Project Makeover Walkthrough


Project Makeover is a Casual and Single-player video game offered by Bubblegum Games for Mobile Devices. The game brings a golden opportunity for those players who intend to be a makeup artist. Additionally, it adds many other fun-filled activities like Match-3 Levels, Fashionable Clothes, Furniture, and more. Having lots of stuff and components mean there’s no lack of fun. So get ready to embark on a journey of becoming the world’s best makeup artist and interior designer. Somehow, the game offers similar gameplay to Gardenscapes and Homescape, but with makeover components. In the game, you need to solve dozens of match-3 levels to earn in-game coins, unlock other stuff, and complete tasks.

Project Makeover Review – Become a Makeup Artist

Bubblegum Games brings a brand-new gameplay concept with familiar tilt-matching and decoration twists. For sure, you may have played dozens of match-3 and home decoration games. Since you’re a master in solving tilt-matching levels; therefore, achieving in-game coins won’t be a big deal for you. When playing the game, you will deal with the following items:

  • Drama
  • Decoration
  • Makeover
  • Fashionable Clothes
  • Solve Riddles
  • Stylize Your Avatar
  • Visit Friends
  • Blast Levels
  • Unique Power-ups

Choose Favorite Outfits

The game brings fashionable outfits, but each one requires a specific amount of coin to be unlocked. Therefore, you should deal with tilt-matching levels work on the same formula brought to you by traditional Match-3 games. You should find and connect three to five identical items to earn points. There are different objects available to connect, and the game brings a series of power-ups that help you complete each stage. Without using power-ups, you can reach the end. At the start, only a few power-ups will be introduced to you, further will unlock as you unlock achievements and approach the targeted location.

Daily Tasks

Like Homescapes and Gardenscapes, it features dozens of playable levels. There’s a daily task board where you can find challenging tasks you have to complete as soon as possible. The board contains limited tasks for completion; once done, further tasks will take place. In-game coins are the primary currency, and without that, you can’t go far. Therefore, completion of match-3 levels is compulsory to earn coins and complete tasks.

A Beautiful Cast of Characters

Project Makeover promises to introduce a beautiful cast of characters; each one has a unique personality. It puts your makeover skills to test and lets you accomplish challenges while playing the game. All characters are beautifully rendered and have fantastic stuff and appearance. Follow the story to help a character on her journey from ugly to beautiful. Reveal your skills and start making over the girl to make it the cute lady.

How to play

Firstly, you should complete the tutorial level and start completing match-3 levels for in-game coins since you required coins to complete challenging tasks. Levels are in hundreds, and each one comes with a unique layout and boosters to unlock. We will share some tips on unlocking the booster in Project Makeover Walkthrough Guide – Tips and Tricks.

  • Fashionable Outfits – The game features dozens of outfits to create and unlock for your favorite characters.
  • Makeover – During the game, you find different clients with varied requirements. Your goal is to give them confidence and embark on a journey to follow their dreams.
  • Decoration – Like Gardenscapes and Homescapes, the game brings thousands of decoration pieces and stuff to your palm and assigns you a task to decorate the manor.
  • Drama – It doesn’t feature only tilt-matching gameplay, but decoration items with dramatic twists. Apart from the puzzle section, you can interact with extreme personalities.
  • Riddles – Besides drama, you’re supposed to solve challenging puzzles for in-game points.
  • Meet Friends – Within the game, you have an opportunity to see how your friends are dressing their avatars and what kind of materials they are using to decorate their mansions
  • Power-ups – Different power-ups are available over there to help you complete tilt-matching levels within no time. Without using power-ups, you can solve advanced stages.


Although playing Match-3 games isn’t a big deal, the problem appears when you reach high stages. Approximately every game introduces unique power-ups to help you solve challenging puzzles. Therefore, we suggest you learn about boosters and power-ups and how to create them to help.

Moreover, we will introduce a series of ways to learn how to master all match-3 levels and proceed with the storyline. Are you ready to discover a cast of characters? People who need your help take them beautiful and stylish because they are helpless and no confidence.


