follow the guide to find where the items are hidden:

  • Start finding items by collecting a pen kept near the water bottles on the floor.
  • Visit the rack and collect a hard disk from the 2nd section above the radio and teddy bear.
  • To collect a cap, you must find a way to wake up the pig. Slapping him won’t work; therefore, you should close the pig nose to let him wake up. Afterward, you can easily collect a cap.
  • Collect the ball from the window.
  • Pick up a charger from the bed and connect it with the mobile phone. Collect the phone once it is turned on.
  • Open the drawer of a small cupboard laid near the TV to bring out a cassette. Put the cassette you collected into the Tape Recorder to play the music. After listening to the music, the bird flies away from your window, then you can collect an image.
  • Lift the blanket to collect a sock.
  • On the left side of the bed, there’s a geometry box holding a letter you are searching for pick up.
  • Did you see a crack on the floor? Tap the crack to let the cockroach get into the packet to throw a piece out from it for you to collect.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you find a box holding a puzzle for you to solve. Understand all the shapes and their value to get the answer (130).
  • Enter the code to open the locker kept at the right-bottom corner of the screen to collect a previous item (a cup).
  • Feeling difficulty in finding a star; no worries, it is available behind the curtain.

The third level has been completed. Cheers!

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