Bitlife Guide: How to Marry into Royalty in Bitlife


If you aren’t enough lucky to be born in riches, then here is good news that you can still get into Royalty following our Bitlife Guide. Today, we are back with another Bitlife Guide that reveals how to get into Royalty following a few simple steps. Firstly, you should keep in mind that one of the best ways to make your place in riches is marriage. To do so, you must be a famous person in your society. Surely, you would be familiar with other Life-Simulation games based on real-life, but BitLife is acknowledged as the best game among all life simulations. Our BitLife Guide – How to Marry into Royalty includes a few simple steps that you need to follow, including finding a Royal lover and getting famous among others.

You should keep your both health and famous stats high to proceed through the game. Aside from that, if you are looking for a way to become a President, how to escape prison, or how to rob the train, then you should click on the given links to learn. Bitlife in itself is a complete world where you take birth, grow up, take education, go to high school, and get a job of your choice, but some aspects of your life are controlled by the game itself. Furthermore, we compiled a guide to help you complete the objective within no time. Let’s get started.

Be a Lucky Person

If you aren’t born in riches is not your fault, but if you die without marrying into royalty would be yours. Therefore, you should try your best to make your place in riches. Marrying into rich royal families may increase your respect among others and offer you extra power to execute people, as well as control the law of your country. However, making your place in rich families isn’t a cup of cake that you can grab easily; some hard work is required. Therefore, people are out to search for a way “How to Marry into Royalty in bitlife.”

Taking Birth in Monarch Country May help

As mentioned above, your first job is to be a famous person in your society. But before, assure you are born in the country of kings and queens, although you can migrate after becoming a famous personality. So, it could be easier for you if you are born in a country that follows the monarchy rule. Some of the prominent monarch countries are the following:

  • Malaysia
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Morocco
  • Kuwait
  • Jordon
  • Japan
  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • UK

If you are born in one of these countries, then we can say that you are lucky. In case you fail to be born in the above-mentioned countries, then you don’t need to worry because the game has featured some handy ways around.

Note: Concentrate on your fame and health and try to keep both stats high. For those players who are born into monarch countries, marrying into royalty isn’t a big deal, but finding a royal family could be a headache.

How to Become Famous in Bitlife?

To become famous, we suggest you choose your career as an actor or a singer, though you can also test your luck to become a porn star it seems odd. However, if you prefer to be an actor, then you should work your way to become a voice actor first. After getting promotions, you will become an actor one day. If you don’t know how to become an actor, follow our guide. Having said that means, you should join talk shows, do photoshoots for magazines, and sign contracts of commercials to increase your popularity among people. Create and run your social media accounts and keep posting regularly to be a famous personality quickly. Following the said rules may help you achieve your goals within no time.

How to Maintain High Health Stats in Bitlife?

To keep yourself healthy, we recommend you to go to the gym daily and choose a healthy diet plan. Keep yourself away from drugs, weeds, and alcohol. Whenever you are feeling sick, go and check to your doctor to get well soon.

Start Dating People

We suggest you start dating people, once you are famous. To date someone, you should head to the tab “Activities” and choose “Love Area” to select “Date.” When dating people, you must keep your eyes on people whom you are dating to fulfill your wish to marry royalty. In short, your eyes should on those people who come with a crown or wig. If you already living in a monarch country, then there is possible that you may meet a royal person in a gym. Keep all given points in mind and you might not face any issue when completing your quest of marrying into royalty in Bitlife.

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