Find Out Level 24 Art Gallery Walkthrough


Find Out Level 24 takes place in an Art Gallery where many paintings are available to investigate. The game tasks you with finding hidden objects to complete the level. You aren’t allowed to jump to the next level without completing this. Therefore, you should make sure to complete the level with three stars and earn lots of in-game coins. As the level starts, you can see a dog holding a ball in its mouth while a security guard is taking care of the gallery. Here is a Find Out Level 24 Walkthrough.

Find Out Level 24 Walkthrough – Art Gallery

  • Behind a robber, the game features a painting. Slide the painting to discover an apple.
  • A Barbie doll is dancing within a painting. You must offer her a chair to collect her shoes. Note: Chair is available in the next painting.
  • In a painting of a bar, tap the table to call a lady and drag the cigar to the table to burn it. Offer the cigar to the man available in a painting hanging below. Collect a sunflower from his pocket.
  • Drag “Z” from the Barbie doll to the security guard to make him asleep and collect a flashlight.
  • Behind a robber, there is a painting of a bathtub holding a bone. Drag the bone to the dog and collect a ball.
  • After getting both the flashlight and ball, you must tap on the patch on the thief’s bag and shake your device. Doing as I said will help you discover more objects the thief has stolen. Collect a crown that you need to complete your list of items.
  • Tap on a spider that may appear after a while on the left side of your screen.
  • Slide a tile forth the thief and drag the key to the locker to open it. Lift the trapdoor to collect a letter.

Find Out Level 24 has been completed.

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