Bitlife Update: How to Win the Lottery in Bitlife


Surely, there would be no one who doesn’t want to put their destiny to the test. To check whether you are lucky or not, the game introduced a lottery system where you can win a huge amount. Bitlife is a Life-Simulation video game that comes with endless possibilities and thousands of choices to make. You start your journey as a newborn baby and end up after having a Ribbon.

Throughout your life, you are supposed to choose a series of things, including your school, relation with friends, college, university, and career. In short, everything lies in your hand with a chance to become whatever you are dreaming of in real life. Today, we are back with another BitLife Guide – How to Win the Lottery.

Before learning how to meet the requirement, here’s a brief detail about the game. Bitlife is a text-based mobile game released by Candywriter, LLC for Android and iOS. In the game, you have a chance to become whatever you want from a Professor, Doctor, Teacher, or more.

Aside from professions, the game introduces a Ribbon system that may be granted after dying to highlight how you have spent your life and the achievements you have gained. Furthermore, achieving a few Ribbons could be a headache for you, and their completion without having a proper guide isn’t possible. Therefore, we have compiled a Ribbon Guide for you to learn how to get your favorite one.

What is Lottery in Bitlife?

In Bitlife, Lottery is a fun-filled activity where you are allowed to purchase either one or 10 tickets to test your fortune to win a massive jackpot. The game displays you a list of prizes before letting you hit the buy button and all prizes are random. An achievement will get unlocked as you win a jackpot. Before starting, you should keep in mind that winning a jackpot is rare and doesn’t vary by any person or nation. A popup may notify you that the golden time has come to play the lottery in most cases but rarely, it won’t.

Learn How to Win the Lottery in Bitlife

Undoubtedly, Bitlife has dominated the world with a massive storm and there’s no surprise that it is on the top of the App Store. This is because, the game includes the harsh realities of life, along with the ability that lets you spend your life in a way you love – good or bad – the choice is yours. If you are one of those players who aim to win Lottery in Bitlife, then you have to buy tickets first and keep hope to win soon. Purchasing ten lottery tickets at once may increase the chances of your winning and go in your favor. Although buy 10 tickets may cost you $50, it speeds up the process.

  • Buy at least 10 Tickets every year
  • Keep an Eye on the text shown under your Age No.

Besides that, the game features a fair system that means you can’t use any cheat or hack system to win Lottery in Bitlife. With every passing year, the game keeps displaying you a text under your age. We highly suggest you buy tickets to test your fortune upon seeing a text “A Fortune Cookie told me to play the Lottery.” If you are watching the said prompt under your age number, then ensure to buy the lottery because you are guaranteed to win if you do. In case you aren’t winning any lottery after trying a lot, then we have compiled a list of ways you can use to earn money.

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