BitLife – Life Simulator Walkthrough


Have you ever imagined experiencing a second life with the option of making your career as per your dreams? Of course, there would be no one who would not want to make their dreams come true. Therefore, Candywriter, LLC presents Bitlife: Life Simulation for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game in itself is fun and brings thousands of exciting questions to ask in return for a better future and lots of delicious deals. In the game, each question does matter and will lead you to the end accordingly. Therefore, you should make choices carefully to become a model citizen before you die.

Moreover, you can marry your love to have beautiful babies, and pick up the best courses for you and your babies along the way. Apart from having a good life, you can make bad choices that horrify your parents. Whether you love enjoying a decent and peaceful life or want to be a criminal, the game has covered all possible options that could be existed in real-life. Therefore, don’t hesitate when making choices to see the consequences. Start your 2nd beautiful life with nothing, even not a single penny, and build your future by attending schools, colleges, universities, and doing your dream job. We’ve covered all prominent features in BitLife: Life Simulation Walkthrough Guide.

BitLife Review – Become Whatever You Want

Firstly, you should keep in mind that all events, characters, and environments are fictional and randomly generated. Any likeness to real people or any event is coincidental according to developers. Secondly, it could be a good teacher for kids and players of all ages to know what is right and wrong for them. Dozens of professions are implemented, and the game takes you through a complete cycle of life thoroughly to discover dozens of unbelievable secrets and facts. Many players praised the gameplay, including me; because it seems a perfect platform to fulfill your dreams virtually whether the game does not impact your real-life.

At the start, the game randomly gives you a name and creates a fictional family, including siblings. Besides that, you are supposed to tap on the age button to grow up your character. Your ultimate goal is to make choices throughout the game, interact with other characters, make new friends, and deal with lots of challenges without getting help from others.

Every choice affects the bars at the bottom of the screen, and your task is to keep them max up. To avoid being sick, you should manage a timetable of your activities like gym, reading books at the library, and meditating. It has only a Single-player mode where the player sees different stages of life and ends the journey at the death of the fictional character. During the game, both star signs and health bars decide what type of death needs to happen with the character.

Moreover, I enjoyed making the relationship with other players and found all features excellent. You can’t achieve all victories at all, because to obtain each one, you should do proper planning and make decisions appropriately. Although the game is fun to play, it teaches you how to tackle the situations in real life either.

BitLife Walkthrough

Although the game doesn’t involve you fighting against enemies and vicious monsters, still it is the most challenging game because of its challenging questions you have to answer at any cost. Therefore, we jump in to help you decide your fate by making the perfect choices and leading your character to the end of life after achieving everything you are dreaming. The article contains the following BitLife Guides, such as:

  • Ribbons Guides
  • Career/Job Guides
  • Mini-Game Guides
  • Guides of Making Money in BitLife
  • Prominent Feature Guides
  • Unlockable Achievement Guides

How to Start?

As the game starts, you have an option to start a new life or go with a randomly created character. To start a new life, you should tap on the burger icon at the left-top-corner of the screen. Once you get into the menu, select “New Life” and confirm “Yes”. Next to that, the game displays you a pop-up containing several options like Start the randomly created character’s life or go with your own character.

Tap on the 2nd option to give your character a name, select the gender, choose the territory, and decide the place to born. Other premium options that let you select your appearance and attributes are locked.  The game features up to 138 achievements and up to 146 careers. Dozens of schools and colleges in the selected territories are available to join, and the game gives you dozens of chances to become a billionaire.

It doesn’t matter whether you love to be a doctor or a lawyer, the game is designed to have fun and see how life reacts according to your age and skills. If you’re confused about what career would be great for your character or you have custom requirements for your virtual avatar, then BitLife Walkthrough Guide helps you achieve all goals of your life.

Age 1

Upon tapping the green-colored button, your character becomes one-year-old. The game won’t ask you any questions at first, because a newborn baby isn’t able to answer the question. Therefore, relax and tap once again.

Age 2

The time for vaccination has come. Your mother intends to take you to the doctor’s office for vaccination. The question is about how will behave upon finding your mother to take you to the doctor. The available options are the following:

  • Try to stay calm
  • Bite Her
  • Throw a conniption fit

Selecting the first option will add plus points to all bars. Therefore, choose the first to keep all bars green.

