Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 5 Walkthrough


Say Hi is the title of Spotlight X Room Escape video game and it is the last level of the first chapter. You might know that the game has only two chapters and the second chapter holds only four levels to complete. Each level is set in a new room and is tasked with finding hidden objects to escape. The game increases the difficulty level gradually. Compared to other games of the same type, levels are relatively easy to play. The graphics and soundtracks are impressive and may keep you engaged until the protagonist escapes the house.

Besides that, there is no doubt that Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 5 would the most challenging level of the First chapter. Start honing your detective skills and puzzle-solving abilities before embarking on an adventure. Investigate the environment surrounding you and tap on objects to collect. Furthermore, read our Walkthrough Guide to learn how to complete Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 5.

Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough – Level 5

The fifth level takes you to a bedroom full of mess. Keep following the steps mentioned below to reveal what to find and how to use them.

  • First of all, you have to click on the chairs kept near the bed and collect a key from a plant pot.
  • Tap on the left arrow to visit the left area of the room. Open the drawer to collect a ring.

  • After that, head to the cupboard and add the ring to its locker. Bring all lines of the locker at 45, in short on the right side to open the cupboard.

  • Once the cupboard gets opened, collect a flashlight from inside it.
  • Leave the cupboard and head to the TV area, hit the small refrigerator to collect a bottle, and close it.
  • On the left side of the room, you may have seen a briefcase. Head to the briefcase again to reveal the number and its tag.

  • Now, click on the phone directory and match the letters to get the code which is 3344.
  • Open the briefcase to collect a key card.
  • Find out a cardholder that is fixed in the wall of your left side. Swipe the card to turn on the TV that displays you four letters (BDGH).
  • Head to the chess to discover the numbers following the letters you found on TV.
  • Visit the cupboard where a locker is available. Tap on the locker and enter the code 7424 to open it. You will collect a few cash and a bottle opener from inside the locker.
  • Use the opener to remove the lid of the bottle and collect a paper roll.
  • Furthermore, a box is fixed near the door holding a paper for you to collect. Don’t forget to put the money into the same box to get a star as a reward.
  • After that, click on the TV and head to the last drawer protected with a digital locker. Enter the code 1748 to collect a hammer from there.

  • Now, you have to use a hammer to give a hit to the door and go back to the left side of the room where you discovered a briefcase. On the left side of the briefcase, you can easily watch some drawings. Use the hammer and give a hit over there to break the wall and get into the dark environment. Bring a torchlight out of your inventory to light up the scene and escape the Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 5.

Note: Don’t forget to open the door using the key available in your inventory.

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