Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game Walkthrough


Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game is a Word, Puzzle, and Single-player video game brought to you by Dream World Games. Players who dream of becoming an international artist and interior designer, have an opportunity to make their dreams come true. Because Word Home isn’t only limited to puzzle-solving gameplay, it also brings a blend of decoration and the restoration of the mansion. In short, there’s an opportunity for you to design and decorate your home as promised. Thousands of beautiful décor and other items are available, but each one cost you a star. To earn a star, you have to make as many words as possible in a series of levels.

Playing word games helps you improve your English Vocabulary and reveal new words that you haven’t heard before. Therefore, you should make your focus on learning new words when playing the game. It offers similar to Crossword games that you may have had played in your childhood in any newspapers. Apart from making words, the game involves designing and decorating your house. The game intends to see your talent for decoration. When playing the game, you will learn lots of exciting things and learn how to makeover your dream homes. Players, who are new to Word Games, may need help to overcome thousands of challenging levels. Therefore, we jump in to help you by offering the best Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game Walkthrough Guide.


Word Home mixes Puzzle, Word, and Decoration game elements. In short, the game wants to see you as an interior designer. Therefore, a beautiful mansion is left in ruin for you to work on and restore its glory to make it lush. The game is released with a twist of a story, revolving around a female character who recently graduated from college. She was happy until the protagonist’s grandpa hasn’t set off on the journey to pursue the journey. The protagonist gives an interview and fails. Next to that, she feels like the whole world is getting dark. Although the game features a well-written storyline, decorating home and completing word puzzles are fun in themselves.

Graphics and Sound Effects

I found the gameplay quite similar to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, except for a few elements. The game doesn’t feature match-3 puzzles to solve, but comes with a word game twist, as it involves you making words in each level to earn a star. The graphics and sound effects are great and may keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. It doesn’t feature only dozens of levels, but in thousands and won’t end until you complete the decoration process.

Be an Interior Designer

The recently graduated character has wished to join the world’s most popular corporation, but she was rejected after an interview. She is upset because of being rejected; suddenly, a girl appears with news of her grandpa who left a mansion to pursue an adventure. The character found the mansion as an opportunity to show off her designing skills all over the world to impress others. In the game, you aren’t only supposed to decorate your home, because to unlock decoration pieces and new stuff require you to use stars that can only be earned by making words you the letters.

Improve Your English Vocabulary

Word Home isn’t only designed to have fun, but also giving you a chance to improve your vocabulary by learning new words. The game involves you in fun-filled activities, and it lets you discover a beautiful cast of characters who will appear on the screen to help you complete objectives. Maybe some players find reading books a boring way to learn something; therefore, developers bring a brand-new way to let players learn new words when playing the game.

How to Play Word Home?

You don’t need to learn any rocket science to start playing the game. The game comes with beautifully crafted tutorials that teach you how to start. There’s a sleek introduction of each item regarding their use during the game and power-ups that you can use to reveal how the missing letters. Each and everything is available at your fingertips, and the game features a smooth touchscreen control. The primary currency of the game is “Star” that you can use to complete tasks and unlock your favorite items within no time. Here’s a brief introduction:

Star – The primary currency of the game is “Star” which helps you unlock items and complete challenging tasks when you are renovating the mansion. Earning stars isn’t an easy task, you have to solve “Word Puzzles” using letters offering by each level.

Mellissa – You are invited to help Mellissa, a cute graduated girl who wants to renovate her grandpa’s house to give him a surprise whenever he comes back. The game highlights several items in the tutorial level to let you know how to renovate them. After tapping, it will display you three objects of the same type, and asks you to select your favorite one to add.


Nowadays, people love to play Word Puzzle games, because they find these games useful to learn new words when having fun. Although the game doesn’t feature any Multiplayer mode, you can share your progress with your friends using the Social Media feature to show them how you are working on the given mansion. To make your house wonderful, you should think out of the box and keep making words using the letters to earn stars. We know, not all fingers are equal; therefore, many players may not love to solve word puzzles but want to enjoy the story. So, we bring a Word Home Walkthrough Guide to you for solving word puzzles and see how to decorate the house beautifully.

The game starts with an introduction of the girl who is crying because of not getting selected in an interview as a designer. One of her friends comes to inform her about the grandpa, who recently leaves the town mansion to pursue his adventure. Now, you have a great opportunity to help Melissa decorate the house by selecting the best items and solving word puzzles to earn stars. Don’t miss a chance to be a hero ahead of a cute character who may date you anytime.