Age 3

The delicious question is on your screen in regards to your favorite fast food. The moment has come to decide which your favorite restaurant from available is, although you can dislike the fast-food.

  • Pizza Hut
  • I don’t like fast-food
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC

I think you should choose “McDonald’s” as your favorite place to visit whenever your parents take you out for dinner.

Age 4

After becoming 4-year-old, you come to know that your parents just had a baby boy, your new brother.

Age 5

At the age of 5, your character is going to start a primary school in the selected location to learn how to read and write. Upon joining, you receive a friend request from your classmate, who wants to become your friend. The game displays three bars, such as Looks, Smarts, and Craziness for each character, and leaves everything on you whether to accept the friend proposal or not.

Age 6

In the game, you have a beautiful pet, a kitty who ate food from your plate without being noticed. How would you behave after knowing? I think you should let your kitty go without yelling at it. Having honest and polite behavior may add plus points to your bars.

Age 7

A test has been conducted by your teacher right before the final exam. During the test, you find your classes steal the answer key book of your teacher and pass it around the classroom for everyone to copy answers. At that time, what action would you like to take from the following?

  • Ignore her antics
  • Report her to Principal
  • Attack Her
  • Laugh At her

Every student who doesn’t like being called themselves cheaters would report the antics of a classmate to the principal.

Note: During your childhood, you can ask for your presents for money. Both may give you a few chunks of money.

When playing the game, you should manage all of your relationships beautifully and try to keep everyone happy whom you love. It doesn’t whether the opposing person loves you or hates you. Tap on the “Relationship” to discover who is in your inventory. Upon getting into the page, you discover your relatives along with a fixed bar displaying how your relationship with the chosen person is. You should keep all bars green by giving gifts, have a conversation, give money, ask for watching a movie, and more. You are also allowed to edit the profile, but extra additional features are only possible in god mode that cost you $2.99 to be unlocked.

Age 8

After getting 8-year-old, you find your classmate keeps hiding your clothes when he finds you taking shower during the gym class. Your goal is to select one of three choices, such as:

  • Do nothing about it
  • Report him to the principal
  • Attack him

Attacking anyone isn’t a good thing, whenever you have an option of reporting a file to the principal. It will add plus points to your bars, and help you grow your personality.

Besides tapping the age button, you have dozens of fun-filled activities to participate in and grow your personality. Like you can read books, practice a martial art for self-defense, and go for a walk to keep your mind and body healthy.

Martial Arts

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Kung Fu
  • Taekwondo

During the game, you need to keep your relationship with your teachers good; otherwise, their bars will turn red.

Age 9

In the class, you find your classmate rigging up your teacher, so SZA videos will start to play as she tries to use it. At that moment, what would be your action from the following actions?

  • Rumble with her
  • Report her to the principal
  • Ignore her antics
  • Laugh at her

Reporting the girl antics to the principal would be a good option and will add plus points to your bars for being a good student in the classroom.

Age 10

The next question the game will ask is about the bully. What will do you after finding one of your classmates asking you stupid on daily basis? Options are the following:

  • Scuffle with him
  • Report him to the principal
  • Do nothing about it

Every time reporting your classmates to the principal isn’t good and they may leave you alone because of your rude behavior. Therefore, you should go with the third option “Do Nothing about it.”

Age 11

Now, you’re 11-year-old and the game asks you a question about the love interest. Recently, your classmate has asked you to go out with her. You have two possible options, such as:

  • Start going out with her
  • Reject her

The bar meters are showing max green powers, and it seems you should accept her proposal of going out to have some fun.

Age 12

At the age of 12, you discover a bad habit of scratching the crotch and sniffing the fingers has been developed. It would help if you find something to get rid of the bad habit.

Age 13

Welcome to the secondary school where you are at level 5 and have to discover a lot of new things, participate in fun-filled activities, and make new friends. The moment has come when you are allowed to participate in an extracurricular activity. Upon getting asked, what would be your reaction?

