Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 1 Walkthrough

Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 1 Walkthrough – Awakening

The plot of Spotlight X: Room Escape revolves around a detective who found himself half-dead in an abandoned house where no one comes to help him. The character doesn’t remember his past and how he reaches here. Therefore, he needs your help to figure out the environment surrounding him, interact with the objects to find clues, and analyze them to discover the truth before it’s too late. To start the first level, you have to tap the screen to stand up the character. Furthermore, follow the Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 1 walkthrough to learn how to complete challenges:

  • At the very start, tap on a wardrobe kept near the door and open it to collect a TV Remote.
  • Hit the back button to leave the wardrobe and back to your initial position.
  • On the left side of the door with a cross sign, you will discover a crowbar that you must collect and keep into your inventory.

Explore the Room on the Left Side

  • Now, visit the room on your left side and use the remote to turn on the TV and watch the news, but first, don’t forget to select the remote from your inventory to use.

  • Use the crowbar to open the cupboard and collect blue tape after opening a small box kept near the vault.
  • To open the locker, you have to enter the following code (851845) that I’ve noticed code on TV when watching breaking news. After opening the locker, you can collect a DVD.
  • Next to that, discover a teddy bear on a sofa and tap on it to see what it says. Once done, find a photo frame on the table and click on it to solve a tricky puzzle in Spotlight X: Room Escape.
  • Rotate rings to set the following letters amidst the red line: I LUV You. Once it is done, collect a blade and add it to your inventory to use later.

  • Use the blade you collected and cut the teddy bear kept on the sofa to collect a key.
  • After completing all puzzles, you should go back to the lobby and head to the right room using the key.

Explore the Room on the Right Side

After getting a key from a rabbit, you should leave the current room to reach the lobby. Select the key from your inventory and open the door on your right side. Besides, it seems the right room is someone’s office where you may discover a table, chair, laptop, and many other things. Your ultimate goal is to search for hidden objects and use them to bring the truth out of the box.

  • You should keep in mind one thing before getting into the room is don’t forget to repair the ring bell using the blue tape. The bell is available above the door with no entry sign. Seeing through the spy hole will display you a strange man wearing a crow mask, who comes here to deliver a letter.
  • In the next step, you must get into the door and collect a spray bottle available near the windows.
  • Tap on the laptop and insert the DVD to see the content it contains. It shows you a pattern that you must follow to crack a code.
  • Head to the main wall and investigate photos with cross signs hanged there. Hit the photo frame with the red sign to reveal a clue and add it to your inventory.
  • After getting a clue, you should find a briefcase available below the chair. Enter the passcode (7810) to open it and collect a key.
  • Leave the right room to enter the left room where you might have discovered a plant pot. Use the spray bottle to give water and escape the location.
  • Head to the main door which is locked, bring a key out of your inventory to use for opening the door, and escape the first room.

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