Bitlife Guide: How to Rob a Train in Bitlife


Back in 2020, Bitlife had received a massive update that brought several new ways to have fun. Furthermore, the update got viral by the name of “Criminal Update,” featuring dozens of new jobs such as Porch Piracy, Bank Robbery, Train Robbery, and Shop lighting. In short, the chances of becoming a millionaire have been increased and players just need to find a way to attempt a successful heist without being detected or captured. Therefore, today we are here along with a Bitlife Guide – How to Rob a Train. The purpose of making a guide is an unsuccessful attempt that most players do and leave it without completing. Behind the scene, they don’t know how to Rob a train in Bitlife.

Besides, when playing the game you would experience how outlaw of Wild West worked in past. The unavailability of a live train is also a problem that assumes a massive role to make your attempt fail. Furthermore, the introduction of Train robbery is full of fun and rewards, but surely it comes with several risk facts and contains lots of information that you should know before trying it out yourself. You don’t need to worry as we will explain to you almost everything in our Bitlife GuideHow to Rob a Train.

Learn How to Perform Train Robbery in Bitlife

As mentioned above, an update was released with lots of fun-filled jobs, including how to Rob a Train, along with other crime options. Although it seems like a relatively easy job to conduct, our guide contains two tricks that you should know before making any attempts. Firstly, here are some requirements that you must keep in mind before going ahead of:

  • Ensure you are 18 Years old
  • Find Train Robbery under Crime Option
  • Select One of two Options
  • Choose a Time
  • Selected time must correspond to the time of real life

Note: As I said, the time you will select needs to correspond to the time of real-life; therefore, you have to select the one closest to your current time.

Don’t Change Your Device Time

Here we recommend you not to change your device time to match it with the same time. Already having done this, you will be overrun by the train soon in Bitlife.

Avoid being Late for the Perfect Heist

After crossing the number 18 in age, you are almost ready to rob a train. We suggest you not conduct any robberies when you are a little kid. Robbing a train isn’t home burglary or shoplifting, in short, you are going to rob a whole train. To access the train robberies, you’ve to follow the steps:

Activities > Crime > Train Robbery

After hitting the train robbery, you will get two possible options to choose from as follows:

  • Train to Rob
  • The Time of Day

Selecting the train type seems a pointless choice and doesn’t matter, seriously. The second option (Pick your time of day) is the most important and will determine whether you will succeed in a train robbery or not. Having said that means the time you select should need to reflect your actual time zone.

  • Sunrise: 6 am
  • High noon: 12 pm
  • Big Surprise: 4:20 pm
  • Sunset: 6 pm
  • Midnight: 12 am

The Most Challenging Robbery

Everyone knows that robbing a train could be a huge risk that people think twice before doing. If you become successful, then collecting millions of dollars is easy; however, a successful robbery can be one once per life. But before starting, you should know that failure occurs randomly. Sometimes, the train may run over you in an accident which will drive your character out of the game instantly. However, you can rob the train in the next life.

Moreover, as mentioned above you don’t need to make the game fool by merely changing your device’s time. With the latest update, Bitlife is now enough smart to detect your activity, and once it is detected you will be published.

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