  • See what my school offers
  • I’m not interested in that

Extracurricular activities are vital during the school days you should participate in to keep your body and mind healthy. Your school is offering the following activities, such as:

  • Animal Right Club
  • Badminton Team
  • Basketball Team
  • Cancer Awareness Club
  • Chess Club
  • Cricket Team
  • Cross Country Team
  • Drama Club
  • Golf Team
  • Math Club
  • Pottery Club
  • Rugby Team
  • Science Club
  • Sewing Club
  • Soccer Team
  • Speech and Debate
  • Student Council
  • And more

Choose your activity to participate in carefully, because some activities required at least 4 hours a day to spend to be the master. Therefore, you should be careful and select after watching your timetable. I would suggest you go with physical sports like cricket, football, and golf after watching their statistics.

Age 14

Your girl has fed up with you after three years of a relationship. Aspen wants to break up with, and the game intends to know your reaction from the following:

  • Wish her well
  • Beg her to stay
  • Insult her one last time
  • Lunge at her

Stopping anyone who decides to break up with you is useless. Therefore, you should let the person go with your good wishes, although the decision may deplete the bars.

Age 15

Do you wish to have your driving license? Conduct a test, pass, and take you’re driving license to drive any of your favorite vehicles without any hassle.

Ribbons Guides – BitLife

In the game, the player is rewarded with a Ribbon based on actions he made throughout his life. BitLife brings thousands of possibilities and actions you can choose to perform to see the consequences. All decisions you make will impact your life and will decide how would be your life is like. Both a Ribbon and a grave will appear on your screen upon happening an inevitable death, revealing the statistics of your life. Next to that, you find a Ribbon on the grave, revealing the life you have enjoyed within a few words. Over 40 different Ribbons are available that you may collect, and claiming the first one will unlock the Ribbon collection for you.

Besides the regular Ribbons, the game features four secrets. Keep in mind that their emoji and names won’t be displayed until you unlock them; however, their descriptions are available. Earlier the game has only 11 Ribbons; later the game has added many more. The prominent Ribbons are the following:

  • Academic
  • Fertile
  • Hero
  • Lazy
  • Loaded
  • Lustful
  • Mediocre
  • Rich
  • Scandalous
  • Unlucky
  • Wasteful

Other Ribbons are also available to claim, and the majority of players aren’t familiar with those; therefore, we bring you BitLife Ribbons Guides to see what they are and how they are awarded to you.

Academic Ribbon – How to get it?

In case you’re willing to get an Academic Ribbon, then you should complete a postgraduate education. Achieving an Academic Ribbon isn’t a difficult task, as it can be done by merely completing the said degree. The thing you have to keep in mind is to focus on your school and struggle to learn a lot of things. The yellow-colored Academic Ribbon comes with brain emoji. Once you complete the procedure, it will be added to your character’s grave. Follow the steps mentioned in BitLife Ribbon Guides to have it:

  • Join the school and study hard as much as possible every year
  • Upon reaching the age of 6, start reading books and join the library after approaching the age of 12. Reading books will improve your smartness and brainpower.
  • Next to that, you are supposed to attend university while keeping the focus of your character on studying harder than average.
  • Enroll your character in Graduate School or search for higher education after having a degree of graduate.
  • Find a job related to schools like a principal and a teacher to achieve victory.


Note: You should keep in mind that the Academic Ribbon Badge will only award you if the intelligence of your character is high upon birth time. Otherwise, you should work hard to keep the intelligence stats high.

Addict Ribbon

Having an addiction to something isn’t a rare thing, as it could happen more quickly than in real-life in BitLife. You can make yourself addict to anything like the casino, horse racing, and dozens of other things available in the BitLife. Achieving the Ribbon of Addict isn’t as easy as the Academic; therefore, you are supposed to work hard your way to complete the goals.


In this Ribbon Guide, will explain how to get the Addict Ribbon. In case you’re searching for something else related to BitLife, check out the page of BitLife Walkthrough Guide.

Follow the given Steps to get Addict Ribbon

Firstly, the color of the Addict Ribbon is light pink, and it comes with a pill emoji. Secondly, we covered all possible ways to get the said Ribbon in BitLife for you to have it. It comes with medium difficulty and requires to die with two addictions at least.

  • Visit the casino and horse racetrack to ensure your lifetime winnings are less than 1m.
  • Don’t refuse to take drugs when someone offers you.
  • You’re not supposed to visit the rehabilitation center if you are suffering from an addiction.
  • To become eligible for the Ribbon, you have to die with at least two addictions.

