Find Out Level 3 Walkthrough

Find Out Walkthrough Level 3 – Otaku Girl’s Room

To unlock the next level you need to collect the required amount of stars. The more stars you earn the faster you play the game. Explore the environment to interact with the scene and start solving puzzles to find the hidden items. After completing the office puzzle, the game takes you to Otaku Girl’s Room where you discover dozens of items, along with a list of hidden objects you are here to find out. A total of 10 hidden items are featured by the game for you to reveal from the scene. As you enter the room, you find a girl is taking a nap. Let’s start finding objects:

  • Near the girl’s pillow, you can find a cup of tea.
  • There’s a cat holding fish below it, you have to grab the fish at any cost. Tapping the cat won’t work; therefore, clicking the clock will scare the cat and you can easily collect a fish.
  • On the right side of the cat, you find a piece of cake.
  • A few steps before the cupboard, you can see a pair of pants and a shirt. Keep the clothes aside to collect a face emoji.
  • To find a lollipop you must search the pockets of the woman’s trouser and bring the lollipop the doll sitting in the wardrobe. Before collecting, you have to dress her up beautiful cloth hanging in the left part of the cupboard and find a key at the bottom of the cupboard. Use the key to open the last drawer of the wardrobe and collect a clip for the girl sitting above. Set the clip on the doll’s hair and add it to your inventory.
  • Visit the right door of the cupboard and remove all stickers from there to reach the end and pick up the last sticker.
  • Moving a few steps in the right side from the wardrobe will help you find a knife that you can collect to blast the balloon near the cupboard. The balloon drops a flower that you’ve to collect.
  • Turn on the lamp available near the dressing table to see a heart on the wall. Tap on the wall to add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a lipstick from the drawer of the dressing table and draw something on the mirror to reveal the girl’s image.
  • Near the wardrobe, you may discover a packet of chips. Open it to collect a piece for your inventory.

Following all steps mentioned above will help you complete the third level of the Find Out video game.

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