BitLife Guide: How to Become a Billionaire in BitLife


If you are one of those players who are eager to become a Billionaire in BitLife, then it could be your dream because becoming a billionaire is a tough job. Well, you don’t need to worry because we have got some tips for you. Everything is possible in a single life if you follow the given steps properly. The only things you have to do are increase your popularity among others, purchase properties, and live longer. Having said that means, becoming a billionaire is easier in Bitlife than in real life because you can try as many times as you can.

Moreover, you can also read our guides of “How to Escape the Prison in BitLife” and “How to Become President” following their links. To become a billionaire, you have to become a famous actor first which is possible by doing commercials, sell products, and increase your followers on social media platforms. After getting famous, you should keep your focus on purchasing houses and other properties that will generate money as your character reaches its old age. Before starting your struggle, you should keep in mind that everything takes time.

How to Become a Billionaire in BitLife?

First of all, you should be born in a tax-free state, where you can keep your all money without paying taxes. Secondly, you must take birth with high looks because later on, you may have to be an actor. To keep your looks high, we suggest you go to the gym as it opens it and never miss out on joining Mind and Body. Besides that, create your accounts on all social media platforms to increase your fame. At the start, you don’t need to post anything because after becoming a celebrity people will start following you.

  • Born in Tax-free Country

  • Take Birth with High Looks

  • Go to the gym once a year

  • Join all Social Media Platforms

  • Buy Properties

Keeping the requirements in mind, you should take further action. Once your graduation gets completed, come out and start finding a job to become an actor. Click here “How to Become an Actor in BitLife” if you don’t know. Let me explain briefly that to become an actor you need experience as a voiceover artist first. If the game lacks the Voiceover Artist job, then you should start a new life and keep repeating the process until you find a Voiceover Actor job because without it your dream of becoming an actor won’t be fulfilled. After getting a job as a voiceover actor, you should struggle to get a lead role in any movie to become an Actor. Although your salary will be low because of your current position, it gradually increases after getting the right job.

Unlock the Fame Bar

Unlocking a fame bar is your second requirement that is also a step to your destination of becoming a billionaire. Once people acknowledge you as an actor, start posting on your social platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. Regular posting will upgrade your fame rating every year and one day you will find yourself doing commercials and photoshoots. You won’t believe that how much you earn after hitting 90+ in the fame bar – the game starts to offer you almost 3,000,000 for a commercial. During the scene, you can write a book to share your thoughts and past with people to make money by selling it.

After finding your bank balance of more than 30,000,000, you should start buying properties in different places. Keep in mind that buying more than one property every year is mandatory. Following the given steps may help you make $100,000,000 easily. After having too much cash in your account, keep your focus on buying expansive properties. Until you reach your goal, keep doing the said things:

  • Go to Gym to keep your health at 100% each year
  • Sign contracts to do commercials
  • Sell products on Social Media
  • Join talk shows to increase your fame
  • Work hard as a Voiceover actor to get promoted to Actor
  • Keep Your Looks above 90%

What to do if your look drops to below 90 in BitLife?

Keeping your looks above 90 is mandatory; therefore, you should never show any carelessness. In case you find your fame below 90, join Talk Show or post on social media platforms.

After looks, the second and the most important thing is your health because you might need to live into your 100s to fulfill your goal of becoming a Billionaire in BitLife. So, enjoy a healthy life by doing exercise regularly and go to your doctor for a daily checkup. Now, it seems becoming a billionaire is pretty easy by merely purchasing properties and letting them grow in value.

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