Find Out Level 18 Owl Train Walkthrough


Find Out: Find Something and Hidden Objects is continuously introducing new chapters and levels. It has three different modes and each is offering tricky puzzles to solve. The first won’t only ask you with finding hidden objects but also utilize them to solve puzzles. Level 18 takes place on a train where a woman is sitting in her seat when reading a book. Use your detective skills to find out hidden items and solve a mystery to see what has happened there. The train contains a few things like a hanging coat, parrot cage, two briefcases, a table, and more. To complete the level, you have to follow the given steps mentioned in Find out Level 18 Walkthrough.

Find Out Level 18 Walkthrough – Owl Train

Hone your hidden object and puzzle-solving skills to master all levels. The first mode of the game has only one chapter and it contains several levels. Now, we are here with Find Out Level 18 Solution. You are expected to find out more than 10 hidden items in a single level, so here’s a guide for you.

  • Open a drawer to minimize the temperature using a thermometer.
  • Slide the plate to discover a coin and tap on it.
  • In the third step, you must drag the coat to the woman who feels cold.
  • Search out the coat pockets from where you may discover a watch.
  • Tap on a mobile phone kept on a seat and tap on its charging jack to charge its battery. Once the battery gets fully charged, offer the phone to the woman and tap on the book as she keeps it on the sofa.
  • Bring a bag out from under the table and collect a key, along with a cloth that you need to open a briefcase kept above the shelf.
  • Slide the key to the briefcase and open it to discover a photo and a bone after sliding clothes.
  • Bring out a pencil from the table’s drawer and drag it to the briefcase you recently opened. Draw something on the paper to reveal a clue that you need to open another briefcase which is kept on the left side.
  • Enter the shapes you found on a paper to open it and collect a photo.
  • Now, tap on the phone and click on the map. Move the cursor to the next destination and wait until an owl comes and sits on the train’s window.
  • Drag the owl to the cage and tap on it to complete the puzzle.

Find Out Level 18 has been completed, follow the link to learn how to complete Level 19.

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