The game’s story starts with Greta Von Deta, an international makeover expert. The said character excuses for not fixing the disaster of a girl. Next to that, the girl goes away, and a team of professionals appears on the screen to realize what’s wrong she did. The professionals left Greta Von Deta and found a new director. Yes, you’re the new direction and the makeover artist. After that, the game asks you to enter your name and start moving in forward in the plot.

The first client whom you need to deal with your skills is Samantha. After a brief introduction, the game displays you three different makeover plans, such as:

  • New Hairstyle
  • Professional Look
  • Comfy Space

You are freely allowed to select one of three makeover styles of your choice to make your dream comes true. At first, you start with hair, and for that, the game displays you a few locked options on your screen, except for the hair portion. Tapping on the displaying icon will lead you to head to the salon. Before giving the girl a haircut, you should remove the giant glasses. For that, tap on a burger icon available at the left-bottom-corner of the screen and let you find what your objectives to complete are. The entire game spans different episodes; each one brings a series of tasks to complete.

Project Makeover Walkthrough – Episode 1 (Growing Up)

As mentioned above, each episode brings a series of tasks to your inventory to complete. The first two tasks are the following:

  • Style Hair
  • Remove Glasses

For the completion of each task, you need to spend 100 in-game coins. Tapping on the task button will remove the glasses and deduct 100 coins from your in-game account. After using the last 100 coins from your account to remove the account, you are supposed to earn more coins by completing match-3 levels.

Therefore, you should start solving match-3 puzzles to earn points to make characters beautiful. The first match-3 level will ask you to collect thirty hearts by matching identical items. The completion of the level will leave you ten gems and 300 coins. Once done, back to your main screen, open the task panel, and tap on the style hair to proceed.


As you click on the “Style Hair,” the game displays three different hairstyles: Long Bob, Casual Smart, and Romantic Bun. You can choose your favorite one to make the girl pretty cool. After removing glasses and styling hairs, your goal is to apply makeup. As prior, you need 100 coins to achieve the task and move to the next scene. The available options are the following:

  • Natural Peace
  • Rosey Pink
  • Fall Tons

Choose your choice of color and apply the makeup to the girl to see how she looks after the makeover. Keep in mind most of the time you spend reading the conversation between characters, the rest of your time playing match-3 levels.

Dressing Room

As you complete all tasks, the game takes you back to the main room. Now, it’s time to lead your character in the dressing room to change clothes. There are three different options available at the start, whom first two are locked, while the third is a hair salon. Now, the 2nd unlocked option is the dressing room. Get ready to work on the outfit.

  • New Top
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Purse

Firstly, to select the new top, you should have 100 coins in your wallet. If you are running out of balance, then you should play match-3 levels to earn in-game coins. Once you earn money, go to the back screen where the game will display you three different bottoms, such as Vague Plaid, Le Leopard, and Midi Blue. Throughout the game, your choice does matter and will shape the story and the girl’s future.

At the start, the game doesn’t feature limited moves. Therefore, you are free to play the game your way to figure out how power-ups and boosters work. Connecting four identical items, horizontal or vertical, will give you a rocket (power-up) that will disappear the complete row or column upon tapping.

Solve the match-3 level to complete the image you need to add to your album and display your friends to prove your fashion skills. After earning lots of coins, you need to select a top, shoes, and purse one by one out of three and attempt to make the girl literally beautiful. Once done, don’t forget to add gold droplets as it rewards you with the bonus at the end.

Decorate the Room

After giving the girl a beautiful hairstyle and lots of new outfits, you should decorate the room for the completion of the first episode, back to the main room, where you should tap on the third option, which is recently unlocked, and start decorating the room choosing the best stuff. Open the task panel to see what tasks you need to complete.

