Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 4 Walkthrough


We are back with another Walkthrough of Spotlight X: Room Escape. It is one of the best Puzzles, Hidden Objects, and Single-player video games released by Javelin, ltd. The story follows a character who is digging up secrets to learn how he had reached here, who is in the back of all scenarios happening with him. Although finding answers to all of his questions isn’t easy, you can find using your puzzle-solving skill; therefore, the protagonist needs your help once again in Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 4.

Besides, we can understand how much it is difficult to find hidden objects without knowing what to find. In short, you don’t have any clues or a list of objects you have to find; therefore, we decided to release Walkthroughs for your assistance. As mentioned in previous guides of Spotlight X, the game has two chapters – the first chapter has 5 levels and the second chapter has four, while the fifth level is under development. Follow the given steps to learn how to complete Spotlight X Room Escape Level 4.

Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough – Level 4

The fourth level takes place in some hotel where you can discover a food trolley and a door which is closed. Although you can’t move like other exploration games, tapping the specific area will get you into a new room. Keep your eye on every aspect when it comes to finding hidden objects.

  • Tap on the food trolley and remove the lid to collect chalk.
  • Once again, tap the food trolley to collect a glass.
  • Surrounding the main door that is closed, there are two plant pots. The pot on the left side contains a mirror that you must collect.

First Room

After collecting all items mentioned above, you should move to the left arrow by merely clicking on the arrow. Once you click, the game will take you to another room where you will discover two chairs, a TV, and other things.

  • On the right side of the painting, you may discover a piece of paper.
  • Open the wardrobe to collect glass.
  • Leave the wardrobe and head to the board hanging above it. Use the chalk to reveal the code (1375) and open the small cupboard once again to enter the code and open the locker.
  • Your code is 5629 that you can use to open the locker to get a knife.
  • Select the knife from your inventory and use it to tear up the painting. Collect a key card from there and leave the area.

Second Room

After leaving the room on your left side, click on the right arrow and open the door using a key card after reaching there.

  • Before getting into the room, you should read the note written on the plate – you are almost going to visit the restricted area.
  • Use the key card to open the room and get into it to see what it hides for you to discover.
  • First of all, you have to collect a cup from above the boxes and keep it in your inventory.
  • From behind the cupboard, discover a glass.
  • Now, you should keep all broken mirror pieces on the board and adjust them properly to repair the mirror. Once done, it reveals a code (2064) that you can use to open the cupboard’s locker.

Hint: The locker works on the pattern of an old classic wired phone.

  • Open the cupboard to collect a screwdriver from inside it and add it to your inventory for later use.
  • Come out of the room to discover a vent on the left side of the door. Open the vent using the screwdriver and collect a key.

Before leaving the room, you must visit the room on your left side, keep the cup near the machine and leave that room too. Head to the main door, use the key to open it, and escape the Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 4.

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