Find Out Level 17 Zombie Hospital Walkthrough


You are trapped in a room where a bloodthirsty zombie has been tied with a patient bed. You don’t any other option, except for finding hidden objects and get rid of the problem. Lots of stuff are available and finding items may be difficult for those players who are new to the Find Out video game. Therefore, we jump in to help you complete all puzzles by offering solutions and All Levels Walkthroughs. There are several playable levels available, as the game has more than three game modes; each one holds a series of puzzles to complete. Read our Find Out Level 17 Walkthrough to see where items are hidden.

Find Out Level 17 Walkthrough – Zombie Hospital

Thankfully, a zombie is tied tightly with a patient bed and there is no time pressure. You can take as much time as you need to find the said items.

  • Open the drawer available below a PC to discover a doctor stethoscope.
  • Click on the PC and enter the code (2943) to collect an arrow.
  • On the main table, there a box with yellow paper. Click on it to play a mini-game wherein your goal is to rotate all rings to complete the image.
  • As you complete the puzzle of the box, a puppet will come out of the box that you must drag to your list.
  • Open the PC and turn on the window button. Slide the cover of the window up to collect a sunflower from there, you need to be careful because lots of zombies are there out the window.
  • Tap on the bag the doctor has to open it and drag the key to the locker of a small cupboard. Open it to collect an injection that you can use to send the zombie into a deep sleep for a while.
  • As the zombie gets asleep, it will drop a bone, and then you must drag a spring under the bed of the zombie to throw it out from the window.
  • Collect a bone from under the bed and move toward the locker dropped on the floor. Open its door to collect a letter.
  • Near the air conditioner, the game places a digit 6, but you need 9. The problem may get solved after turning your device upside down.
  • Collect a pillow from the patient’s bed where once a zombie was taking a rest.

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