  • Clear Room
  • Walls and Floors
  • New Curtains
  • Couch
  • New Bookshelf
  • New Desk and Chair
  • Wall Art
  • Coffee Table/End Table
  • New Rug
  • Standing Lamp
  • New End Table Décor

You don’t need to work hard; professionals are always ready to help you clean all the mess. Follow the instruction and clear the room first before setting other stuff and furniture in the room. After clearing the room, you have to choose the walls from the following: Slate, Mustard, and Ivory Brick. Once you decided, tap on the option to apply and move to your next objective to complete. Don’t forget to complete match-3 levels because this time, something is surprising for you – a mystery box. Upon opening the box, you will discover a potted palm (Floor Décor).

Furthermore, select new curtains, bookshelf, and couch out of three according to your taste. Other stuff is required to decorate the room. Lots of in-game coins are only the course to unlock other stuff. Therefore, don’t leave playing match-3 levels as they are only the way to help you earn coins. After setting the room, you need to select items of different categories, such as Bookshelf, Wall Art, Coffee Table, Standing Lamp, Table Décor, etc. Once you complete the last task of the first episode, the game rewards you with 1500 Bonus Cash, plus 100 for Accessories and 100 for Décor, in a total of 1700.

Project Makeover Walkthrough – Episode 2

In the 2nd episode, you are highly supposed to desperately give makeup to other people to make their dreams come true. Use your fashion to choose the perfect clothes, makeup, and furniture for the room to improve your skills. While playing the game, you can deal with dramatic avatars like fashion icons, clients, or scheming assistants in dire need of wardrobe. After helping the first character, the game introduces you to a new male character, a mechanic.

Before starting the game, you should choose three styles available on your screen, such as:

  • Trim Trim
  • Clean Look
  • Place to Relax

Selection of the style is compulsory, and the game will deal with you according to your selected option. Therefore, choose your type and start unlocking other options. Like the first episode, only the salon is opened, while other options are locked. Take your client to the salon to give him a haircut. Your early goals are the following:

  • Remove Hat
  • Director’s Key
  • Samantha’s Letter
  • Wash Hair
  • Wash Face


Following the first episode’s footsteps, the game will charge 100 coins to remove extra stuff you are carrying on. The professional makeover artist tells you about the director’s keys during the conversation, whom he recently discovered from somewhere. Clicking on the profile image will lead you to the director’s room to start with the basics. The game gives you the option of choosing your gender and start building a personality.

  • Choose the Gender
  • Face Shape
  • Skin Color
  • Eye Color
  • Hair color

Director’s Room

Next to that, you will see the scissors icon on the screen, along with hats and hairstyles. Let’s take a quick look. Upon tapping the icon, the game will introduce you to a new screen showing you different hairstyles in exchange for in-game money.

Now, I think you should leave something to do in the future with the director, back to the salon where a man awaits you with massive hair. During the game, you receive a letter from the first client, who informs him not to lose confidence as the professionals are great and would help you look fantastic. She shares her experience with the man regarding her first job and many other things others.

Your next task is to wash your hair and face; the first task will cost you 200 coins, while the 2nd task will charge up to 100 coins. Therefore, having coins in your wallet is compulsory; otherwise, you can’t complete tasks to proceed with the story and deal with the clients. Use soap to clean the face of the man, and back to the workshop where your goal is to clean the room


The first task is to clean the boxes to make the place clean and move to complete further tasks. Hold you, the features something option, known as New Drama. Whether you love watching dramas or not, seeing the first arrogant international makeover artist would be great. The 2nd episode comprises up to seven parts, such as Salon, Room, Dressing Room, Room, Salon, Workshop, and Dressing Room. Tapping the “new drama task,” the game will take you to head a new screen where you discover a series of dramas, including Stealing the Show that consists of five parts. Start earning coins to spend on the completion of tasks.

  • Remove Old Motorcycle
  • Remove Garbage
  • Map Floor
  • Remove Workbench


After completing all the workshop room objectives, the game takes you to the wardrobe to change the new client’s appearance.

  • Remove Gloves and Boots
  • Clothing Delivery
  • Remove Coveralls
  • Visit a Random Player
  • Expand Network
  • New Window
  • Floor and Curtains

Use in-game coins to remove dirty stuff and try to make your character comfortable. Play match-3 levels to earn in-game coins and purchase new outfits for the client to look beautiful and restore confidence. Next to that, you should tap on the director’s room to complete the rest of the work not at once, but in some simple steps.

