Bitlife Guide – How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

Bitlife is acknowledged as one of the best Mobile Life-Simulation games released with endless fun. Whether love to be a prison or a doctor, everything lies in your hand. Starting your journey as a newborn baby, you end with a ribbon highlighting how you spent your life and what your professional was throughout the game. Although the game doesn’t feature any graphic scenes, it is one of the impressive games that involves you making choices to determine the outcome.

Moreover, the majority of players across the land search for Bitlife Guides related to the professions or Ribbons they intend to achieve. Therefore, we jump in to help you learn How to Escape Prison in Bitlife. Despite having an opportunity of becoming a criminal, the game gives you a chance to become a president. How? Here’s a Bitlife Guide for you to follow and Become President of your favorite country.

Before learning how to Escape Bitlife Prison, you should see how to become a criminal. Keep in mind becoming a criminal isn’t a big deal. Commit any crime on the road or murder any of your friends may put you into jail. If you do not intend to commit a severe crime, we suggest you loot ATMs or rob any bank. Upon getting caught, you will put behind the prison. In Bitlife Prison Guide, we will discuss the easiest methods to escape all kinds of Prisons. It would help if you kept in mind that strategy is the key to success and can’t escape without proper planning. Getting caught after escaping the game may double your punishment. Therefore, we are here to help you get rid of the escape problem doesn’t matter how tight security is, by merely offering BitLife Guide – How to Escape Every prison. If you are searching for different BitLife Ribbons, including Jailbird and Houdini, the article will help you overcome all challenges with ease.

Bitlife – How to Escape Every Prison

Everyone knows escaping is a difficult task, especially those who are just new to Bitlife. We suggest you prefer horizontal walking first to block the cop against walls in prison for new players. The police officer won’t see you or do anything after having below you if he is blocked with a wall. Having said that means you can move right or left freely, and the cop needs to move horizontally first to get rid of the blockage. Therefore, you should always try to block the cop using any hurdle and find a way to escape.

BitLife Prison Escape Guide – You Should Know

The game features several prison layouts, and most of them are mirrored of each other. It means you make some tweaks to reach the exit and win. In case you fail to escape, the game moves you one-year ahead with an opportunity to try again.


Different types of maps are there, and each one starts with “Star” and ends at “Exit.” Each map is grid-based and includes several hurdles that you can easily cross, but the cop does not. Taking advantage of the said thing may help you reach the exit point without any hassle. The game brings two difficulty levels, such as Maximum Security and Normal Security. Tricking the police officer is pretty easy in Normal Security relatively to Maximum Security.

Note: The Guard will move twice for every move you make. The direction where the guard moves will be toward you, and he will try to walk horizontally first.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 3×4 – How to Escape

Probably, it may be the most precise map of the game. You have to bring the Guard around the corner to trap him using the hurdle. Once done, you are free to escape. You know what? Almost everything wishes to have a Prison Ribbon. For that, they are ready to commit any crime. The game will punish you, and many increase the years of living in prison. Therefore, you should be careful whenever you come to escape the prison in Bitlife. The more you play the game, the more you learn. The game suggests you decide what you to become before starting the game. Read our BitLife Guide to understand what to work following a proper way to achieve your dream job or BitLife Ribbons. Whether you love to be a rockstar or doctor, the game has covered everything for you to master.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 – How to Escape

It is a grid-based map where both characters, such as you and the Guard, move simultaneously. The Guard will start moving toward you after finding your movement is horizontal first. Probably, it may be the most accessible level because you move from right to the left till the dead end and start moving in the forward direction. Next to that, bring your character back to the dead end and start moving toward your starting position. Afterward, reach the exit point to escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 Second Map – How to Escape

Each map comes with both the start and endpoint. The map introduces you to a cop and a prisoner who intends to find a way to escape. The Guard moves following a unique pattern, and trapping him in a secure place may help you win. Therefore, you should move in a way that the Guard won’t catch you. Keep yourself a step ahead from the Guard and reach the exit point to win. In this map, you must lead your character around the corner and move toward the exit point step by Step to trick the Guard and escape. Here’s an image to show you how to trap the Guard and run.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×4 – How to Escape

I found the map pretty easy. You don’t need to trap the Guard as it will be restricted on its own. The thing you should do is to start moving to the right side and switch your direction downward. A step before the dead end, you take a step in the left path and start moving to the exit point to win.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×5 – How to Escape

All maps aren’t easy to overcome; therefore, we bring you a BitLife Prison Escape Walkthrough/Guide with proper guidelines on maps how to complete them. The prison is fully secured and can’t be overtaken by anyone ordinary prisoner. Therefore, you should work your way smartly to make your escape.

