Find Out Level 16 Barber Shop Walkthrough


Find Out Chapter 1 Level 16 takes you to a barbershop where both barber and a customer are busy at their work. A small kid is watching from out of the window and only a few stuff is available across the environment. Similar to previous levels, you have to find hidden objects listed at the bottom of the screen. More than 10 items are there and finding each one is difficult; therefore, releases the Find Out Level 16 Walkthrough Guide to help you complete the level.

Find Out Level 16 Walkthrough – Barber Shop

In this guide, you will find all solutions of Level 16. A beautiful room awaits you to challenge your hidden object and puzzle-solving skills.

  • A customer is reading a book, while a barber is cutting his hair. Your goal is to change the page of the book to discover an object.
  • Open the drawer to pick up a doll and drag it to the girl. Give the doll to the girl in exchange for a lollipop.
  • Slide the bin cover up and turn your mobile phone upside down to call a robotic cleaner machine. Tap on it to add it to your list.
  • Bring strange glasses out of the barber’s pocket to make him scared. Next to that, the barber will drop both scissors and a comb.
  • Collect the scissors from the floor and add them to your list.
  • Open the first drawer to play a mini-game wherein you have to bring three colorful items in particular positions according to the picture the game shows you. And don’t forget to collect a bottle.
  • There is a fan hanging on a wall. Open its cover to collect a classic phone sticker.
  • Slide up the barber wig and tap on it to collect.
  • In the last step, you have to earn money that is only possible when the barber completes his job. So, you should help the barber by offering a bottle and then a hairdryer from the dressing table.
  • Tap on the cash and add it to your list to unlock the next level.

Find Out Level 16 has been completed, click on the given link will take you to our next guide of Find Out Level 17 Walkthrough.

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