Barbie Girl

For sure, different types of males are willing to experience the life of females to see what kind of difficulties they face off. Being a woman isn’t a bad thing, because nowadays, women are stronger than men. Let me clear achieving the Ribbon of Barbie Girl isn’t a cup of cakes, because you have to go under many knives. In short, several surgeries will be performed on you. The female gender is the first requirement of the Barbie Girl Ribbon. Start your life as female gender and go through surgeries to complete the requirements. For those players who are searching for ways to get Barbie Girl Ribbon, we have introduced a Barbie Girl Ribbon Guide.

In BitLife, how to get Barbie Doll Ribbon?

The Ribbon is available in light pink color with a doll emoji. You have to take birth as a female or transgender female to get the Barbie Doll Ribbon in BitLife. Here’s a procedure to get the Ribbon:

We suggest you select a low-profile but go with a decent-paying career to afford the bills of plastic surgeries. Suppose you want to get a Barbie Doll Ribbon. In that case, we suggest you not select the following careers, such as Singer and actor or any other careers in the said industry, to prevent yourself from getting the following ribbons:

  • Academic
  • Famous
  • Influencer
  • Rich
  • Loaded

Having botched plastic surgery won’t help you get the Ribbon. Therefore, you should spend extra bucks on hiring a highly professional surgeon. In case you born as a male, then you need to get Gender Reassignment Surgery. Next to that, schedule your surgeries as a transgender female and become eligible for the Ribbon.

Cat Lady

Everyone loves kitties and wants to adopt them to take care of them. If you are a cat lover, then you should want a Cat Lady Ribbon hanging on the grave of your character when he/she dies. The Ribbon requires to take birth as a female or transgender female. The difficulty level varies depending on the decisions you make throughout the game.

How to get Cat Lady?

The Crème Ribbon comes with a kitty emoji on it and serves as one of the most comfortable ribbons to achieve. Here’s a procedure mentioned in Ribbon Guide, you follow to get the Cat Lady Ribbon.

  • Adopt as many kitties as possible
  • Spend your time with your buddies
  • Adapt at least thirty cats throughout your life
  • Don’t forget to grab five pets of other species

Upon having no house, you can’t keep more than three kitties simultaneously. Non-Bitizen players can’t obtain the Cat Lady Ribbon.


As of the latest update, BitLife has up to 40 Ribbons to offer its users. Those players aren’t familiar with Ribbons, let me confirm that it’s is a piece of words written on a ribbon to describe what type of life you have enjoyed. The game features some ribbons to celebrate the success of your character upon dying. Achieving Ribbons isn’t an easy task; you have to complete all the requirements and follow the specific paths. Therefore, we jump in to help you achieve the Ribbon you love by offering BitLife Walkthrough Ribbon Guide.

What is Cunning Ribbon?

The Ribbon celebrates your successful escape from prison. It means you need to be a criminal, commit any crime, and go to jail first. Secondly, you should make a plan for your prison escape without getting caught by security guards and other authorities. The requirements come with medium difficulty, and upon completing the tasks, the game will reward you with a blue and pink-colored striped Ribbon with masks emoji.

How to Get Cunning Ribbon?

  • To get into jail, you need to commit a crime. The game gives you endless opportunities to rob banks, kill someone, and loot others.
  • Escaping from jail isn’t an easy task. It would help if you solved a hard-maze puzzle; meanwhile, getting a sex-change surgery. Keep in mind that lots of money are required for the surgery; otherwise, it will get botched.
  • After a successful escape, you should fly to a foreign country to avoid authorities getting caught you.

Deadly Ribbon

As you know, BitLife comes with 40 brilliant ribbons to award you one of them depending on your performance and the way you used to spend your life. In short, each Ribbon is designed to celebrate a unique lifestyle choice. In the game, whether you spent your life becoming a billionaire or a life where you did lots of good deeds, there’s a special ribbon for you to grab. However, the game features dozens of ways to commit the crime, in most cases the result in failure. Therefore, the Ribbon Guide will help you find the best way to murder to achieve a Deadly Ribbon.

How to Get Deadly Ribbon in BitLife?

