Find Out Level 23 Crazy Lab Walkthrough


The Level 23 of Find Out: Find Somethings and Find Hidden Objects takes place in a laboratory where a mad scientist is working on. It seems the scientist is doing experiments with different chemicals to see what happens next. Lots of items are there and finding specific objects can be a tough job for those players who don’t love playing hidden object games. If you think like a detective then you may find all objects within no time, but the game features story-based puzzles that not only involve you finding hidden objects but also using them to solve tricky puzzles. Therefore, we bring you a Find Out Level 23 Walkthrough Guide.

Find Out Level 23 Walkthrough – Crazy Lab

A crazy scientist awaits you in a lab, while your job is to find out hidden objects without any time pressure.

  • At the very start, you must put the orange and green reagents into the flask that is available in the scientist’s hang.

Note: Hold the bottleneck of the flask and shake your phone to mix the ingredients.

  • Collect the flask from the man’s hand and keep it on your list of items.
  • Drag a frog from the rack to the machine and tap on a wheel fixed above the machine. It turns the frog into a king. Click on the frog to collect it.
  • Below the laser light, there is a bottle cap that you must drag to the bottle and cover before taping on it.
  • Slide an image from near leakage of time and turn the handle off. Tap on the spider to collect it.
  • In the next step, drag the right mirror of the glass and keep it on the microscope. Now, zoom in three to four times to discover an object after taping on the microscope.
  • On the blackboard, a paper is pinned. Tap on the said paper to reveal a flask.
  • Keep tapping the blackboard until you see a lizard.
  • At the final step, you have to click to open the drain and tilt your phone to the left to collect a creature.

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