Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough


We are back with many other Find Out: Find Something and Hidden Objects new chapters’ walkthrough. This time, you will see how to complete Find Out Hidden Object Chapter 8. As might know, the game has four modes and each one has several chapters. Each chapter comes with a variety of levels. The introduction of a beautiful cast of characters is great and the graphics are good. You would love to explore, play, and solve all tricky puzzles if you are new to the game. Click here to find solutions of Find Out Earlier levels. Although all modes are based on hidden object mechanics, the first mode includes some story components, but its hidden object mode is pure and offers you stunning gameplay.

Moreover, the Find Out hidden object mode comes with 9 challenging chapters; the first seven chapters are already covered, while the Find Out Chapter 8 walkthrough is here. In Chapter 8, you will discover a new cast of characters and all puzzles are different, as well as environments. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on your basic hidden object skills, as your goal should be focused on improving them to become a pro.

Find Out (Hidden Object) Walkthrough – Chapter 8

The majority of levels in Chapter 8 take place in marketplaces, storerooms, and grocery stores. The game offers you a list of 10 to 15 items that you must find using your sharp eyesight and smart brain. Finding Hidden Objects isn’t an easy task because the developers have hidden them smartly and look like a part of the object wherein items are kept. So, you should be smart enough to discover all hidden objects timely, though there is no time pressure, the star rating system is implemented. To discover all items, follow a guide below:

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 1

The first level takes you to a shop where a boy is trying to take a selfie. You don’t need to help out the boy completing the task he is trying to do as your ultimate goal is to discover hidden objects by exploring the shop and bring them to your list to win. All hidden objects are highlighted in the image given below.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 2

In the second level, the game takes place in a coffee shop where you are supposed to discover up to 11 hidden objects. Finding each one isn’t possible within a few minutes because developers have set them in a way to trick your mind. If you have failed to find out all objects, see the image given below.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 3

Welcome to a repairing shop where customers come with broken objects to repair. A man is sitting on the floor repairing a tablet it seems and you have to discover up to 9 hidden objects at any cost to get promoted to the next and the last Find Out chapter.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 4

This time, the game takes you to a boy’s room who is eating food while watching something on his laptop. The room is full of mess and your ultimate goal is to find out 11 hidden objects at any cost. A list of items is available below on your screen and you can find out objects from the scene. Here we suggest you discover the color of any object available in the list and detect the same color in the scene to easily discover the object.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 5

Once again, the game takes you to a food stall to find 15 hidden object items. You can’t discover all objects at one location, as you have to find them in different places. The first four objects are hidden smartly at the right side of the screen before the pillar of the stall.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 6

Finding hidden objects won’t be an easy task when it comes to a fish equilibrium. In level 8, you have to discover 14 different objects that are hidden smartly. As we suggest you above to start finding objects keeping their colors in mind. If you are feeling any difficulty finding objects, see the image given below as there are all objects are highlighted using red circles.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 7

Again, you are in a new grocery store where you may discover a man, who is counting available stock. Here, the game asks you to find out fifteen hidden objects without any time pressure. Although you can use a hint system to highlight the difficult object, it will either cost you real money or you have to watch a video ad. Explore all racks and find out objects to unlock the next level.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 8

Level 8 of Chapter 8 takes place in a marketplace where a music band is amusing people with their singing and music skills. The game features a list of objects that you must find at any cost to unlock level 9. Finding all items may be tough for anyone; therefore, we have highlighted all objects for you to easily discover all items.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 9

Surely, you wouldn’t have seen a room in a mess like this. Everything has been thrown randomly in the room and you are hired to find out fifteen hidden objects. Here you don’t need to open any drawer as all objects are available ahead of you. Investigate each object clearly because the possibility of having an object within an object is high.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 10

A lady is sitting in front of a computer wearing a mask. You have to discover thirteen different hidden objects to unlock level 11. Start finding objects from the backside of the chair, as well as on the chair you may find over five objects.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 11

Like Level 10, the game takes you to a room that is also in a mess. This time, there is a girl who is brushing her teeth, while a cat is playing with her. Hone your detective skills and embark on a journey to discover thirteen different objects hidden smartly within the room. You don’t need to interact with any objects like open drawers to find something or search in a bucket. Everything is available in front of you, you just need to do a bit of concentration on objects.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 12

As the level 12 unlocks that required the completion of level 11, you may discover yourself standing in front of a sweet shop. Lots of delicious sweets are there, but you are not here to eat. Start investigating items and complete a list of objects that features at the bottom of your screen to discover.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 13

A cute girl is reading a book while sitting near the window to enjoy nature. Surrounding her lots of toys and many other objects are available. Your goal is to search for thirteen hidden objects for the completion of the level. As you complete all objects, the game unlocks the next stage for you to explore.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 14

It seems level 14 is set in any museum because a huge skeleton of any rare creature is hanging over there. Following your footsteps in previous stages, you are supposed to discover up to 12 hidden objects and unlock the last level of Find out Chapter 8.

Find Out Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Level 15

Are you ready to discover a beautiful scene of the sea? Several sea species are there and you are here intending to find 12 hidden objects. Finding even a single object could be difficult because all items are hidden in a smart way that even a smart man can’t find it. But you don’t need to worry as we have featured an image below with all hidden objects.

Chapter 8 of Find Out Hidden Object mode has been completed.

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