Moreover, this time, you should choose some beautiful outfits for the director using in-game cash. For the client, you will use coins, while for your director, the game asks you to make use of money. Complete all tasks to make your character beautiful, and you won’t complete all these things without solving match-3 puzzles. You will keep discovering new power-ups that help you blast chunks of items at once during the game.


After preparing the client, you are supposed to decorate the room using different decorations and furniture. Therefore, you should work, think, and act as an interior designer who knows how to add items to make the room beautiful.

Visit a Random Player

The social tab contains two different options, such as Random Player and Facebook. Now, visiting a random player to see what he/she is doing and decoration the room, you should tap on the visit button. Upon tapping the button, the game will take you to another player’s room to leave your feedback regarding the outfits the random player selected for the avatar. Next to that, you have a choice of adding the player to your friend list. The screen will also reveal the random player’s name and the number of levels the random player has completed.

Increasing difficulty level

It would help if you kept in mind that the completion of match-3 puzzles will increase the difficulty level. You start the game by collecting only one type of item, but as you reach high levels, the game increases the number of things you have to manage by matching identical products.

Bring the client back to the salon where you need to Trim his Beard, Wax Eyebrows, and Cut Hair to make him handsome. The 2nd episode is much longer than the first episode, and it has different sections offering a variety of steps to follow for the completion of tasks. Once all tasks are completed, the game will display you a short clip revealing how your client was looking earlier and what he is now. Claim your bonus and move to the next episode to help a new client fulfill dreams.

Project Makeover Walkthrough – Episode 3

The third episode revolves around a female chef who is worried because of having ugly for life. She needs your help to get her confidence back and to be the world’s, beautiful lady. The game takes place in a restaurant where your goal is to start the makeover of your client by removing her hat first. The third episode splits into seven parts. In each part, you have to do several enhancements to your characters. At the very early, you take your character to the salon where you require to remove extra stuff like hats and more.


You start the makeover by removing the hat to see how your client looks like. Next to that, you should untie the hair and do a facial to clean her skin. Don’t forget to wash her hair and remove the mask; each task will charge you in-game coins that are only obtainable by solving match-3 puzzles. After completing the salon part, the game takes you to the next place where it tasks you with decorating the restaurant. Your first goals are the following:

  • Clear Walls
  • Remove Counter and Tables
  • New Walls
  • Add Floor
  • New Windows


There’s the only choice you can use to earn in-game coins is the Match-3. Upon playing, you will discover that the difficulty level gradually increases as the passage of levels, and many unique power-ups are getting revealed to use. Therefore, you should make use of power-ups to keep earning in-game coins for the completion of tasks. The game will leave you two types of in-game currency such as Cash and Coins.

  • Cash – You can use the money to unlock stuff for newly found directors.
  • Coins – You can use coins to purchase items for your clients to make them beautiful.

The thing you should is that the number of coins for the completion of tasks will increase gradually. Now, you are in a restaurant where your job is to remove tables and counter to clean the place. Next to that, add new walls and brings beautiful furniture to the room to make it attractive. After adding walls, you should select one of the three-floor types to include. Keep watching dramas to see what is happening with the rude international makeover expert and other characters.

The game asks you to collect up to 450 coins to purchase new windows and add them to the wall. Play match-3 levels to unlock beautiful windows and move to the wardrobe where you need to select the outfits for your character. Don’t forget to add beautiful doors of the same type as the windows and the roofs to complete the final touches.


You start the makeover by removing items the game asks you to, choose the beautiful outfit for your character, and bring her back to the restaurant. Firstly, you have to remove the boots and then the chef coat. To remove the shoes, you have to spend 200 coins, while for the chef coat you need 300 coins.