One of three Mailbox

At the very start, the game will add a star itself in your wallet to show you how to unlock items. It highlights a brush and asks you to tap on it for unlocking three beautiful mailboxes. After selecting your favorite one, you need to tap on the green-colored tick sign to add it. Once done, move to the next task which is regarding the handrail of the stairs you found broken.

The Handrail of the Stairs

Upon tapping the brush, you find yourself running out of stars; therefore, you should start playing world puzzle levels to solve and earn stars. Here’s the way in the Word Home Walkthrough, how to solve word puzzles.

Word Home Walkthrough – Level 1 to 5

Following the footsteps of other word games, the developer sets the first level as a tutorial revealing how to use letters to form a word. At the very start, the game features only three letters that you should use to make two different words of two and three letters respectively. Get ready to swipe your finger to make words.

Level 1

The first level comes with three letters such as N, W, and E, and asks you to swipe your finger to make words. If you are stuck somewhere else, don’t forget to use helping features like Shuffle, Hint, Reset, Clue, and more. Although all features aren’t free, they require some coins to give you one try. Therefore, your goal is to gather stars; meanwhile, struggle for coins to unlock power-ups and other features.

  • New
  • We

The words you need to make are mentioned above, and the completion of the level will leave you one star and 200 coins. After that, you have a chance to go back for the mansion’s renovation or stay here to complete further levels to make stars, as well as coins.

Level 2

Like the first level, it brings three letters and lets you swipe your finger to make words. This time, the letters are the following: R, W, and O. Connecting wrong letters won’t put any dent in your performance; therefore, keep trying to find the best connection of letters. The available words you are looking for, mentioned in Word Home Walkthrough Guide.

  • Or
  • Row

Note: Extra words you make will be added to the treasure box by leaving your extra coins.

Level 3

The game features a fat cat in bad mood above the screen within a circle. You can make the cat happy after completing the requirements and filling the bar to the end for a gift holding in-game coins and other exciting things for you. This time, the game has featured three sections of 2, 3, and 3 empty boxes respectively. You need to fill the empty spaces using the letters. Therefore, swipe your finger across the letters following the accurate order, and make words to earn points. It offers similar gameplay to Crossword, in which you have to find words after having first and last letters. The available letters are the following: T, C, and A. Indeed, the first word that comes to your mind would be a cat, and yes you’re right. Let’s see, what words we can make using the given letters.

Level 4

In the next, you have to make three words using three letters. The game starts with a basic difficulty level which gradually increases as you reach a high level where the number of letters will be increased. The first four levels have three letters that you use and make words to earn in-game points. The letters are, such as R, F, and O.

  • FOR
  • OF
  • OR

Level 5

Probably, you have to learn how the game works. There’s nothing new, except for the storyline and the environment. The game features polite and soft music that may relax your mind and give you a chance to have fun after passing a stressful day. The perfect piece of work for kids as they can help their minds grow and learn a variety of new words. Nevertheless, we suggest the game to players of all ages. The letters are the following: O, D, and G. After the completion of the first four levels, the game increases the number of words you have to find and make.

  • God
  • Dog
  • Do
  • Go

The completion of the first 5 levels will leave you 100 coins, 2 gems, and 1 hint to use during the game.

Word Home Walkthrough – Level 6 to 10

There’s a gift for you to claim right after completing five levels every time. I know, you will be excited to know what the gift box has for you. Let me clear, it comes with coins, diamonds, and one of many special features like hints and more.

Level 6

It keeps the same theme, and the letters count. You have to make four words using your wit. If you are stuck anywhere, ask the game to help you reveal the letter to start forming a word.

Moreover, you can also use the shuffle feature to reposition the letters. Changing the position may help you find the required word that isn’t possible to find by leaving the former position. The letters are the following: N, O, and S. The words you can make using the given letters are, such as:

  • Son
  • No
  • So
  • On

Level 7

It doesn’t seem the difficulty level is increasing because the game is offering daily life words to guess. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried, because everything is in your palm, and using the Word Home Walkthrough Guide, you can solve any challenging word puzzle available in the game. Level 7 comes with three letters, such as E, S, and U.

  • Sue
  • Use
  • Us

It may be your mistake to consider that making a word using letters is one of the easiest tasks to complete. The game has just started, and will gradually increase the difficulty level to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Level 8

Four words are required to make, and you have three letters as prior. Make use of your wit to test how much intelligent you are in making words and solve challenging puzzles. Try not to use any hint system or other type of help if you want to learn something, if you’re there to enjoy the storyline, then anything is allowed. The letters are the following: T, A, and E.

