Bitlife Update – How to Join the Mafia in Bitlife


If you one of those players who love committing crimes in video games, then Bitlife Life Simulation has something special for you. There is a Mafia career where you can do crime to rank up your characters. The game features a series of ways that you use to join a Mafia by merely requesting. To join a Mafia family must make sure that you did at least five crimes. Otherwise, there is no chance to join Mafia. Infrequently, some players may receive the invitation to join Mafia families without doing almost anything, but the condition of committing five crimes at least is mandatory. Learn how to Join Mafia Family within a few simple steps.

How to join a Mafia?

In case you wish to join a Mafia, then make sure your character is over 18 in age. Once you reach the said age, follow the instruction given below to join a Mafia:

  1. Click on Occupation Tap
  2. Search for Special Careers
  3. Hit the Organized Crime Option
  4. Select Family to join
  5. Hit the Join Button to get approved or rejected

Firstly, you should discover Special Careers under the “Occupation Tab” and then go with the Organized Crime option. Once you are done, the game displays you a complete list of Mafias and mobs with an option of joining. Here is a list of Top Best Mafias/Mobs you can join to have fun:

  • Triad
  • Mafia
  • Latin Mafia
  • Irish Mob
  • Russian Mafia
  • Yakuza

Apart from that, having an ambition of joining a Mafia or becoming a Mob won’t help to make your dreams come true. You should have a true potential to prove yourself ahead of Mafias by merely committing a string of crimes without being detected.


There is a massive list of crimes that players worldwide probably would love to do in Bitlife. And if you are one of those players who are thrilling to experience the Mafia life, then you should commit these crimes:

  • Burglary
  • Bank Robbery
  • Extortion
  • Grant Theft Auto
  • Shoplift
  • Porch Pirate
  • Rat
  • Train Robbery
  • Pickpocket

What to do if you get caught doing a crime?

Unfortunately, if you get caught doing a crime, then we suggest you restart the Bitlife game to get a chance of joining a Mafia in Bitlife. In case you have committed a string of crimes and spent lots of days in jail, then chances of you being selected as a Mafia Family increases. Once you found all requirements have been completed, visit the Mafia Families and hit the join button. Your request to Join Mafia Family in Bitlife will be either approved or rejected.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that each Mafia Group comes with different notorieties that are attached to them. Having said that means you have to work hard to prove your will of joining a Mafia Family and for that, you should keep committing crimes to raise your rank and stats as a mob. Increment in stats means you may become eligible to join a Mafia Family.

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