Firstly, you’ve to know that the game requires you to commit several murders to award you the said Ribbon. Secondly, committing murders isn’t easy, because you will be caught quickly if you’re not professional. During the game, you can use a variety of weapons, including both ranged and long-ranged weapons. Be professional in your work, if you want to be called yourself deadly. Follow the given instructions to be deadly.

  • You have to kill at least five innocent people to get the Deadly Ribbon.
  • Upon getting caught, the police send you to jail. You have a chance to escape if you find that you didn’t kill five people. The game offers you a maze puzzle to solve and escape the prison once a year.
  • Feeling challenging to kill others, then we suggest you hire a Hitman to kill people for you.

Note: If you are looking for the easiest way to kill multiple people at once, then you need a car that can be used to kill a random person on the roads. Without a driving license, you can’t take advantage of the said method.

Family Guy

To achieve the Family Guy ribbon, you have to be honest and a loving father as well. Becoming a good guy isn’t a big deal, while becoming a loving may be pretty tricky. To become a loving father, you have to keep all bars of your kids to their max and keep your kids happy. The game represents the Ribbon in a bright orange color holding an emoji of a father with kids. There are a few requirements that you should keep in mind if you want to get a Family Guy Ribbon.

How to get Family Guy Ribbon?

The first requirement to be a loving father; secondly, you need to be honest and do marry the girl you date first. Before starting the game, you must select your gender as male if you are playing as a premium player; otherwise, the game requires you to be born as a male or transgender male character.

  • The player with a wife and two kids will consider eligible for the Ribbon
  • Having 2nd wife won’t let you claim the Ribbon
  • It is compulsory to spend time with your kids and attempt to keep your Karma high by giving cash to your family members; meanwhile, fulfilling their basic needs.
  • Avoid being sending to jail
  • You’re not supposed to leave any kid or pet helpless
  • Avoid making too many babies
  • The game features a “Spend Time with All,” that you need to hit a few times while watching ads if you’re not a premium member.

Famous Ribbon

For sure, everyone wants to become famous in their lives. No doubt, you can quickly achieve fame by choosing the following careers, such as Influencer, Actor, Singer, Internet Performance, Prankster, and other careers related to the same industry. You could be a journalist, and other dozens of professions are available to choose from and to get fame. It seems the difficulty level of achieving Famous Ribbon is hard. The Ribbon is available in gold starry color and comes with a camera emoji.

How to get a Famous Ribbon?

Without any doubt, you must have good looks and a fantastic personality if you want to get Famous Ribbons. In case you’re not handsome, you should plan to have some surgeries which will cost you a lot of money.

  • After having all the required things, sign up for social media accounts, and post regularly to interact with your fans. We suggest you not make lots of posting, as it helps you achieve the Influencer Ribbon instead of Famous Ribbon.

If you aren’t happy with the method mentioned above, then here’s another way to get the Ribbon. Follow the instructions mentioned in BitLife Walkthrough Ribbon Guide.

  • Get hired in any company as a voice-over artist or a porn actor
  • Keep yourself on the way to promotion by showing your potential and hard work to your bosses. Upon getting promoted to a lead role, the chances of becoming a superstar increase, and soon you will be a movie star.
  • Keep yourself maintained and handsome by going to the gym. Visit the doctor to schedule your plastic surgery, if you find your looks are below 80%.


It is a green-colored ribbon that is represented with a baby bottle emoji. If you want to end up the game having the said ribbon then you should follow the given steps mentioned in Bitlife Ribbon Guide. Before starting you should keep in mind that adopting a lot of children is compulsory. You aren’t only limited to have a lot of child through adoption, as pregnancy of your partner or you if you are playing as a female and sperm donation.

How to get Fertile Ribbon?

As mentioned above, try to have as many babies as possible following the way, including adoption, pregnancy, and sperm donation. The thing you have to follow is that the number of kids will be multiplied by two, additionally, the number of your grandkids needs to be over 15. Therefore, having 10 children in one may help you get the Fabulous Fertile achievements.


Achieving the Gorgeous Ribbon is somehow easy because it comes with a medium difficulty level. It is yellow and represents a gift emoji on the ribbon.

How to get a Gorgeous Ribbon?

As you know giving gifts to family members and friends makes your relationship strong like never before. So, Gorgeous Ribbon is revolving around how many gifts you gave to your friend and what were their reaction upon the time they receive them.