On the map, the Guard is standing forth the exit point so no one can pass through it. You must reach the Guard first to grab his attention and back to your starting point and then move again to the exit point. Controls are intuitive and bring only four-button controls to your screen. Completing all challenging Prison Maps may help you earn BitLife Prison Ribbon.

Note: When moving, you should know that the Guard moves twice for every move you make. Therefore, you must work keeping the guard movement in mind.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×6– How to Escape

There’s no guard but one. He is right behind you near the exit point, but you can’t deal with the cop efficiently. Therefore, you should start walking to the left side and then move in an upward direction till the end. Once you reach the end, turn to the right side and start moving till the end. Turn and take a step down, then left. Following the path you follow to reach the location where you are now, you should back to your initial position and reach the exit to win.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×7 – How to Escape

Many times, the game brings the same map in mirror form like 5×7 7×5. The way to escape the prison will be the same, but you have to keep in mind how to deal with it. When you move horizontally, the Guard moves twice, and the direction will be toward you. The BitLife 5×7 Map shows you the Guard is already trapped but can’t be accessible whenever you take a step on the right-side. To complete BitLife 5×7 Prison Map, you need to follow the red-lines from the starting point to the end.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×7 Second Map – How to Escape

As I told you above, the game reflects the map to test how smarter you are, though the way of escaping is the same. Although the game has dozens of Ribbons to reward you with, the majority of players are searching for “How to Become President,” “How to Become an Actor,” and “How to Join Mafia.” Despite knowing becoming a prisoner isn’t good, players are looking for “Bitlife How to Escape Prison.”

Bitlife – Life Simulation is fully customizable and gives you access to select your gender, the place where you want to take birth, and your skin tone. Even you can also choose your nickname. Afterward, you will decide how to spend a life, whether to be a criminal or a good soul. The game rewards you with many prizes and BitLife Ribbon that define your personality after dying. We bring you an excellent Guide to let you know how to Escape All BitLife Prison Maps. Whenever you head the 5×7 Prison Map, you find the Guard standing forth the Exit Point. Follow the given steps to overcome the harsh situation, break the security, trick the Guard, and escape:

  • Move downward and turn to the left side.
  • Take a step up and turn left-side once again. Afterward, you should move as follows: One Step upward, one step to the left, one Step downward, two steps on the left-side, one Step upward, and move downward. Afterward, you must follow the image for the rest of the steps to escape the prison.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×5 – How to Escape

Both the prisoner and the Guard are close to each other like the first two fingers but can’t see because of a barrier between them. You can directly go to the exit point because the Guard is standing over there and will catch you instantly. Therefore, you should force the Guard to chase up you to leave the location you need to escape. Follow the steps to run:

  • Move to the left-side till the end and start moving downward, following the wall until the end.
  • Turn right and start moving until the end and turn up to continue your movement.
  • Take a step up, and the character will stop because of a barrier, then turn to the left side.
  • Afterward, you should start following the path you choose to reach over here and escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×6 – How to Escape

The map could be unique, as well as challenging. When you are on an adventure of escaping the prison, you may find yourself visiting the locations repeatedly to exit. Firstly, you should start your journey by taking a step ahead on the left-side and setting yourself downward a step. Take a step to the right and start moving till the end in the downward direction. Follow the steps to escape the map:

  • Reach the end following the row and start moving upward till the end.
  • Now, you should reach the initial position wherefrom you come here and then back to the end downward.
  • Take a step on the left side and a step back to the right side. Again take a step to the left side and move in the upward direction to two steps.
  • Don’t forget to move on the left-side for the next two steps and take a step upward, then two steps toward the left-side.
  • Move downward till the end and start moving back to the upward direction to the three steps.
  • Turn to the right and take two steps. Continue your movement in the upward direction and reach the exit point.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×6 Second Map – How to Escape

It could be a tricky map for many players because tricking the Guard isn’t as easy as players consider. Whenever they try to trick the Guard, it will be back from the next end. Therefore, you need a proper How to Escape Prison Guide to overcome all challenging levels. If you want to be a prison for only the purpose of getting BitLife Prison Ribbon, then we are ready to help you out. The first step you should take to obtain a Prison Ribbon is to be a criminal.

