Bitlife Update: How to Join the Goth Clique in Bitlife


Bitlife – Life Simulator offers you a chance to make your dream comes true. It comes with thousands of fun-filled activities while offering you text-based gameplay to experience. You can’t see your character when playing the game or any other graphical scenes. The thing the game aims to display you in text. There are dozens of professions that you can carry on and plenty of Ribbons to achieve after dying. Achieving a ribbon of your choice isn’t a cup of tea as it has some requirements that must be fulfilled before your character die. Read our Bitlife Ribbon Guide to learn how to get your favorite one.

Furthermore, it comes with choice-matter gameplay wherein every decision you make has different consequences. Therefore, you should be careful when making choices to lead yourself to a good future. In the game, you can be a lawyer, doctor, Mafia, Gangster, Mayor, Actor, and more. Before starting the game, you should keep the career in mind to pursue.

Bitlife supports two models, Free and Micro-transaction. At the start, you are allowed to select the gender of your character, give it a name, and start making choices like select the school and how your relationship should be with family members and friends. In case, you are searching for a Guide – How to Escape the Prison in Bitlife, then follow the given link. We have also released a guide for those players who want to become President.

What is Clique in Bitlife?

Before starting to learn how to join Goth Clique, let me explain Clique briefly for those players who are new to Bitlife. A clique is a team/group of students or people who share a common interest. But unlike other clubs, cliques aren’t supposed to take weekly hours. Apart from that, if you want to join them, then achieving a certain level of popularity is mandatory; otherwise, your request can be rejected if it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Different types of Cliques are available; some are asking to perform well, while some come with a bit lower requirements to fulfill. Moreover, any character can ask to join a Clique or he can be asked by a Clique. Before applying to join any team, you should keep in mind that upon getting rejected your happiness may fall by 30%. We have compiled a list of some cliques, along with their requirements for joining them.

Types of Cliques

  1. Goths – A Gothic Clique
  2. Hipsters – A Hipster Clique
  3. Gamers – A Gamer Clique
  4. Drama Kids – A Thespian Clique
  5. Band Geeks – A Geeky Clique
  6. Artsy Kids – An Artsy Clique
  7. Brainy Kids – A High Functioning Clique
  8. Loners – An Undesirable Clique
  9. Jocks – An Athletic Clique
  10. Mean Girls – An Elite Female Clique
  11. Nerds – An Intellectual Clique
  12. Normals – A Non-Clique Clique
  13. Popular Kids – A Popular Clique
  14. Weebs – A Weebly Clique
  15. Talented Kids – A Multi-talented Kids

How to Join the Goths Clique in Bitlife?

Surely, you would be familiar to achieve anything, you have to meet the requirements first. Similarly, if you aim to join the Goths Clique, then you should struggle to meet the following requirements:

  • Low Looks
  • Have Low Happiness
  • Love Dark Attire and Makeup

Upon reaching the secondary, the game unlocks the option to join cliques. There are a dozen of cliques that are already mentioned above; each one has unique requirements. To join any clique, follow the given instructions:

  • Tap on your School Name
  • Open the Cliques Tab
  • Choose your Favorite Clique
  • Start hanging out with people after joining

For the Goths, you should keep your happiness meter low. If you are looking for a way to drop your happiness bar down, then you should join those clique groups whom you are confirmed they won’t accept you like “Mean Girls.” Your happiness level may plummet after getting rejected. Having a happiness level below the red line may increase the chances of getting your request approved for the Goths Clique.

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