  • Tea
  • Eat
  • At
  • Ate

Level 9

It seems level 9 is pretty easy compared to others because it requires you to make only two words to complete. C, P, and U are the letters you have to use and swipe your finger to make words. The words you can make are the following:

  • Cup
  • Up

Level 10

Next to level 9, the game brings two sections of 3 and 3 boxes respectively. The letters are available on your screen B, T, and U, the only thing you need to do is to swipe your finger for the following words, such as:

  • But
  • Tub

Word Home Walkthrough – Level 11 to 15

Level 11

Don’t forget to claim your gift containing free coins, gems, and a power-up to help you during the game. After reaching level 11, you start to realize that the game is becoming tough to play because it releases the fourth letter. Now, you are supposed to make words having four letters. Your words are the following, such as D, O, O, and F. Swipe your finger across the letters following the order required to make the words.

  • Do
  • Of
  • Food

You are free to play the game your way either to complete all word puzzle levels or keep progressing through the storyline right after completing the word puzzle.

Level 12

It comes with the option of unlocking a piggy bank either for coins or diamonds. After the bank is filled up, you have a chance to purchase the piggy to get the corresponding rewards. I selected the piggybank for coins. Selection of the bank will add it at the top of the screen. The number of words constantly increases, and the game gradually increasing the difficulty level either. The letters are the following: F, T, I, and G.

  • If
  • It
  • Fig
  • Fit
  • Gift
  • Tig (Extra Word)

Making extra words won’t waste your time, as it will be directly added to the dictionary and reward you with in-game coins.

Level 13

In level 13, you have to make four words of 2, 2, 3, and 3 letters respectively. Making different words using the same letter may puzzle your mind. Therefore, you should get help from Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game Walkthrough Guide to solve word puzzles for in-game rewards.

Moreover, the letters are the following: M, A, and Y. I think the way I wrote the letters in itself is a word. Using the letters, you can make the given words:

  • May
  • Ay (Extra Word)
  • My
  • Ma (Extra Word)
  • Yam
  • AM

Level 14

It comes with three letters and three empty sections to add letters to form words. Indeed, you may have to learn a lot of new words I guess. The game is so addictive that it won’t leave you without wasting you’re a few hours. The music is relaxing, and it offers you stress-free gameplay where you won’t involve fighting against enemies and vicious monsters. You don’t need to plan your strategy to lead your troops on the battlefield for the dominance of the land. The thing you need for the dominance of word puzzle levels is a vocabulary-rich brain. Your letters are the following, such as S, U, and B. The words you can make using the letters are given below:

  • Bus
  • Sub
  • Us

During the game, you may find repetitive words as we have already made the word “us” three times.

Level 15

Once again, both letters and words are three in number. And the game requires you to make use of available letters and show how many words you can make. It needs the following words, such as:

  • Has
  • Sha (Extra Word)
  • Ash
  • HA (Extra Word)
  • As

Word Home Walkthrough – Level 16 to 20

The scene of claiming a gift right after the completion of 5 levels has been ended. Now, you need to complete 10 levels to claim the rewards. I told you earlier that the difficulty level gradually increases as you reach high levels. Therefore, you should improve your skills; meanwhile, completing levels to earn in-game stars and coins, as well as gems.

Level 16

You would be surprised to know that the game requires you to swipe your finger across the screen to make the connection between four letters to form five words of 2, 3, 3, 3, and four letters respectively. The available letters are the following: T, P, I, and R. I’m ready to bet the first word that comes to your mind is TRIP.

  • IT
  • Rip
  • Tip
  • Trip
  • Pit

Level 17

After offering a bit challenging level, the game takes you back to an easier one. You are supposed to make only three words of 2, and the rest of three letters. The letters you have are the following: T, A, and B. The solution to level 17 is given below:

  • TAB
  • Bat
  • AT

Level 18

You don’t need to think out of the box when everything is available surrounding you. The introduced words are taken from our daily life and represent them in a fun way. The level 18th requires you to swipe your finger using the touch controls and make five different words using the four letters, such as D, I, S, and H. Once again, you may catch me revealing the first word.

  • Is
  • Hid
  • Dish
  • His
  • Hi

 Level 19

Completion of level 19 is easier than the first level only for those players who are masters in solving word puzzles. It has three letters and requires three words of 2, and the rest of three letters respectively. Use your puzzle-solving skills to find the words.