Becoming a criminal isn’t a problem anymore because robbing a bank, killing anyone, or snatch money from others may put you behind the jail. The game doesn’t feature any graphic scenes; it comes with mini-games and multiple-choice questions to see how you spend your life. From the start to the end, your every decision does matter and will determine what Ribbon you should be rewarded with. In the map of 6×6, you must take some illogical steps to attract the attention of the Guard or bring him to your desired location.

Note: You can choose to go back to your cell if you find the map is too difficult to escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 7×4 – How to Escape

Before starting the BitLife Escape Map, you must know that the cop retakes two Steps, the one step you take. Therefore, you should play strategically and make your way to escape. Whether you love to obtain a Houdini Ribbon or a Famous Ribbon, we have covered all BitLife Guides for you. Follow the given links to reveal the requirements and learn how to master all prisons. You must take care of meters like Happiness and Karma, etc., to fulfill your dreams.

Moreover, the Bitlife 7×4 Map is simple and pretty easy to escape. You have to take three steps on the left-side and turn to the upside. Take a step to the right side and move till the end in the downward direction. Lead your character toward the exit point and escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 8×7 – How to Escape

Completing the Bitlife 8×7 Layout is challenging and can’t be done quickly. You must visit almost the complete map to trick the security guard and should need to be active; otherwise, you will get behind the jail once again. An unsuccessful attempt may increase the years of punishment and cause you to remain in jail rest of your life. Therefore, we jump in to help you overcome all Prison Layouts by offering BitLife Prison Escape Guide.

Whenever you start moving, keep in mind that the Guard moves twice against every move you make. He will move toward you and try to walk horizontally first. Follow the red-lines as said in the image above to learn how to escape BitLife Prison Layout 8×7.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 8×8 – How to Escape

Escaping the Prison Layout 8×8 at Maximum Security isn’t an easy task. The game has both a Normal and Maximum Security system that puts your escaping skills to the test. We suggest you plan your next steps following the Guard’s movement. In short, you should keep yourself away from the Guard while aiming to reach the exit point. Search out the map strategically to find the locations where you can trap the Guard to move freely toward the exit point. Most of your movements will remain on the left side of the map.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 8×8 Second Map – How to Escape

As all fingers aren’t equal, similarly, all players’ desires aren’t the same. Many players would love to get Jailbird Ribbon in Bitlife, while some may aim to get a Gold Gigger Ribbon if playing as a female character.

If you are one of those players who are searching for a BitLife Guide – How to escape Prison 8×8 Layout Maximum Security, then you are at the right place. We aim to reveal the way you can use it to escape. There’s only one Guard around you to take care of the exit point. You must move following the red path to trick the Guard and reach the end to escape the prison. The more you play the game, the more you learn how to overcome all prison maps the game intends to display to test your skills.

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Q: How to Escape Prison in Bitlife?

Escaping the prison isn’t a problem for pro players. If you are new to the game, then it could be a hurdle on your way that you must overcome to make a successful escape. Before starting, you must get familiar with the proper strategy and the track you have to follow, but be careful because the Guard will move smartly to catch you. Furthermore, you can check our BitLife Guides to learn how to escape all prisons.

Q: How many types of Maps available in Bitlife?

There are different types of maps available categorized in Normal and Maximum Securities. Overcoming the average security is relatively easy to escape and requires a few seconds to be completed. On the other hand, maps with maximum protection are tough to meet and take a lot of time than the Normal Security Maps.

Q: How to escape Bitlife Maximum Security Prisons?

Don’t be panic; you can easily escape the prisons with Maximum Security, but it will need a lot of time if you aim to complete without any Prison Guide. In case you are stuck somewhere, then check out our Guides to Escape Prisons with Maximum Security.

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