  • When playing the game, you are supposed to give gifts to your family, friends, and other relationships.
  • The number of gifts shouldn’t be less than 30 every year.
  • Appreciation of the person does matter and counts by the game.
  • You don’t need to get into arguments anytime.


If you are looking for a way to grab a Geriatric ribbon, then you should know about its appearance first. The ribbon is silver in color and represents an infinite emoji. You would be surprised to know that it is considering one of the toughest ribbons to obtain in BitLife. To unlock/achieve the ribbon, you have to live 120 years or above.

How to get Geriatric Ribbon?

It comes with an extreme difficulty level and is considered hard to achieve. You should spend a life of more than 120 years in the game, which is in itself isn’t an easy task. Next, you should follow the given steps to enjoy a healthy life to live longer:

  • Upon finding your character sick or suffering from any disease, you should visit the doctor immediately.
  • Keep both happiness and health meters high to enjoy a long life. It is only achievable by heading to the gym and meditating.
  • Go on vacation after finding yourself sad.

 Note: Before hitting the “Age” button, you should ensure two times the health meter is at its peak, I mean 100%.

Globetrotter – How to get it?

Millions of players from all over the world are enjoying their virtual life in BitLife. They start with nothing but have an opportunity to die along with his favorite Ribbon, representing the way you live your life. The difficulty level of Globetrotter is really tough, and it is a white ribbon that comes with an Earth Emoji. As it implies, the ribbon sounds like that. You should keep in mind that ribbon isn’t easy to get, because you need to visit dozens of locations and enjoy several vacations in as many nations as possible. Throughout your life, you need to visit 20 different countries at least to gran the ribbon when you die.

Note: The game sets tough requirements for those players who dream to achieve it. The first condition is to die with a high net worth, but you should keep balance because having a lot of wealth may reward you with Rick ribbon apart.

Gold Digger

The shortcut way to become rich is to marry with a rich personality. It is hard to achieve because finding a rich girl isn’t an easy task if you are playing as a male. The color of the ribbon is dark green, and it represents with a pickaxe emoji.

How to get Gold Digger Ribbon?

  • Firstly, you should decide on the wealthiest place to born in Germany and Austria.
  • Next to that, keep the meters and stats of looks always high
  • Never apply for any job
  • Always prefer to use Freelancer Gigs to make money within no time to use any dating app. Find other ways to grab money for free by participating in several activities that don’t matter legally or illegally.
  • Run the application to search your partner after setting a filter of high age. Your partner should be a millionaire and the income bar should be green.
  • Start dating your character and offers him/her a gift of BitLife Bitizenship.
  • After that, you should purpose the person to marry and grab your ribbon of Gold Digger whenever you die.


You can’t be a hero until you save someone’s life. Achieving the ribbon is not difficult although the ribbon has worth. For those players who have a plan to achieve BitLife’s “Hero Ribbon,” then we bring a proper guide to unlock Hero Ribbon for those guys.

How to Become a Hero in BitLife?

The game doesn’t set tough requirements for users to achieve the ribbon. If you are willing to have it, then you should die by saving someone. If you die saving someone, then the game rewards you with it. There’s another way to achieve it is the following:

Join the military to complete the deployment minefield puzzle. When completing the puzzle, you should keep in mind that it is compulsory to die after having failed to complete your purpose.


It is a purple-colored navy ribbon that comes with a lock emoji. Many players wish to get the Houdini ribbon and looking for ways how to achieve it. Let me confirm that achieving the said ribbon isn’t an easy task because you have to escape from prison many times. The difficulty of the Houdini ribbon is very hard; therefore, you should follow the steps mentioned in “How to obtain BitLife – Houdini Ribbon.”

How to Get Houdini Ribbon?

You should go to jail first after committing any crime. Next to that, find a way to escape. Repeat the process many times until you get satisfied that the ribbon gets unlocked. You should keep in mind that getting Houdini Ribbon gets harder after the release of the Prison update.

  • Commit a crime and go to jail
  • Escape from the jail at least 10 times.
  • Avoid spending a lot of time in prison to prevent yourself from unlocking the Jailbird Ribbon.


If you want to get a Highroller Ribbon in BitLife whenever you die, then you should make a stack of money via gambling. There’s no difficulty level, except for the luck. The ribbon’s color is dark green, represented with a dice emoji.