  • Or
  • Do
  • Rod

Level 20

As level 20 will complete, the game will reward you with a gift containing in-game coins, diamonds, and other items to use for the completion of the tasks. The available letters are the following: R, A, and T. You should use the given letters to form words and earn in-game stars and coins to use later.

  • At
  • Rat
  • Tar
  • Art

The time has come to claim a gift that comes with 100 coins, 1 diamond, and a coin with a butterfly printed on it.

Word Home Walkthrough – Level 21 to 25

The game won’t change the background scene and the music. Although the music is soft and polite, there should be something different after a specific time to discover.

Level 21

Once again, you should use your puzzle-solving skills to form words using the given letters, such as P, T, and I.

  • It
  • Pit
  • Tip

Do you know, the game has a premium plan for you to purchase if you intend to experience the ad-free gameplay. You can visit the in-game shop to purchase items and currencies if you run out of coins and other items.

Level 22

Three letters can be used to form thousands of words with no doubt. But here, you have to make only five letters of the game choice. Additional words will be added to the dictionary and will reward you with extra coins. Therefore, making extra words may help you earn more coins. The letters are the following: T, O, and N.

  • Ton
  • Not
  • On
  • To
  • No

Level 23

Whenever you are playing the game, don’t forget to claim the daily free card to test your fortune. It may include free coins, diamonds, and other stuff to use. The game displays you three cards of a different color to choose from, and tapping the card of your choice will reveal what the card holds for you. Level 23 comes with four letters, such as W, I, F, and E. Here are the words you need to complete level 23.

  • If
  • We
  • Few
  • Wife

 Level 24

We suggest you to not visit home until you have over 100 stars. Having a lot of stars help you proceed with the storyline fast, and enjoy the gameplay when renovating the house. Level 24 comes with four letters and asks you to swipe your finger across the screen to form four words of 2, 3, 4, and 4 letters respectively. Your letters are available here: W, A, H, and T.

  • What
  • Thaw
  • At
  • Hat

Level 25

Playing word games is fun, and many times it makes you puzzle while you are very close to the solution. The game will keep storing coins to your bank after asking you, and whenever you remember that you have a bank, there would be over 1000 coins to use for unlocking premium stuff. The letters on your screen are the following: R, D, E, and E.

  • Reed
  • Deer
  • Red

Word Home Walkthrough – Level 26 to 30

The first two times you can claim a gift after completing the five levels, but as you pass level 10, the game increases the requirements and ask you to complete 10 for a gift. You should keep in mind and don’t forget to claim the daily bonus card as it may contain hundreds of coins for you.

Level 26

Did you notice? Tapping on the tap may help you listen to the sweet voice of a cat, saying meow. You have four letters, and your ultimate goal is to form four words. Use your wit, see around you, and start making words to earn in-game stars and coins. The letters are the following: V, A, S, and E. The words you make are the following:

  • As
  • Sea
  • Vase
  • Save

Don’t forget to use spin daily as the game gives you one turn for free. You have a chance to win coins, diamonds, and other things using the daily spin if you are lucky.

Level 27

The game features only three letters and comes with three sections of 2, 2, and 3 boxes respectively. Select the words to add in the empty boxes and complete the puzzle. The available letters are, such as O, F, and X. Without making words, you can’t visit advanced levels; therefore, keep solving puzzles to get rewarded. One thing more, the game features an autosave system that lets you pursue your game from where you have left it off.

  • Of
  • Ox
  • Fox

Level 28

Until the completion of the 27 levels, I’ve not started the renovation of the house. Still, busy collecting stars. Next to that, I will show you how to renovate the house and what type of mechanics the game has used to keep you engaged in an immersive gameplay experience. The letters of the 28 levels are the following: R, G, M, and O.

  • Of
  • Or
  • From
  • Form

Level 29

Have you ever imagined a decade before playing crossword games on a handheld device? Indeed, your answer will be no, because no one could imagine such type of technology. Back to the game, this time the game has featured three letters for you to choose from, arrange them in the right order to make words the game needs. The letters are the following: E, D, and W.

  • We
  • Dew
  • Wed
  • De (Extra Word)
  • Ed (Extra Word)

Level 30

Are you ready to claim a gift that the game intends to reward you right after 10 levels? I’m excited to know what the box will bring for me this time. Let’s complete the thirty levels of the game using the letters, W, O, and N. Ops! The way I represent the letters may itself is a word.

