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Spotlight X: Room Escape is a Puzzle, Hidden Objects, and Single-player video game that takes place in a thrilling house. The premise of the game focuses on finding hidden objects from different rooms and use them to escape the room. Javelin Ltd releases the game on mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. The developer promises to introduce new story twists and parallel plots regularly. If you love playing hidden object video games with a fascinating storyline based on challenging quests, then Spotlight X: Room Escape is designed for you. It will put your brainpower to the test and push your detective skills beyond the limits.

Besides, the story follows a hero who found himself locked up in an unknown location with memory. The only thing the protagonist knows is to escape the house alive. There is almost nothing that can save you, except for your logical thinking and puzzle-solving skills. The game introduces beautiful 3D graphics and superb mechanics that keep you coming back again and again to complete the rest of the chapters. Currently, there are two chapters available to play – the first chapter holds five levels to complete, while the second chapter has four levels. Each level takes place in a different room and it brings a challenging task to complete.

2 Playable Chapters

As mentioned above, the game has only two chapters and each one promises to offer you stunning gameplay with different environments and puzzles to solve. You will explore the scene from a first-person viewpoint and use a point-and-click interface to find hidden objects. Completion of all levels isn’t an easy task; therefore, players from across the world come out to search Spotlight X: Room Escape Levels Walkthrough. Before starting the walkthrough guide, have a look at both chapters and their levels:

Chapter 1

  • Awakening
  • Oversight
  • Nightfall
  • Passage
  • Say Hi

Chapter 2

Whenever you start playing any hidden object game, you should keep detective skills in mind. Randomly tapping the screen won’t help you get solutions; therefore, you should need an active mind, sharp eyesight, and quick reflexes. Whether playing puzzle and hidden object games is relatively easy than FPS and Battle Royale games, but they need more attention than any other games. Many times players get stuck in a harsh situation that finding the solution without any help of guide and walkthrough is almost impossible for them. So, we found it the best moment to release Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough.

Like other Hidden Object games, only the first level of the first chapter is unlocked to play. Making progression in the first level will unlock the second and the completion of the second level will unlock the third one. Each level rewards you with stars that you need to unlock the Spotlight X: Room Escape Chapter 2.

Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough

As mentioned above, Spotlight X comes with two chapters; each one is offering a different number of levels. Assume the role of a character who lost his memory and doesn’t know how he reached an abandoned house. He needs your help to escape the house, but the task isn’t as easy as you are considering it. To help the guy, you have to deal with different rooms, interact with objects, and search for hidden objects, while finding a way out of the house. As the game starts, you find only one chapter is unlocked while the other requires the completion of their previous tasks. Therefore, a Walkthrough of Spotlight X Room Escape will help you find out solutions to all of your puzzles.

Spotlight X: Room Escape Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Spotlight X: Room Escape Chapter 1 has five different levels and each one is designed to offer you a chance to see how fast your brain works to solve tricky puzzles. The available levels are the following:


Spotlight X: Room Escape comes with a beautiful mix of Puzzle and Hidden Objects game components to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. There are several challenging levels; each one is designed to offer you thrilling gameplay, along with immersive soundtracks. The graphics are breathtaking and experiencing the gameplay from the protagonist’s perspective is a great step, appreciated by many players. We know finding clues and hidden objects without having a list is quite challenging, but you don’t need to worry, because we released a Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough (previously known as Spotlight X Room Escape Passage, Oversight, or Awakening).

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