Learn how power-ups can help you complete the puzzle. The game has started to introduce obstacles and other types of hurdles that will only destroy upon making a connection of identical items around them. Therefore, the chances of wasting turns have to be increased. You should place carefully because each turn does matter and can help you dominate the level.

Note – You have only five hearts in the meter. Running out of turns will remove a heart, and once you run out of hearts, the game takes a few minutes to refill the bar. Therefore, try to complete each puzzle level without wasting a single power.

After removing the chef’s coat, you should remove the pant, and then decide on the fashionable outfit for your client; but before, you should give her meditate, back to the room, where you have placed only windows, walls, doors, and roof. You aim to fully decorate the room for your client to make her happy. Your next goals are the following:

  • New Soffit
  • Patio
  • New Kitchen
  • Patio Floor
  • New Counter
  • Backsplash
  • New Patio Tables
  • Stools
  • New Desktop Décor
  • Drama
  • New Pots and Pans
  • Patio Umbrellas and Chairs

The construction work has been completed; now, you should wake up your inner interior designer who has to decorate the given place to turn it into a restaurant. You start the decoration by adding a new soffit near the left wall. Next to that, making a patio is compulsory.

Don’t forget to add a new kitchen in the same location as the ruined room had, and move to add a new patio floor to make the restaurant beautiful. Adding a counter and backsplash are vital, and the game gives you a choice of selecting one of three types of stools for customers. Use in-game coins to make your restaurant beautiful and cool. After that, you should move to the salon to see your client.


After reaching the salon, your goal is the following:

  • Cut Hair
  • Wax Eyebrows
  • New Drama

The game allows you to see how a makeover artist works in life, and how she makes people beautiful. There are different types of tools available that become available only needed and will help you make dreams of people come true. In the next scene, you need to give the lady cut hair and then wax her eyebrows. The first task will cost you 500 in-game coins, while the 2nd will charge only 250 coins. You have three types of hairstyles to choose from: Long Locks, Sleek Layers, and Relaxed Curls. Once done, apply foundation to the client for a shining face. Don’t forget to apply eye makeup and blush. The final step is to apply lipstick to end the makeover session.


After finalizing your makeup, you should back to the restaurant to give it the final touches. Start your work by adding new booths and ceiling lights. New Painting, Tables, and Plant Shelf await you to select one of three and add to their right places. Play match-3 puzzles, make use of power-ups like rockets, bombs, magnets, scissors, and other items to clear the screen within no time.

The more match-3 levels you play, the more coins you earn. The game will display your upcoming items before bringing them to the playfield. Therefore, you should make a better idea regarding your next step. After reaching the high stages, the game gives you three different items to collect for a specific amount.

Project Makeover Walkthrough – Episode 4

The 4th episode of Project Makeover will start with professionals, Greta Von Deta, and a strange girl. It seems the international makeover artist has done something wrong with the girl. Now, professionals need to help her restore happiness. Therefore, the game displays you three different styles and asks you to choose one of them to start showing off your expertise. The options are the following:

  • Liven Up Look
  • Think Color
  • Clear the Cobwebs


Your first goal is to remove the hat using 250 coins and remove the makeup using 300 coins. The first scene takes you to a salon where you did the makeup of other characters. Most of the time you spend reading the discussion between characters. Removal of the hat brings the realistic face of the girl. Apart from that, you have to remove fake contacts.

Furthermore, the objectives are the following: Untie Hair and Wash Hair. Next to that, you should leave the girl for a while, so her hair gets completely dried. Please move to the horror room to see how you can decorate it. There are lots of furniture available that you should remove before placing a new one.

Remove Items – Room

The set of tasks will start by clearing the cobwebs. Similar to previous episodes, the 4th episode comes with seven sections, including Salon, Decoration, Wardrobe, Room, Salon, and more. The rest of the tasks are the following:

  • Remove Curtains and Lamp
  • Takedown Wall Art
  • Remove Furniture and Coffin Table
  • New Drama
  • Remove Fireplace

After removing all odd items, the game is tasked with adding new stuff like furniture and decoration pieces to make the room beautiful for your client. Playing the game will improve your interior designing skills, and gives you a chance to set furniture and objects. Therefore, following the given steps mentioned in Project Makeover Walkthrough.

