Find Out Level 22 Zombie War Walkthrough


As the Find Out Level 22 starts, you find yourself standing in a ruined garden. Your ultimate goal is to help out a farmer to win a war against zombies. The farmer has grown garlic on his land and now looking for someone’s help. Similar to previous levels, your goal is to find out over 10 hidden objects to complete the list the game offers you at the bottom of the screen.

Both the graphics and the soundtracks are awesome and may keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Hone your detective skills to become a master because without detective skills you can’t find out even a single item. Tapping the screen randomly isn’t allowed, though you can use a hint system to highlight the object you are feeling difficult to find. We are here with Find Out Level 22 Walkthrough that helps you find all hidden items within no time.

Find Out Level 22 Walkthrough – Zombie War

As mentioned above, the scene is a bit creepy and may become horrific at night. Let’s start finding hidden objects together.

  • Ring the bell to collect a yellow electricity sign.
  • Slide a leaf from bushes to reveal an inset that will attract a bird toward it. The bird flies leave a feather that you need.
  • Hold the chicken and slide the sun on the left side to bring a moon to the sky.
  • As the night falls, you should ring the bell to bring a zombie out of the grave.
  • After watching the zombie, the cock speaks and its sound disturbs the zombie who later falls leaving his leg broken as you shake your phone. Tap on the leg to collect it.
  • After getting the leg bone, you must drag the mouse tail in the eye socket to collect a rat, and don’t forget to tap on the nameplate.
  • There is a tree on the right side where you can see a rabbit shadow hanging with it. Slide the half rabbit shadow and leave it to the next tree to make it complete and tap on it.
  • Slide the moon to bring the sun to the sky. The farmer dies upon watching the zombie and you can tap on his soul to add it to your list.
  • To find the last hidden object, you have to keep changing the day into night and the night into the day until the flower blossom.

Find Out Level 22 has been completed, follow the given to read our Find Out Level 23 Walkthrough.

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