Bitlife Guide – How to Complete the Schwarzenegger Challenge in BitLife


Undoubtedly, Schwarzenegger is one of the best actors, businessmen, and producers born in Austria. He is the inspiration of lots of bodybuilders from worldwide and with no doubt he can do anything whenever he puts it in his mind. Everyone needs such type of dedication when playing one of the best life simulation video games, Bitlife: Life Simulation. The game is offering you a chance to experience the life of Schwarzenegger and face lots of difficulties and challenges. You don’t need to worry, because jumps in with a new Bitlife Guide to show you how to complete the Schwarzenegger Challenge.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that you don’t need to be a barbarian for the completion of the challenge. Just keep your focus on the following activities:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Acting
  • Political Careers

Involving yourself in the said categories means you are almost done.

Learn How to Complete Schwarzenegger Challenge in Bitlife

Here are a few things that you must ensure before moving on to complete the challenge. You should be born as a make in Austria and then immigrate to the US. Don’t forget to pursue your bodybuilding career for 40+ years in a row. Further points are given below:

  • You should be born as a male in Austria
  • Immigrate to the US
  • Do gym for 40 years in a row
  • Become one of the best Movie Star
  • Get elected as Governor

Should be Born as a male in Austria

You aren’t expected to complete the Schwarzenegger challenge until you are born as a male in Austria. Start your new life and complete as I said. You should work on your “Stats” and ensure to keep it high. Having good looks may help you become a movie star in a short period. After having good looks, you should immigrate to the United States. If you don’t know how to immigrate, then follow the given steps:

  • Click on the Tab “Activities
  • Select the Emigrate Option

Do Gym for 40+ Years

Aside from becoming a movie star, you should pursue your gym career for almost 40+ years without any break. Nowadays, having a good body is compulsory for becoming an actor; therefore, you should work on your body to make it perfect as the market demand. So, start your journey after taking a membership of any gym. To join a gym, follow the given steps:

  • Click on the Gym Tab
  • Tap on Mind and Body

Become a Movie Star

We have recently released a BitLife Guide – How to Become an Actor that you can read following the link. Becoming an actor is a bit difficult process; therefore, you should read the requirements carefully or jump to over guide to learn how to be an actor. Besides that, let me describe you briefly – to become an actor, you should have work experience as a voiceover artist. In short, instead of finding a shortcut, you must struggle to become a voiceover artist first and keep doing the job until you get promoted to the post of an actor.

Most of the time, you may get rejected, so never give up and keep struggle to achieve the position. Once done, work hard to increase the working hours up to 50+ and keep repeating the process. Following as I said will help you get selected as an actor in a short time.

Learn How to Become a Governor

After completing all steps mentioned above, you must join a political career and struggle to be elected as a governor. You should keep in mind that you won’t directly get appointed as governor; firstly, you have to start from the bottom and the best place to start is “School Board Director.” Working hard may go in your favor; meanwhile, you should join “Law School,” and assume your study at university in Political Science subject. Although it’s not a specific requirement, it helps you a lot. Follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the “Job” Tab
  • Choose “Special Careers
  • Select “Political Science
  • Start working as a School Board Director

Next to that, keep working your way to the post of mayor, and then eventually elect as governor.

Note: You won’t need to work hard if you already a movie star.

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