  • New Ceiling
  • Add Wallpaper
  • New Floor
  • Watch Drama
  • New Shelves

Each option brings three different styles to choose from, and decide according to your taste. Your client won’t interrupt, as she left everything on you whether it’s good or not. Therefore, decorate the room your way to make it beautiful.


Firstly, you need to remove the dirty clothes of your character and odd makeup; it seems someone unprofessional in the field, had done the makeup. The removal of the dress and the chocker will cost you up to 400 coins. You always have an option to watch dramas to discover what is happening within the lives of other characters. You should keep visiting random players to see how they are working on their characters. Don’t forget to remove boots, corsets, and extra stuff your character is equipped with.

Add Items – Room

Derek welcomes you to the room where the game gives you a chance to show off your skills by designing a room by helping Derek. At the start, you can use 600 coins to bring a new sofa set to the room and add to the place you love. Next to that, your goals are the following:

  • New Pillows
  • End Table
  • Table
  • Movie Poster
  • New Rug
  • Ottoman
  • New Wall Lights
  • Flowers
  • New Wall Art
  • Desktop Décor

After placing the sofa, your goal is to bring soft pillows to keep on the couch for your guest. Next to that, purchase an end table using coins, and then a regular table to keep flowers on it. Bring the movie posters and place them on the wall behind the sofa on both sides. Unlock a new rug and add pretty wall lights. After that, you should unlock flowers and wall art, as well as desktop décor to keep within the room to make it beautiful, as it was not before. At the start, it seems the room was a shelter for a zombie. Move to the session that takes place in the salon.

Makeover – Salon

Firstly, the player requires to remove the makeup and dirty clothes of their clients; next to that, the player has to find beautiful outfits and choose the best makeup. After coming back to the salon, your goals are the following:

  • Apply Foundation
  • Dye Hair
  • Apply Blush and Eye Makeup
  • Cut Hair
  • New Drama
  • Apply lipstick

You start the makeover in a different process; firstly, the game asks you to apply foundation and then color the hair. Next to that, apply blush to the face and do eye makeup. Don’t forget to give the client a haircut, and select one of three colors to apply lipsticks. Once you have done, back to the room to give it the final touches.

Add New Furniture – Room

You are supposed to add a new fireplace and window to make the room cool. Don’t forget to bring a new TV to the room and fill the shelves with books for your character to read. Almost, the room is ready. Now, the game will lead you to the wardrobe where you have to decide on new outfits for your client.


Once you get into the wardrobe, the game starts to display you a series of tasks to complete. The completion of the task won’t leave you anyone, but charge a few coins you may earn by completing challenging match-3 puzzles and completing the episodes either. Now, your ultimate goals are the following:

  • New Bottom
  • Shoes
  • Top
  • New Hat
  • Jacket
  • Purse
  • Necklace
  • The Reveal

Furthermore, you start the game by selecting the fashionable bottom for your client. Unlock shoes and top to try them on your character. The game asks you to purchase a jacket and purse using in-game coins and add them to your inventory. Each item comes with three variants, and selection does matter; therefore, the game casts you in the role of an interior designer and makeover artist.

At last, you have to spend 200 coins to see what your client was earlier, and what she is now. Moreover, the completion of the 4th episode will leave you a 1500 bonus and up to 300 in-game coins to use for unlocking other stuff. Therefore, Keep in mind that you can use cash for purchasing stuff for your director, while you can use the coins to unlock items for your clients.


Playing makeover games won’t only teach you how to make people beautiful, but also gives you a chance to understand people. Project Makeover comes with a twist of Match-3 Puzzles and Makeover gameplay, where you discover a cast of beautiful characters.

Get into the game and start making your name across the world, visit random players or your friends after linking the game with your Facebook account. The game features quite impressive graphics and beautiful visual effects. Most of the time you spend reading the narrations between people, while the rest of the time making choices to decorate the room and makeover people.

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