Find Out Level 20 Wonderland Walkthrough


Welcome to a wonderland, a beautiful place where you meet be friendly creatures and a boy among them. Your ultimate goal is the same as the previous levels – find out hidden objects and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles. When playing the game, you have an opportunity to hone your puzzle-solving skills and have fun when searching for objects.

Like other Hidden Object games, you can’t find the objects easily, you have to use resources like items to figure out the object you are looking for. Like if an item is available within a briefcase, then firstly you have to find its key to open the briefcase. Therefore, we jump in to help you with our Find Out Level 20 Walkthrough Guide.

 Find Out Level 20 Walkthrough – Wonderland

You are in a beautiful jungle-themed environment where lots of items were kept by developers and a list is featured at the bottom of your screen to search out hidden objects. Follow the given steps to find all items one by one and solve the puzzle.

  • Firstly, you must offer banana to the monkey and collect a cap the monkey drops.
  • Tap on the mobile the boy has and zoom in on the picture to collect an insect.
  • For the third item, you must slide the cover of a wooden drum in the lower right corner and then turn your mobile phone upside down. Doing as I said will help you collect another object.
  • Next to that, ring the bell to open the shop and drag a mushroom to the shopkeeper in exchange for a bottle.
  • There is a massive card on the left side that you must slide to the right and then tap on it to collect.
  • Amidst the area, the game features a small ruined cup that you must tap two to three times to discover a clock.
  • Now, you need a spoon which is in the hand of a cute animal. Tap on that animal and wait until it creates a bubble. Stretch the bubble to make it bigger and stuck the animal in it. Tap on the spoon and add it to your list.
  • Behind the shop, there is a massive teapot. Keeping your finger on its nozzle will help you find the last object you need to complete the level.

Find Out Level 20 has been completed, click here to read the Next Level Guide.

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