How to get Highroller Ribbon in BitLife? brings valuable BitLife Guides to help you unlock your favorite Ribbons. Apart from that, follow the steps mentioned below to achieve Highroller Ribbon:

  • Firstly, you should have a high net worth at the start.
  • Secondly, you have to visit a casino to play gambling games. You aren’t limited to the casino, as you can visit the racetrack The main purpose of mentioning the name of the racetrack is that there may be some countries where gambling is banned/illegal. So if you are born in one of those countries, they will be thrown to other territories after getting caught red-handed playing in the casino.
  • Thirdly, you should bet max amount and try to win higher over $1 Million.
  • Keep in mind that your lifetime winnings should be at least $1 Million or higher. Losing more than 50% after winning one million dollars, then the game may not reward you with the Ribbon.
  • If winning $ 1 Million is tough, then your winning ratio must be higher than your loss ratio.


Billions of people live in the world; each one has unique tastes and choices. Similarly, players in Bitlife video games want to achieve a specific Bitlife ribbon when their character ends the life. The majority of people who want to die has an influencer, but achieving that ribbon isn’t easy. Therefore, brings a Bitlife Ribbon Guide to your palm and give you a chance to learn how to unlock Influencer Ribbon. It doesn’t matter whether you are born as a male or female, enjoying life as a social media star does matter.

How to get Influencer Ribbon in BitLife?

Moreover, it is a sky blue ribbon that gives players with verified check emoji. Achieving the said Ribbon in Bitlife is difficult; therefore, you should follow a few steps:

  • Your all meters of health, smartness, and looks should be high.
  • You should join the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok to be an internet celebrity at the age of 13.
  • Every year, you must post any activity as many times as possible to gain views and followers.
  • To get likes and followers, we suggest you be choosy when selecting your post type like Blog, Gaming, How to, Dane, Story, and more. Following the said way help you land more audience to your profile or fan page.
  • Viral your post to grab the attention of millions of people across the world.
  • Using the marketing strategy, you can promote your products to improve the chances of having more followers.
  • After having a lot of audiences, you can apply for monetization and earn money.
  • Apply for a verified check as you cross the milestone of 100k+ followers and start enjoying the life of a social media star.

The listed method is a bit tricky, leave it. You can get the Influencer Ribbon in Bitlife by only having a fame-related career life like a songwriter, actor, politician, etc. within only one condition of having verified accounts on all social media platforms.

Note: Your behavior shouldn’t be abusive; otherwise, your account will be terminated. Don’t ever try to purchase followers by playing cheap tricks because it will put your account in danger.


If you are considering you to achieve the Jailbird Ribbon without going through several stints in prison, then I think you should forget it. If you have ever dream to get Jailbird Ribbon, then you should experience several Stints in jail. The difficulty is pretty easy, and the ribbon comes with a black-and-white color representing a police car emoji.

How to get Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife?

Unlocking the Jailbird Ribbon is pretty, and it only requires you to go to the jail first and enjoy the rest of the life over there. You should plan to stay longer in jail while falling into battles against other prisoners to show off your rude behavior. We prepared a Walkthrough for those players who dream to achieve a JailBird Ribbon.

  • Go to jail and enjoy the rest of your life over there.
  • Start assaulting other prisoners and play maze puzzles to lengthen your sentence.
  • Escape the prison only at once, because escaping the jail, again and again, may unlock Houdini Ribbon.
  • After escaping, you should go back to jail at least once to prevent your character from getting the Scandalous Ribbon.

Note: It is quite simple to unlock the Jailbird Ribbon after dying because of suffering any disease.

In case you are searching for a way how to Escape Prison in Bitlife, then follow the link to Escape All Maps.

Career Guides

A career is a form of employment that people choose to generate their income. Different types of careers available are paying more than average, but usually need a high level of education and specific schooling. Upon playing, you will discover a few careers that help you gain a lot of social media followers and offers you a passive income in return for entertaining your fans; meanwhile, other careers rely on a slowly increasing wage like CEO and Doctor. After completing the degree, the player requires to apply for the job, and wait for the interview. Different types of methods are available that you should follow before getting hired. During the interviews, you will be asked different types of questions like the following:

  • Are you a goal-oriented person?
  • Coffee or tea?

