Bitlife Guide – Learn How to Become President

How to Become President? The question will be raised in the mind whenever you come to play BitLife – Life Simulator. The game isn’t only limited to the President; you are allowed to become an Actor and choose whatever profession you love to pursue. It is a complete Life Simulation video game wherein you start playing from a newborn baby and end with your character’s death. The game doesn’t feature any graphic scenes to amuse you; it offers pretty simple but tricky gameplay that needs you to intervene to make choices that determine the outcome. In short, your destiny lies in your hands; meanwhile, you have an opportunity to become whatever you wish to be. Purchasing Bitizenship is compulsory for those players who want to become President.

Moreover, as the game starts, you must read the question and try to answer respectively. Hitting the “+” sign may increase your age and give you a chance to decide how your future would like. You keep your profession and hobbies in mind and start playing the game to enjoy the gameplay? It doesn’t matter you love to be a Prisoner or President in Bitlife; it brings all prominent options to your palm. It would help if you focused on your study, career, health meter, family, and friends. The game features four different bars such as Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. Making good decisions may keep your character happy; meanwhile, bad decisions affect your performance and outcome.

Become President in Bitlife

Do you know? You can become anything you wish, like President of France or the United States. Compared to other titles, it could be a bit tricky to hold, and to be honest; there’s no easy task to complete. Therefore, we jump in to help you become President/Vice President in Bitlife by offering a step-by-step guide. Before starting, you must keep in mind that some aspects of the game rely on luck; it means you can’t succeed in everything when you come out to become a president. We suggest you keep trying again and again upon getting failed.


You must follow these steps in case you are looking for a way to become President in Bitlife:

  • Go to School – Study Political Science Subject
  • Serve as School Board Director – One Term
  • Become the Major – One Term
  • Serve as Governor – Two Terms
  • Become a Lawyer – 10 Years
  • Struggle to become President

Apart from that, there should be a stack of money in your bank accounts that you can use to make your election campaign successful. Think smartly and keep the meter of your fame entirely to 100%. Keep an eye on all aspects that could be a hurdle in your way of becoming President.

Become a School Board Director – Learn Politics

After leaving school, you should attempt to become the School Board Director. Why should you become School Board Director? The question may come to your mind when you are planning to become President. This is because it is the first step to reach the destination you want to achieve. You can’t become a mayor unless you can’t obtain experience as Director. After leaving the school, you should find the politics “Tab” on Menu. Becoming the board director may bring you the knowledge you required for the role of Major. Money has a vital role, and you need this to fund your campaign and treat your opposing candidates.

Become Major

Once the term gets to an end, you should struggle to become the Mayor. Everyone knows that no one can directly become a president as having experience as Mayor is compulsory. Despite having experience of being a Mayor, you won’t keep running your campaign to attract people towards you if you don’t have at least $200,000. Therefore, you should keep your primary focus on making as much money as possible so your political campaign runs successfully.

Note: We suggest you go to law school because it is the easiest way to earn handsome money.   

Become Governor

I told you before that becoming President isn’t easy as you are considering. Everyone can’t become President; therefore, you should try your best and not leave a single chance to fulfill your dreams. After completing the requirements, you should leave everything on your luck or the game’s algorithm as it will decide whether you are eligible for the post of President in Bitlife or not.

As the term of Mayor is over, the game offers you an opportunity to become Governor. We suggest you not accept the proposal until you don’t have at least $500 Million in your pocket to use for your campaign. After being elected for the seat of Governor, your golden days will start. It would help if you kept in mind that you aren’t supposed to participate in any photoshoots or work in any commercial as the Governor. After completing your term of Governor, you should move ahead but be careful because the collection of unlimited money is required. For that, you can do some commercials and participate in photoshoots to get fame and glory, as it is the best way to collect money when your term of Governor is over.

Become a Lawyer

It’s not all about strategy, as your luck does matter when you choose to be a president. At the start, you must select law school to continue your study and lead yourself to become a lawyer. Do practice and serve people for ten years. After becoming a lawyer, you should help you’re come out of trouble and solve their issues. Whether you love to become a criminal lawyer or cybercrime, the game has both options for you to choose from and pursue your career. Once the condition of becoming a lawyer is complete, you must start serving others for ten years to collect a lot of money.

Run for President

The way you collect money does matter – you shouldn’t be involved in any criminal activities if you dream of becoming President. In case you commit any crime and find yourself in prison, read our Bitlife Guide – How to Escape Prison. Firstly, you must keep in mind that you need a lot of money, between $800 Million to $1000 Million, because you can run your campaign to get fame and let people know your agenda without money. You are supposed to complete all the given steps mentioned in Bitlife – How to Become President Guide if you dream of becoming President or Vice President of any country.

If you aren’t interested to become President anymore, read our more guides on Bitlife and Ribbons.

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