  • Won
  • Now
  • On
  • No
  • Own

This time, the reward comes with 100 free coins, 1 hint, and 1 item that you can use when playing word games.

Word Home Walkthrough Level 31 to 35

Level 31

Use three letters to make four words. Although it’s not an easy task, using a bit of wit you can overcome all challenges. So, keep making words to practice hard for the upcoming toughest levels. The words the game required are the following:

  • Top
  • Pot
  • To
  • Opt

You may not know that the coins you earn from making extra words are directly added to your piggy bank that you can withdraw anytime to use.

Level 32

Although there are no other backgrounds to change, still developers should give multiple options to choose from to enjoy the game your way. You should be familiar with all helping tools whenever you start playing the game for stars. The letters you need are the following: H, O, T, and M.

  • Moth
  • Hot
  • To

Level 33

It asks you to make five words using four letters. Although the game isn’t tough to play, still it gives you a tough time because it knows how to confuse and puzzle you. Are you ready for being puzzled? The game features four letters and task you with making five words. The letters are the following, such as G, O, L, and N.

  • Go
  • No
  • On
  • Log
  • Long

Level 34

For the first time, the level has come with five letters and a section asking you to make the 5-letter word. The available letters are the following: S, S, L, B, and E. As I already told you that the difficulty level will increase as you approach the upper stages. Still, it’s a beginning, then what levels you will face off after reaching in hundreds.

  • Bless
  • Less

Level 35

Are you familiar with the feature of revealing words? For sure, you’re not because I didn’t reveal it in any section. I found the same feature in many other word games, and it is pretty helpful. Therefore, you should know about it. Select the hand with a rising finger from the bottom of the screen and tap the block you want to reveal and come to know what word you need to make using the available letters. Your letters are the following: W, A, N, and T.

  • Ant
  • Want
  • Tan
  • An
  • At

How to Decorate the Mansion?

After learning how to solve word puzzles, Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game Walkthrough intends to teach you how to decorate your grandpa’s home. Don’t take anything seriously, when you can complete it when having fun. The first tutorial level is already described in which you have selected and placed a mailbox in your house.

House comes with many Rooms

You should be familiar that the house you will decorate has many rooms. Each room has a different appearance and comes with lush furniture and decoration pieces. Still, you need to renovate it to make it even more beautiful. Therefore, we jump in to help you renovate each room. The available rooms are the following:

  • Porch
  • Children Room
  • Mellissa’s Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Café
  • Sitting Room
  • Movie Room
  • Exhibition Room
  • Guest Room
  • Courtyard
  • Washroom
  • Gym
  • Play Room

To complete the rest of the rooms, you have to decorate the Porch. All rooms will unlock step by step and will give you access to visit any time after finalizing them. The game features a notebook where you can see the tasks you have to complete using stars. Each task has a different requirement and will deduct the number of stars mentioned with the task on the notebook.

Moreover, your 2nd goal is to change the handrail of the stairs. Choosing the brush will display you three handrails, such as Stone, Marble, and Solid Wood. Selecting your favorite one will be placed without any hassle, and you can change it anytime without using stars. Your next objective is to fix the floor and it will charge a star. The available variety of floors are the following: Wooden Materials, Cork Tile, and Marble.

Choose the pillar after spending a star may help you make the decoration process in the forward direction. The Porch requires you to replace up to 11 items; similarly, further rooms have their unique requirements and the number of stars they need to unlock items.

Daily Spin

The game brings a daily spin to test your fortune. It may display the ad first if you are connected to the internet; otherwise, it may run directly if any free spins are available in your queue. The spin contains eight sections; each one is containing something amazing for you, including diamonds, a box of coins, and a few chunks of coins. If there’s no spin in your queue, then you can tap on it to let the game run the ad in exchange for one spin. The deal isn’t as bad as you are considering. You need coins to unlock helping tools when playing word puzzle levels.

Drawing Page

Word Home features a drawing page available on the screen when you are decorating the home. It will reveal the locations what items need to be changed and you can tap the screen to turn the Drawing page off.


Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game is one of the best Word and Puzzle games that come with a twist of crossword game elements. Although the game didn’t feature any visual effects, it is enough to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Multiple rooms are available to give you a tough time, and each room requires you to change up to 11 items. Enjoy the soft relaxing music when playing the game. Similar to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, stars have a vital role in the game that may help you complete the tasks that appeared on the notebook. Overall, my experience with Word Home: Proj and Project Makeover Design Game was great, and it entertained us a lot.

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