The game rewards the player with specific achievements if the player selects a particular career. There’s a list of careers to choose from:

  • Medical
  • Corporate
  • Police Department
  • Military
  • Small Business

You are fully allowed to choose your career, complete your degree related to the selected career, and get hired in a good company after passing the interview.

Fun-filled Activities

Without a doubt, Activities are the most vital part of BitLife, offering the player access to further gameplay. In short, activities give the player lots of things to do and shape them for BitLife Ribbons. Dozens of activities are available whether you want to participate in any sports team or join the casino to place a bet to win money.

Not all activities are available for your character, because the country your character belongs to, does matter. The main activities are the following:

  • Adoption
  • Casino
  • Emigrate
  • Doctor
  • Crime
  • Fertility
  • Horse Races
  • Licenses
  • And more.

Achievement Guides

Achievements are attractive prizes that grant the player the completion of challenging tasks in BitLife. When playing the game, the achievements will unlock only once, and you don’t need to unlock all achievements in one lifetime. A few achievements will require you to do hard work, while some will unlock easily; meanwhile, some will unlock on random chance.

  • Complete a Life – begin and end a life (from birth to death)
  • Octogenarian – enjoy life until you get 80 years old
  • Nonagenarian – Celebrate your 90th birthday
  • Centenarian – Celebrate your 100th birthday

There are over 23 categories of achievements available, such as:

  • Longevity
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Combat
  • Disease
  • Entertainment
  • Fame
  • Fertility
  • Love
  • Military
  • Prison
  • Royalty
  • School
  • Social Media
  • Vehicle
  • And more.

Each achievement has different requirements and a way to complete the task. You can’t unlock all achievements at once, and not a single life is enough for that. Therefore, you have to select your career, profession, and start working your way; achievements will be unlocked automatically related to your selected career.

What is Bitizenship?

Bitizen refers to the premium membership that unlocks special features and items for you in exchange for real money. Purchasing the premium membership will make you Bitizen, and will provide you with an ad-free gaming experience. Despite buying the membership, the game won’t unlock special features that cost you $2.00. Apart from that, the game introduces a new game component, known as “god mode” released back in March 2020.

BitLife: Life Simulator: Tips & Tricks, and Best Strategies

BitLife brings a brand-new type of gameplay to your mobile devices. Whether you love playing puzzles or Q&A games, the game has featured everything you required for making your dream comes true. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the control of your 2nd life is available at your fingertips. Decide the place to born, give a beautiful name to your character, interact with family members, find your love, join a company to earn money, marry your love, and have babies. Although the game is easy to play, BitLife Walkthrough Guide contains a few tips and tricks for those players who are new to the game.

Tap the Age Button – You start the game by tapping the age button to help your character grow and take a step toward the destination.

Make Right Choices – Tapping the Age button will ask you a question along with four possible answers. Selecting the right answer will add plus points to your bars, while the navigate answers will detect accordingly.

Study Hard – Your primary focus should on your study at the start. Having good marks in school may increase the chance of getting the scholarship.

No Time Limit – The game doesn’t feature any limit, thanks to dozens of features and challenging questions.

Sell and Purchase – Although the game can’t let you rent out your house, you can sell your home to generate money. Don’t purchase a massive plot to build a home when you don’t have enough money. We suggest you purchase a small place and decorate it beautifully using thousands of items, and then sell it for profit.

Visit the Doctor – Upon getting sick, you are supposed to visit a doctor who won’t charge anything. But if you are suffering from any disease, then you should make an appointment with any specialist.

Keep All Bars Green – The primary character has four bars, and keeping all bars green may help you unlock achievements; meanwhile, it declares everything is going smoothly.

Make Your Parents Happy – Your primary goal is to keep your parents happy by spending time and offering them cute gifts. They help you pay off your student loans and may leave you a fat inheritance.

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BitLife: Life Simulator is one of the best Simulations that bring thousands of possibilities, careers, jobs, and achievements to your fingertips. In short, the game gives you a chance to design your character and see how it grows and achieves the set goals of life. Although the game doesn’t introduce visual effects, still the text-based game has enough potential to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun until your character dies. The game features relaxing sound effects and immersive gameplay.

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