Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Introduction is back with another walkthrough of Spotlight X: Room Escape Shadow. This time, the game takes you to a strange room where the main door is locked with wooden pieces and there is no way out. Using your detective skills, you should help the protagonist discover hidden objects from the room and add them to your inventory. Utilize all collected items to solve the mystery and find a way out. Spotlight X: Room Escape is one of the best Hidden Object games that take place in stunning rooms and a variety of hidden items to find.

Furthermore, you don’t need to be panic because the addition of a hint system is really helpful and will highlight the object if you fail to catch it. Apart from that, you can get help from our Spotlight X Room Escape Shadow Walkthrough for the completion of puzzles. Although you can’t experience the live environment like many other puzzle games, the graphics are enough to keep you engaged for infinite hours of fun. The Spotlight X guide contains a few steps highlighting how to find hidden objects and use them to solve the mystery.

Spotlight X Room Escape Walkthrough – Level 7 (Shadow)

At the very start, you should learn about the room where you are currently standing and keep all objects in mind. We know playing hidden object games without any list of items is much difficult for almost everyone, even for pro players. Follow the given steps to find hidden items:

  • Collect a paper from a rack available to your right side.
  • Tap on a rack kept near the main door and collect the towel from there.
  • On the left side of the door, there is a box that upon getting opened may leave you a cutter, and don’t forget to collect a paper under the same box.
  • Now move back to the main area and collect a fire extinguisher fixed on the wall next to the stairs.
  • Use the fire extinguisher to break the main door to collect glass and a key from the rack
  • Open the box which is taped and kept near the first rack using glass to collect a letter.

Store Room

After collecting all said items, you should head to a door and break the mirror using the fire extinguisher from your inventory.

  • Open the door and get into the room to discover further hidden objects.
  • Search the boxes to collect a handle and keep it in your inventory.
  • Before leaving the room, you have to collect a spray bottle available on the right side of the room. And use a cutter to collect a piece of wire.


Take stairs to reach the circuit after leaving the room.

  • Connect the wire with the circuit and try to make 10/10 after setting up numbers.
  • Once done, the box will open and you may find a handle inside it. Pull the handle down and spray on the dirt spot using a spray bottle.
  • Clean it using a towel to reveal a triangle on the door.

Go Back to the Storeroom

Once again, you may have to visit the Store Room where a locker is available.

  • Enter the passcode (1385) to open it and collect a blade from there.
  • Before leaving the storeroom, collect a hacksaw from the rack.
  • Head to your inventory and connect the hacksaw with the blade you found from a box.
  • Come out from the storeroom, tap on the image hanged on the left side to reveal a circuit. Fix the handle over there and pull it down to disconnect the electricity of the door you found on the stairs.
  • Use a hacksaw to cut rods and then key to open the door.

Spotlight X: Room Escape Shadow Walkthrough has been completed. Read More: Level 8 Walkthrough

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