Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 9 Walkthrough


A thrilling journey is about to end because Spotlight X: Room Escape Underground could be the last level of Chapter 2, but developers confirmed to keep introducing new levels regularly. We have successfully released walkthroughs of Spotlight X: Room Escape All Levels, including Underground. The gameplay is really pleasant, as well as thrilling to experience. Without knowing what to find, playing hidden object games is difficult. As we told you before, the game has two chapters; the first chapter holds five levels, while the second chapter has four levels, more are coming soon. To find all hidden objects at level 9, follow Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 9 Walkthrough (Underground).

Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough – Level 9

As the name implies, level 9 takes place in an underground environment that is now in mess. You start exploring the environment from a room holding only a cupboard and a few steps of stairs. Without having detective skills, no one can find hidden objects and you have to complete it with three stars. So, follow the steps given below to reach the end.

  • On your left side, there is a wall made up of blocks. Find and bring the highlighted block out to get a key, and don’t forget to collect a wall block.
  • Move a little bit ahead toward the stairs to collect a ruler and keep it in your inventory to use later.
  • Go back to your initial position and open the first door of the cupboard using a ruler to collect the following things: Boots and Brush.
  • Move on to the stairs and hit the left arrow to find a circuit. Use a key from your inventory to open the box to turn off the following switches: First, Third, and Fifth.

  • Now, leave the box area and go back to the stairs. This time, you have to hit the right arrow to find a generator and collect a wrench from nearby it.

Use Boots to get into the water

Boots are already available in the inventory that you can use before landing on the water. Once you are in the water, follow the given steps to complete the puzzle.

  • You may discover a notebook with sticky notes but once the floor gets dried.
  • Hit the right arrow after landing in the water where you discover a locked door. Select a wrench from your inventory to break the wooden lock and open the door to collect fuel.
  • After collecting fuel, tap on the right side of the same area to collect a magnet and a hose using the wrench. Before leaving the area, select the brush from your inventory to collect some paint from the bucket.

  • Go back to the main area and use a paintbrush to draw something on the main door.
  • Visit the place where the generator is available and your goal is to fill the gas to the motor; meanwhile, connect a hose to it.
  • Climb the stairs and see behind a well, it seems there is a room with yellow. Tap on it to break the CCTV camera using a wall block from your inventory and click on the person sitting on a chair.
  • As you remove the cloth, you come to know that it’s a dummy holding a note (Remember the way?).

Interact with Dummy

  • Collect a key from the broken hand of the dummy and rope kept on the floor.

  • Leave the room and head to a well. Connect the rope with a magnet and put it into it to see what it brings up for you to collect. The bucket will come up with a key that you need to open the briefcase available on the right side of the dummy.
  • Open a briefcase to collect a dryer and use it to dry the notebook you have in your inventory.
  • Back to the main area and use the key to open the main door where X is drawn.

Open the Door (X)

As you open the door, a new area fully protected with laser opens for you to escape. Double the lasers to move on to the dead-end where you may discover a box and a card nearby it.

  • Pick up a not and head to a briefcase. Enter the passcode (5210) to open the briefcase and collect a screwdriver from there.
  • Leave the room and head to a device fixed next to the door. To run the device, you need a card that is available in your inventory.
  • Enter the code (2763) and use a screwdriver from your inventory to open it.
  • Tap on the buttons in the following order (24351) to crack the passcode and open the door to escape.

More guides will be released as new levels come. 

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