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Hidden Object is a subgenre of Puzzle, offering impressive gameplay where your goal is to find hidden objects either from an image or the 3D environment. Some Hidden Object games are loaded with a time limit while some come with a penalty system that detects your points or stops the game for a while upon finding you tapping the screen randomly. Similarly, Find Out is a Hidden Object video game that releases three exciting modes, including Brain Out, Hidden Objects, and Finds Differences. We’ve almost completed Find Out Story-based Puzzles that have almost thirty-five levels, now releasing Walkthroughs of Find Out Hidden Object Chapters; each chapter includes 12 challenging levels.

To read Find out Chapter 3 Walkthrough, click on the following link. In this guide, you will discover hidden objects available at all levels to complete. Did you know? You can’t jump to the next level until you complete the first; therefore, we are here to help you accomplish all levels so other chapters get unlocked.

Find Out Walkthrough

First of all playing hidden object games aren’t easy as everyone considers because it requires eagle eyesight, a sharp mind, and detective skills. Some players who love playing Hidden Object video games can solve all puzzles without any help, but some aren’t good at finding hidden items; therefore, they need a guide to solve all puzzles. To learn how to complete Find Out Chapter 3 All Levels, read the guide given below.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 1

It is the first chapter of Find Out Chapter 4, introducing some robotic toys to find approximately thirteen hidden objects. All items are highlighted using red circles and tapping on the circles may help you solve puzzles and complete a list of items given below.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 2

There is a beautiful image holding unique creatures. It comes with fourteen hidden objects that you have to find out at any time pressure. The game introduces a star-rewarding system and your performance will determine the number of stars you receive at the end. Once you find all items, the game will move you to the next one.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 3

Lots of objects whom you aren’t familiar are available in Find Out Chapter 4 Level 3. A girl is sitting on a couch while a cat is having rest around her neck. Some whales are flying outside the window and you are tasked with finding thirteen hidden objects. Objects are pretty small that finding each could be a headache for you.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 4

The image of Find Out Chapter 4 is a bit strange because of displaying a girl in a trolley while a cat is dragging it. A list of 12 hidden objects is given to you below, follow the list and start finding objects. If you feel difficult to find objects, see the image to discover where objects are kept.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 5

Level 5 is set in a plant shop where the game has hidden fifteen objects. Finding each one isn’t easy because the items are too small and difficult to find. Some items are the following: Candle, Leaf, Flag, and more.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 6

Lots of toys are available in Level 6 and finding 12 hidden objects are your ultimate goal. There is a list featured at the bottom of your screen holding 12 items that you must find. See the image below and tap on the targeted areas to discover the objects.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 7

Level 7 is divided into two sections. In short, if we say that there is a double-story home won’t be wrong. You are tasked with finding thirteen hidden objects for whom eight items are available on the second floor, while the rest of the items are hidden below. All items are highlighted using red circles. So keep tapping on the targeted areas that may help you collect items.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 8

Lots of strange creatures are enjoying their ride, but you have to discover fourteen different items to unlock the next level. Follow the image featured in Find Out Chapter 4 Level 8 Walkthrough to find all items.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 9

Instead of giving you a chance to win cool prizes, the game displays an image where a character is trying to grab some freebies using a coin machine. A girl is stuck inside the machine and needs your help to come out. Here you aren’t supposed to help the girl, but to find out hidden objects is your primary goal.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 10

Once again, the game takes you to a playland where lots of cute characters are available at a BBQ restaurant. Start your struggle to discover thirteen hidden objects to unlock the last two levels of Find Out Chapter 4.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 11

To be honest, developers did a great job when it comes to hiding objects. Seriously, finding hidden objects isn’t easy as it seems because objects are small and hidden within an item. Therefore, many times people get confused despite locking the area with the possibility of having the targeted items.

Find Out Chapter 4 – Level 12

Searching hidden objects in Find Out Chapter 4 Level 12 could be challenging because the game doesn’t feature too many objects and items. The image reveals some citizens standing forth a vehicle, while a cop is investigating them. Apart from that, the game tasks you with finding fourteen objects that are already highlighted in the image given below.

Find Out Chapter 4 has been completed, click here to learn how to solve Chapter 5.

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