Bitlife Guide: How to become the Godfather


Do you have a dream to become a Godfather in your life? Keep in mind that it isn’t as easy as you are considering. Although it’s a bit difficult in the real world, you can try your luck in Bitlife – a text-based Life Simulation video game. Start your journey as a newborn baby and choose a career of being a godfather to rule over the world. Despite having a harsh personality and skills, making a mafia crime family may take some time. Not only do you have to struggle for earning a reputation to make your place in the mafia family, but also have to work hard through different authorities to win their trust. To be honest, there is nothing better than having a boss of a mafia family where all of your workers not only respect you but also obey your all orders.

Having a wish to be a Godfather in Bitlife isn’t sufficient as lots of works need to be done before sitting on the boss chair. Firstly, you should start your career by joining a mafia family that isn’t possible if you are famous in your region or area. It doesn’t matter what field or education system you have chosen for your avatar, having your popularity among others is compulsory. If you aren’t intending to become a mafia boss, then here are some guides that surely you would love to read:

How to Become a Mafia Boss?

Before starting you should keep in mind that joining a mafia family isn’t possible unless you meet the requirements. How to join a Mafia Family in Bitlife? We suggest you commit at least five crimes in your one life to get viral as a criminal. Following the said method may help you get the attraction of any mafia families. Once you get selected by anyone, start performing odd jobs for them to win their trust. Currently, Bitlife has featured six Mafia Syndicates and their names are the following:

  1. Yakuza
  2. Triads
  3. Russian Mafia
  4. Latin Mafia
  5. Irish Mob
  6. Mafia

You can do any crimes as your job after joining Mafia Syndicate. Committing crimes may help you generate extra income to grow your family. Afterward, raise your rank in the family by completing all objectives without being captured by cops. Increasing your rank in Mafia can be possible by committing crimes and winning your boss’s trust. Once you get promoted to a higher rank “Godfather,” you don’t need to contribute anything to the family.

Requirements to be a Mob Boss/Godfather in BitLife

We have compiled a guide for those players who are searching “How to become the Godfather” in BitLife.

  • Firstly, you should select and join a Mafia Family that is only possible if you commit at least five crimes in your one life.
  • Fulfill all objectives assigned to you by the Mafia Family.
  • Don’t hesitate to contribute all of your earnings to Mafia Family
  • Work hard until you won’t get promoted to the post of the Godfather

Keep the requirements in mind may make your journey smooth and within a few steps, you find yourself sitting on the boss chair. Most players from worldwide get confused about how to Join the Mafia in Bitlife. Remove all junks from your mind because it is the easiest way. The only thing you should focus on committing crimes while you are at your young age. The best crime to commit in Bitlife is to rob a bank because it increases the chances of getting into a mob family. As your age up to 18-year-old, find a list of mafia families and choose your favorite one. Although you start your journey from the lowest rank, you will be promoted to the Godfather position very soon.

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